The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – 2014

Today the Church prays, “O Almighty everlasting God, who hast taken up body and soul into heavenly glory the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of Thy Son, grant we beseech Thee that by steadfastly keeping Heaven as our goal, we may be counted worthy to join her in glory.” (Collect for Mass of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Thus, the Church reminds us of our true heavenly home, which should be our focus. This world is passing, a blessed eternity awaits for those who entrust themselves to her as her children!

Today marks the Second Anniversary of my full return to the Faith. August 15, 2012. That was my first visit to the nearest Society of St. Pius X Chapel, a drive that took nearly 2 hours one way. I have never looked back. There is so much disinformation about the Society and there is not sufficient time or energy to debunk it all. But suffice to say that I found none of the widespread stereotypes of clannish, cult like “pelagians”. What I discovered was the true Faith preached in its fullness to a congregation of warm and joyous families.

And Our Blessed Mother has richly blessed us for it!

On this her feast day, we are called to consider that “that which has been realized in her, the total glorification of our humanity, will be realized for us at the end of time. This privilege is very fitting for her, all-pure, all-holy, whose body was never touched by any slightest shadow of sin, but was always the temple of the Holy Spirit, the Ark of the Covenant, the very Tabernacle of the Son of God. (Father Gabriel of St.Mary Magdalen, Divine Intimacy, TAN ).

Father Gabriel reminds us, “Mary’s Assumption shows us the route we must follow in our spiritual ascent: detachment from the earth, flight toward God, and union with God.” 

In the Secret of today’s Mass, we pray, “May our offering of due service rise unto Thee, O Lord, and through the prayer of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, assumed by Thee into Heaven, may our hearts be set on fire with love and ever yearn for Thee.”

“Mary has been taken up into Heaven because she is the Mother of God. This is the greatest of her privileges., the root of all others and the reason for them…Mary’s Assumption thus confirms us in this great and beautiful truth: we are created and called to union with God.” (Father Gabriel, Divine Intimacy).

She calls us, her children, to her now in this darkest hour of our Church. Let us take up our Rosaries and follow her to her Son, our Savior.

Pray the Rosary and confound the devil!

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