Christ and the Antichrist in the Synod

In July, 2013, after just a few short months of the reign of Pope Francis, we published an article by historian Dr. Roberto de Mattei. The whole article can be found here. In order to help us understand the crisis the Church faces under Pope Francis, Professor de Mattei recounted the situation the Church faced in the early 16th century. At that time, the Church was in an extremely weakened state and,

Humanism, with its immoral hedonism, had infected the Roman Curia and even the Pontiffs themselves. Against this corruption there emerged Martin Luther’s Protestant pseudo-reform.” Describing the corruption, Dr. Mattei quotes from papal historian Ludwig von Pastor, “…the mass of abuses…deformed the Roman Curia and nearly the whole Church…”

Dr. de Mattei quoted from Pope Adrian VI’s Address in January, 1523,

“Holy Scripture declares aloud that the sins of the people are the outcome of the sins of the priesthood; therefore, as Chrysostom declares, when our Savior wished to cleanse the city of Jerusalem of its sickness, He went first to the Temple to punish the sins of the priests before those of others, like a good physician who heals a disease at it roots.”

“It is not surprising that the malady has crept down from the head to the members, from the Popes to the hierarchy. We all, prelates and clergy, have gone astray from the right way, and for long there is none that has done good; no, not one. To God, therefore, we must give all the glory and humble ourselves before Him; each one of us must consider how he has fallen and be more ready to judge himself than to be judged by God in the day of His wrath. Therefore, in our name, give promises that we shall use all diligence to reform before all things the Roman Curia, whence, perhaps, all these evils have had their origin; thus healing will begin at the source of sickness. We deem this to be all the more our duty, as the whole world is longing for such reform. … We desire to wield our power not as seeking dominion or means for enriching our kindred, but in order to restore to Christ’s bride, the Church, her former beauty, to give help to the oppressed, to uplift men of virtue and learning, above all, to do all that beseems a good shepherd and a successor of the blessed Peter.”

Dr. de Mattei continues,

“Adrian VI’s words help us to understand how the crisis in the Church today can have its origins in the doctrinal and moral failings of the men of the Church in the half century which followed the Second Vatican Council. The Church is indefectible but her members, even the supreme ecclesiastical authorities, can make mistakes. They should be ready to recognize their faults, including publicly.”

And so, with the historical perspective of the last great crisis the church faced, let us examine the grave situation we now face with the Bergoglio and Kasper agenda for the October Synod. Recently, Alessandro Gnocchi writes within the context of Pope Bergoglio’s openly declared determination to reform the Church “irreversibly”. The following excerpts are from Gnocchi’s recent post for La Riscossa Cristiana, reposted by Rorate Caeli. For the complete article, entitled, “The Next Synod is a Battle between Christ and the Antichrist: On whose side will you stand?”, see here.

"The Next Synod is a Battle between Christ and the Antichrist: On whose side will you stand?" Gnocchi
“The Next Synod is a Battle between Christ and the Antichrist: On whose side will you stand?” Gnocchi

After first pointing out the complicity of what he aptly terms, “cattolichetti”, or catholic-lite (neo-catholics), Gnocchi notes,

“The Church of the last decades has functioned, or rather malfunctioned, by actually anchoring herself to a will to be the friend of Caesar. She has been weak to the point of losing blood on the ground of doctrine and morality. She has shown herself to be aggressive and unsparing in her repression and negation of every legitimate opinion that has the intent of reaffirming the doctrinal and moral truths. The result is to silence those whose intent is to defend her and to give free reign to those whose intent is to destroy her. This methodology is highly praised and is put into practice from the very top down to the parish church.”

 Gnocchi says of the cattolichetti in this situation,

“by persisting in colluding and cooperating with the world, they have dulled their spiritual sense to the point where they are not able to comprehend the gravity of the times in which we live. They take delight in idealistic political plans of action, while what is really going on is a war between Christ and the Antichrist on a scale never seen before, where the survival of the Catholic faith is at stake. I repeat: we are in a battle to preserve the Catholic faith, and all the battles being fought on various fronts, even those that are so important like moral truth, are only the terrain of confrontation in a war that is much deeper, involving metaphysics and religion. The most important thing in play is faith. But faith is preserved whole and intact or it is lost. You cannot preserve just parts of it according to taste or expediency.  …  whatever accommodation, even one that is conceived as done for the good or perhaps using the moth-eaten concept of the “less bad”, represents an accommodation of the faith: a betrayal of Christ in favor of the Antichrist. The world of today does not need a law that is a little less bad than another because, as the lite Catholics say, “it is better to do something, even if it is not perfect, than to do nothing”. We are not fighting a battle to give something less bad to the world, but to remain faithful to Christ and His teaching, and only He can save the world.

Gnocchi concludes,

“This is what has made the Synod on the Family … so dramatic an event and will make the next one even more so. What happened and will happen, will be not only a face-off between two different schools of thought, but the face-off between those who intend to preserve the Catholic faith as a whole and those who want to change it. In a few words, even if we are talking about bishops, cardinals and the Pope and therefore my words may appear to you to be harsh, even there we are dealing with the battle between Christ and the Antichrist. It remains only for us to choose which side to stand on.

As many other Catholics have observed recently, in addition to carrying out the commands of personal sanctity urged by Our Lady of Fatima, we need to know our faith, keep informed on the attacks of our faith, awaken other Catholics to the dangers, and of course, do all with charity, keeping in mind Who it is that we serve.

If we want to save the Church, (and we must, for that is why we are here!) we must make reparation as well as pray for the purging and restoration of the Church. The restoration begins with us.

Pray the rosary and confound the devil!

Viva Cristo Rey!

~ evensong ~