Cardinal Baldisseri’s Evolving Dogma

The Voice of the Family is an initiative of Catholic laity from major pro-life/pro-family organizations, which was formed to offer their expertise and resources before, during and after the Extraordinary Synod on the Family. Associated groups include Human Life International, LifeSite News, and groups from Poland, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Colombia, Panama, Czech Republic and many more countries.

The Voice of the Family recently posted this article on their website, which is of tremendous importance:

ROME, 25 January 2015: Comments made by Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri have further undermined Church teaching on the indissolubility of marriage says Voice of the Family, an international coalition of pro-family groups.

An international conference, organised by the Pontifical Council for the Family from 22-24 January, was addressed by Cardinal Baldisseri, organiser of the upcoming Synod on the Family. The expressed purpose of the conference was to provide opportunity for 80 lay groups to assist the PCF provide input into the synod to be held in October 2015.

Baldisseri defended the right of Walter Cardinal Kasper to assert that divorced persons living in unions not recognised by the Church should be permitted to receive Holy Communion. Baldisseri, in response to a concerned pro-family advocate, told delegates that we should not be “shocked” by theologians contradicting Church teaching. The Cardinal said that dogmas can evolve and that there would be no point holding a Synod if we were simply to repeat what had always been said. He also suggested that just because a particular understanding was held 2,000 years ago does not mean that it cannot be challenged. [NOTE: His Excellency omits to say that the “particular understanding” 2,000 years ago was Our Lord Jesus Christ’s “understanding”!]

Patrick Buckley, international envoy for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, commented: “The Church teaching on the indissolubility of marriage is founded on the words of Jesus Christ. These words may have been spoken 2,000 years ago but for Catholics they remain nothing other than the unchanging commands of God.”

Maria Madise, Director of Voice of the Family, said: “Cardinal Baldisseri publicly corrected a delegate who protested about attacks on Catholic teaching. It was noticeable that he refused to do the same when the Church’s teaching on contraception was denied a few moments later by a different delegate. The impression given is that the only sin today is to uphold what the Church has always taught.”

Madise continued: “Everything seemed up for discussion at this conference, including questions already clearly resolved by the magisterium of the Church. Such discussion distracts from the task of finding real solutions to the problems faced by real families. Grave evils such as abortion, euthanasia and attacks on parental rights scarcely featured in discussions. These are some of the key issues also omitted from the final report of the 2014 synod. Suffering families are not assisted by the sophistry of professional dissenters, whether clerical or lay.”

Voice of the Family urges everyone to join us in prayer for a clear reaffirmation of Catholic teaching on marriage and family in any outcome document to be produced by the Pontifical Council following this conference.”

Cardinal Baldisseri is a close associate of Pope Francis and was chosen by him to direct the Synod on Marriage and the Family. What he says above cannot be misconstrued. Another close associate of the Bishop of Rome is Cardinal Maradiaga, whom the pope appointed to head his Council of Cardinal Advisors. Maradiaga recently spoke at Santa Clara University in California. From Rorate’s post on it, here is an excerpt:

The Pope wants to take this Church renovation to the point where it becomes irreversible. The wind that propels the sails of the Church towards the open sea of its deep and total renovation is Mercy.

Make no mistake, the “irreversible changes” that Pope Francis intends to make are to the very dogma of our faith! Rotate has a great deal more of the quote, so follow the link. The point of this is that Pope Francis, no matter what you may hear from the spinmeisters in the mainstream Catholic media, intends to make this year a year of fundamental change for the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Now God never changes, His truth never changes and despite Cardinal Baldisseri, dogma does not “evolve”. Catholics have had several generations of lax catechesis laced with dangerous doses of neo-modernism. Most will not apprehend the danger. Many will welcome the opportunity to return to sacramental communion while enjoying their sinful lifestyle. So what choice will Catholics make? Who will they stand with?

Two Cardinals who are close to Pope Francis have thus recently told us that, a) the dogma that they all assured us was unchangeable is now evolving, and b) Francis intends to “renovate” the Church in such a way that it will be “irreversible”.

Father Malachi Martin warned us in 1998 that “Rome itself has been corrupted.”, (“Catholicism Overturned”, Triumph Communications.) In another book , also by Triumph, “The Kingdom of Darkness”, Father Martin said, “Yes, we could have an apostate as Pope. In that case, we would be into something terrible. We would be into something which is nightmarish. It would test the faith of the greatest saint.”

I wish I had the wit of Mundabor, or the deep theological knowledge of John Vennari. But all I can do is point to these things and beg everyone who reads this little blog, “See what has come to pass, they are crucifying Our Lord anew! Please stand with Our Lady at the foot of the Cross – Return to Fatima!” If you read this blog, please consider if this may perhaps, be a call to return to the message of Fatima and stand with Our Mother of Sorrows as once again, her Son is betrayed by those who should know Him and love Him best.

Watch and pray, that you too, not betray Him, for in these times, make no mistake, you either stand with Our Lady of Fatima at the foot of His cross, or you are ranked with those who betray Him. There is no other choice.

Pray the Rosary and confound the devil!

Viva Cristo Rey!

~ evensong ~