Canada Legalizes Assisted Suicide, Who’s Next?

“The whole Christian West is rotting”, observed John Senior 37 years ago. And Canada has the distinction of racing ahead of the United States in this high-speed chase to rot and ruin. LifeSite News today reported that Canada’s highest court ruled unanimously to allow physician assisted suicide. Just 22 years ago, that court ruled that the State had an “obligation to protect the vulnerable”, but as Cardinal Baldisseri knows, truths evolve and now we are all another day older and closer to euthanasia, the final “right”.

This is the way a culture ends…free death for all. “Culture is the cultivation of the soil from which men grow”, (Senior, The Death of Christian Culture) but since this modern, scientific society has dogmatically dethroned God, how can man’s life have any value? Or as the State sees it, if one cannot vote or pay taxes, what earthly good is life?

The United States has been tippy-toeing around this issue for years now, testing the waters. Oregon and Washington have jumped in, and now, in short order, I expect our Supremes to bring us up to date. And this is perfectly logical, for if the Supreme Court can discover a totally non-existent “right to privacy”, granting a mother the right to murder the child within her, then it will likely find the final right, that of ending the life which just isn’t of sufficient “quality” to deserve to be lived.

What a sad day for Canadians, and it should concern us too, because this latest Liberal triumph  is sure to encourage yet more pushing here in America for this new “right”. Our modern “culture” is infatuated with death. Most of that infatuation is the result of the constant drip, drip drip of pro-death “entertainment” piped into vacuous brains. Years ago I noticed the strange coincidence of several popular television shows (among them ‘House’)  featuring physicians and healthcare workers ‘compassionately’ assisting patients who were desperate to end their pitiful, suffering lives. I wondered then, how long would it be before we had legions of those noble healthcare workers, syringes in hand, ready to help us end our miserable, useless lives. It’s clearer now…

Oh how I wish we had strong, manly men in the Church today, men who could fight this death-loving scourge! How would they fight it? Why, you fight death with death, of course! The one death which purchased for us eternal life! We are Christians. We serve Christ crucified. Our King wears a crown of thorns; He died for love of us and we know that there is no life but in Him, and so we say with St. Paul, “God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ; by whom the world is crucified in me, and I to the world. From henceforth, let no man be troublesome to me, for I bear the marks of the Lord Jesus in my body.” (Gal. 6, 14)

There is no room in the minds and hearts of modern men for Jesus, especially not for Jesus crucified. And with God gone, and nothing but transient pleasures, a suffering life has lost its meaning. I am old and in chronic pain. To all the world I am nothing, or even less than nothing. But Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is Life, and is  Truth, died on the cross for me and that gives meaning to my life. Each day, many times, I trace the Sign of the Cross on myself, asking His blessing and reminding myself that to follow Him is to commit to that cross. As John Senior reminds us, we do not make the sign of the dove, we Christians make the sign of the cross. I would add, it is the sign of contradiction!

This is the greatest spiritual war the world has ever known. These compassionate liberals will not rest until they have brought their merciful euthanasia to our home towns, and the only way to counteract them is the way the first Christians did – with the Sign of the Cross, with the one death that brings everlasting life.

Pray the Rosary and confound the devil!

~ evensong ~