After the Synod

"Supreme Pastor and Teacher of All the Faithful"
“Supreme Pastor and Teacher of All the Faithful”

Today began with a rosy red dawn and the sky, lightening into a bruised blue, hints at a coming storm. And so we begin Day 1 after the Synod on Marriage and the Family. With the benefit of hindsight, we see that Pope Francis did not call the Extraordinary Synod to seek guidance from Church Fathers to address the many problems confronting today’s families. By arbitrarily including rejected propositions into the Synod’s final report, he has indicated his disdain for the will of Church Fathers.

There is no doubt now that Francis was simply pushing through his predetermined agenda, the same as he has done previously in Argentina, the same as Cardinal Kasper has been promoting for years now; and actually it is nothing other than the logical result of the “Pastoral” Council of Vatican II.

The fruit of Vatican II has been an ongoing auto-demolition of the Faith and Pope Francis and his Synod on Marriage and the Family is the logical result of Vatican II. Who else but Pope Francis would think it a good idea to urge faithful Catholic families, struggling to abide by the rules of the faith, to welcome into their midst those who refuse to obey the teachings of the Church? What logic is there in instructing  Catholic families to welcome into their midst those who have rejected Catholic doctrine and have chosen to live lives contrary to Christ’s commands?

Is it just me or does it sound particularly jarring when Pope Francis’s handpicked prelate, Bruno Forte, suggests suavely that we all need to welcome and value the “gifts” of a group of people who demand to be recognized for their unique proclivity towards a particularly disgusting form of sex? This from a Church which has paid out nearly 2 billion in damages for what is perhaps the world’s most massive sex abuse scandal. What ever makes Pope Francis think that is a good idea?

We’ve heard that Francis does not attempt to sing or chant at his Masses because he is tone deaf. His decision to attempt to ram through an agenda that is ludicrously out of sync with Catholic teaching is astounding proof that he is tone deaf! If he ever took the time from his whole “humble and merciful” schtick, to have donuts and coffee after Mass with the faithful Catholics he so disdains. He would learn a lot about Catholic families, such as the main issue for parents today is how to protect their children from the anti-Christian environment of today’s adulterous, perverted “families”; families where God’s laws are disregarded, and religious liberty (indifference), reigns supreme. Families where children are taught by their parents’ example that the concepts of right and wrong depend utterly on the perceived needs of the moment.

The people that Francis wants Catholics to welcome into their midst are “families” who do not keep the laws of the Church; in fact, who share his view that we who keep the laws are “rigid, inflexible bigots”. While it is clear that these people are far more to his liking than we stodgy old practicing Catholics are, we are actually the ones who pay the bills, who have nothing better to do than attend Mass and offer our daily sacrifices with love to Our Lord, and pray our rosaries.

It is clear from Pope Francis’ closing remarks at the synod, that he is steeled in his determination to carry out his agenda. He reminded the Fathers that he is, ” – by the will of Christ Himself – the “supreme Pastor and Teacher of all the faithful”. And that he enjoys, “supreme, full, immediate, and universal ordinary power in the Church” as he gleefully reminds us.

So there you have it, no more pretense at humility or mercy, instead, the iron will of the former night-club bouncer, determined to remake the Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church into the “church” he achieved in Argentina. That church which we discussed in an earlier post, where his “curas villeros”, pastoral priests, minister to communities on society’s peripheries, where most couples, “80-85 percent, are not married but simply cohabit” and the priests “proudly state that they give everyone communion no matter what, ‘without raising barricades.’. ”

Francis has quite predictably scorned faithful Catholics who battle the world daily and struggle against all odds to raise good Catholic families. He has shown his determination to prevail against those who attempt to defend the Church’s perennial teachings. And he is, as he arrogantly reminds us, the Supreme Pastor. We have it clear now; Pope Francis will have it his way or the highway. Where that highway leads is up to us. He will find that more and more Catholics are going to be choosing to stand with Mary, our Blessed Mother at the foot of the Cross as Francis pits himself against Christ.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

Sweet Heart of Mary, our Mother, restore the Faith!

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!

~ evensong ~