Rosary Crusade – Why Now?

At Fatima and in her appearances after Fatima to Sister Lucia of Fatima, Our Lady of the Rosary continued to ask for reparation in addition to the rosary. There have been many Rosary Crusades called for, many millions of rosaries prayed. However, few have also called for participants to offer sacrifices of reparation with their rosaries.

I remember an episode in one of Sister Lucia of Fatima’s Memoirs where she related that she and Blessed Francisco had been besieged with questions by pilgrims. To one who asked if Our Lady requested we pray the Rosary for sinners, she replied, “No”. Afterwards, Blessed Francisco said, “you did not tell the truth”. She responded, “Our Lady said we should do penance and pray the Rosary.”

And now, at last, a group of the most persecuted Catholics in the world has asked for a Rosary Crusade, including penance. That group is the Society of St. Pius X. For many years, the Society has promoted the Message of Fatima, in keeping the First Saturdays of Reparation and of course, the Rosary, especially the family Rosary. In her later life, Sister Lucia was saddened that her attempts to get the Rosary declared a liturgical prayer and not merely a private devotion. The Society by its actions does this by incorporating the Rosary in pretty much every liturgical event. 

On January 1 this year, Bishop Fellay announced the start of the Society’s latest Rosary Crusade. In his announcement, he called for participants to offer their daily duties and any other sacrifices one can make to accompany the Rosary. And thus, we have finally achieved what Our Blessed Mother asked for so long ago!

The Crusade ends at Pentecost and so, if you begin right now, you will still get in 52 days of good prayer and penance. Bishop Fellay stated the intentions of the Rosary Crusade as follows: “For the purpose of collecting a spiritual bouquet … in reparation for the outrages committed against the honor of Our Lady, against her Heart as a Virgin and Mother of God.

Goal: 5 million Rosaries
1) To implore from the Immaculate Heart of Mary a special protection for the traditional apostolate;
2) For the return to Tradition within the Church;
3) For the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the consecration of Russia.

1) Prayer and penance as asked for at Fatima;
2) Sanctification through the duty of state;
3) Spirit of sacrifice in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Many good and faithful Catholics are at risk of losing their charity when faced with the outrages of Francis, Bishop of Rome, a pope who seems to have unlimited mercy and love for every ilk of non-Catholic and unbeliever and yet shows arrogant contempt for those faithful who offer him spiritual bouquets and adhere to the traditional liturgy and dogmas of the perennial magisterium. For my own part, I was almost at my rope’s end when I read his words suggesting that the Most Blessed Mother of God may have thought, “lies, I was deceived” at the Crucifixion. That was really hard. But the Holy Shepherds of Fatima never ceased quoting Our Lady’s request, “Pray for the Holy Father”. I find the term “Holy Father” a particularly inappropriate term for the current occupant of the See of Peter, but that is not a determination for for me or for any layman to make. We are bound to do good to him (and prayer is the highest good, despite what Bergoglio may think) and after all, Our Lord Himself commanded us to “Love your enemies: do good to them that hate you: and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you”. [Matt. 5, 44.]

I remember in my school days, a nun telling us with a twinkle in her eye, that if we found those words of Our Lord difficult to swallow, just think about the Old Testament proverb that to do so “will heap coals upon their head”.  It makes perfect sense then that as we witness outrages like the Vicar of Christ insulting both God and His Most Holy Mother, we begin this Crusade of Penance and Rosary for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Let’s hope that more traditional Catholics will support this Crusade.Those who bemoan the unfortunate utterances of this most authentic of all post-Vatican II popes should see that only the Immaculate Heart of Mary can relieve us of this chastisement and prevent the further unfolding of God’s wrath on this disobedient hierarchy.

The Fatima Message is a prophecy that requires obedience to the Blessed Virgin Mary’s requests for prayer, especially the Rosary and penance. Never since has the Pope and hierarchy obeyed her requests. That is the reason that God has given them over to the darkness of their own deceits and only our prayers and penances on their behalf can bring them back into the clear light of the Faith. God in His wisdom has placed us in these dark times for precisely this reason; we must not fail!

In our family, we are putting all our hopes and efforts into this last ditch Crusade. We hope that you, too will put all your efforts into this, for the sake of the triumph of our Immaculate Mother. Only a fool can believe that justice can be won at the ballot box, or by force of arms. This battle is spiritual, and depends upon spiritual means. In these last times, Our Lord in His infinite love and mercy has sent us His Mother to lead us safely through the chaos. If only enough Catholics would heed her calls, fully participate in the Rosary Crusade of prayer and penance, we might yet obtain the true Consecration of Russia and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which alone will obtain for us the return to the Faith of the Roman Catholic Church and the period of peace so desperately needed for our children and their children.

Please spread this information to others.We are foolish if we think that God has allowed us to find safe harbor in these stormy times, in our own little traditional Latin Mass enclaves. From whom much has been given, much is required. Please share the true Message of Fatima and the call to this Rosary Crusade of reparation.

And as always, Pray the Rosary and confound the devil!

~ by evensong for love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary