An Athanasius for Today

Bishop Athanasius Schneider has quite a name to live up to, His baptismal name was Anton, but when he joined the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross of Coimbra, he took the name of St. Athanasius. It makes you wonder if he had a premonition of the battle he was to face in these times. He is now an important part of the Catholic Resistance which is forming to resist the aggressive heresy threatening the Church, joining Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke (here) and Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga (here) and Archbishop Henryk Hoser of Poland (here).

Bishop Schneider is scheduled to make an address in Washington DC this Saturday, but has also recently given an interview with In answer to Steve Skojec’s request for guidance to the faithful on resisting the errors coming from the highest levels of the Church, Bishop Schneider gave some profound counsel. For the full interview, see Here . Here are a couple of brief excerpts:

We must, at this dangerous time, be courageous in illuminating the truly Gnostic and revolutionary character of the “Kasper agenda,” demonstrating the continuity of the Divine doctrine on marriage and its practice throughout the two thousand years of the history of our Church. We should inspire the faithful with examples of holy husbands, families, children, and teenagers. We should demonstrate, on the one side, the real beauty of a marital, family, or single life in chastity and fidelity. On the other side, we must point to the demonstrated ugliness, unhappiness, and schizophrenia of a life against the divinely-established order.

Bishop Schneider proposed a few practical steps including:

  • Create groups of true Catholics especially of “Catholic families, of ‘domestic churches’, to witness, defend and spread the integral faith and the teaching on family, marriage, and the order of nature”. [Note: this implies that we must be assiduous to know our faith!]
  • Embrace the new media, “take our message to the Internet, publish it on websites, blogs, and social media.”
  • We must “write to the pope, to the bishops, and to the competent dicasteries of the Roman Curia, notifying them of heretical, semi-heretical, or Gnostic pronouncements of ecclesiastical persons or events with such an agenda which are being promoted though ecclesiastical persons or groups”.

Then Bishop Schneider recommends the most important action of all, which is spiritual. A good, solid prayer life is essential for anyone who intends to be effective in this battle. His Excellency reminds us, “the battle we are fighting is against more than ignorance. It is against principalities and powers. It cannot succeed unless we organize a great national and international net of prayer through Eucharistic adoration, pilgrimages, solemn Masses, intercessional and penitential processions with themes such as “The Holiness of Family and Marriage,” “The Call to Chastity,” “The Beauty and Happiness of a Chaste Life,” “The Imitation of Christ in Family Life,” and “Expiation for the Sins Against Family and Marriage.” For the full article, please see OnePeterFive here. [I would add that the daily family rosary is essential, as well.]

Now that the mask is off and Pope Francis and his merry wrecking crew are out in the open with their intentions, the resistance is beginning. At this stage of the Passion of Christ’s Mystical Body we approach  Golgotha. Who will stand with Burke, Schneider, Lenga and Hoser?At a minimum, all those who are devoted to the Sacred Heart,Our Lady of Fatima, and all traditional Catholics will figure out a way to rally behind these brave prelates and form networks to educate and organize a grassroots resistance. We have less than 8 months left until the great “Nod to Sin” in October.

Remember: Pray the Rosary and confound the devil.

~ evensong ~