Divine Infant of Prague

Devotion to the Infant of Prague is an excellent help to return fallen-away Catholics to the faith. So many of us today have family members who have lapsed from the Faith and it is a continuous source of distress to know that those we love reject the only truth that can save them. Here is a most efficacious prayer to the Divine Infant Jesus for the return of lapsed Catholics. This prayer makes a very good novena as well.
Divine Infant of Prague, bless our families, bring them home to the Faith! Amen.
Holy infant of Prague, bless our families, bring them home to the Faith!

Prayer to the Holy Infant of Prague for Families

O Most Holy Infant of Prague, so generous to those who turn to Thee in need, be attentive to our supplication on behalf of our loved ones who have chosen to separate themselves from Thee, Who alone art their salvation.
Dearest Jesus, remember the sorrow with which Thy Mother and St. Joseph sought Thee when Thou taught in the Temple. Remember their joy as they found Thee after three days! By the tears they shed and their joyful embrace at finding Thee, we beg Thy mercy for our separated families, grieving the loss of faith of their loved ones. By the joy of Thine reunited Holy Family, we beg Thee, reunite our family in the one, true Faith.
Most Holy Infant, with firm conviction of soul, we repent our sins that have contributed to the loss of our loved ones’ faith and  earnestly desire to make amends. O Jesus, Who desires not the death of the sinner, but that he be converted and saved, have mercy on our loved ones and return them to the faith. With joyful heart and confident hope, we entrust our loved ones to Thee, O merciful Infant. And when we are reunited once more in faith, we shall proclaim always and everywhere Thy great goodness and mercy, calling all poor sinners home to Thee, most loving Child Jesus! Amen.
Holy Infant Jesus, have mercy on us all!
Holy Family bless our family.