Sins of the Parents …

John Smeaton,  co-founder of the international coalition Voice of the Family, spoke recently at the Cleveland Right to Life Convention, “Bringing America Back to Life”. Here’s hoping his message gets out far and wide! In it, Smeaton points out that, “marriage as an institution is fatally wounded by redefining it to include same-sex couples and that those who suffer as a result are, above all, children. We are sacrificing children on the altar of adults’ sexual rights.”

Mr. Smeaton, who heads the British Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, made his full talk available on the SPUC’s website here,

“… Legalising “same-sex marriage” is not a question of being kind to people with same-sex attraction and letting them get married if they want to. It is a question of the destruction of the family, the oldest human institution in the world, which protects the mental and physical wellbeing of men, women and children. No other grouping offers such a high level of that security and stability that human beings need to flourish. Research shows overwhelmingly that children growing up within marriage do better in terms of health, educational success, happiness, careers and their own marriages. It is precisely because children matter, that real marriage between one man and one woman matters so much …”

“… The destruction of traditional family structures has very grave consequences for all members of society, but it is children, born and unborn, who are especially vulnerable. Government statistics from the United Kingdom show that children conceived outside of marriage are 4 to 5 times more likely to be aborted than those conceived within marriage. …

The family, founded on marriage between a man and a woman is the natural habitat of children, of unborn children. Indeed, the natural family is a pre-political and pre-Christian institution. Destroy that institution in society and you destroy protection for children, both born and unborn. …

The pro-life movement cannot possibly succeed in its efforts to end abortion if the family based on marriage between a man and a woman is destroyed.

What’s more, a major way in which the so-called “homosexual rights” lobby is actively undermining the family and the culture of life, is through targeting its message at little children in their schools including, in the UK, I am ashamed to say as a Catholic myself, in Catholic primary schools. I have little doubt that the same pattern is repeated in other countries too.

I am sorry to have to share with you that homosexual militants are being invited into schools in Britain, including into Catholic schools with the blessing of the local bishop, to train teachers how to educate little boys as young as four years old that they might grow up to marry a man rather than a woman – and the same with little girls.

Catholic schools in Britain, and around the world, have long been complicit in the culture of death, providing access to abortion and contraception for the under 16s without parental knowledge. This is happening, to my shame as a Catholic, with the co-operation of the Catholic authorities.

As you know, same-sex couples are now demanding the right to have children– making it even more difficult for pro-life groups effectively to oppose surrogacy and in vitro fertilisation. According to peer-reviewed research, for every baby born by IVF, 23 are either discarded, or frozen, or used in destructive experiments, or miscarry. Defending the right to life of unborn children will increasingly be viewed as an attack on the rights of homosexual couples.

Thus, this is one of the most fundamental reasons why, as the title of my talk this morning states: ‘The pro-life movement must embrace the defence of marriage and the family or face defeat’ …”

One of the unenviable results of living such a long life as I have had, is the ability to see our worst fears come into fruition. Many years ago, a dear friend of mine  founded our local Right to Life. I was pleased to be her “side-kick” for the first few years. She never missed an opportunity to warn others that if Roe vs. Wade was not overturned, the fictitious “right to privacy” would result in the destruction of marriage and the family. My friend often said that contraception led to abortion and that the two, when combined with no-fault divorce, would be the end of the family and Christian culture throughout the West, not just in America.

When my friend would tell people that, “Contraception leads to abortion and both of them will lead to widespread acceptance of homosexuality!”, people were shocked, because that idea was too far-fetched back in the 1970’s. But she would always point out that actually, homosexual acts are the perfect contraceptive acts since they are inherently anti-life.

I wish Mr. Smeaton and Cleveland Right to Life success in their efforts to “Bring America Back to Life”. I gave up on the effort long ago, as I watched our Bishops relish parading around on Right to Life Marches, posing for the media, while their own US Conference of Catholic Bishops undermined the Right to Life. I watched them administer Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians for the cheap approval of the world. I watched the whole Novus Ordo mentality gradually erode the once pro-life Catholic culture of our communities, as large Catholic families dwindled and annulments became commonplace, destroying once beautiful Catholic families.

American Bishops could have battled the encroaching darkness of the anti-life culture quite easily: by instituting and promoting the First Saturdays of Reparation Our Lady of Fatima requested and by setting up little storefront Eucharistic Chapels of Adoration and Reparation as near as possible to every abortuary. The Knights of Columbus could have served as guards at these Chapels and round the clock Adoration and Reparation in the Chapels would have put the merchants of death out of business in no time.

But the modernist Bishops did no such thing and now the Novus Ordo Church has devolved to the point that “merciful and tolerant” Cardinal Dolan is actually leading the blasphemous perversion of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade that allow sodomites to promote their iniquity as if it was just another wholesome past-time. And the once bravely Catholic Knights of Columbus have now stooped to the base indignity of marching in support of the “rights” of anal sex. How sad. How sad…

As my wise friend insisted over forty years ago, contraception and abortion have led to acceptance of homosexuality and now, the battle being lost on those issues, we will surely lose the battle to defend marriage and the family, and with it any remaining shreds of Christian culture left in this sad, lost world.

Often, I have been mocked for my constant urging to, “return to Fatima”. It is “simplistic” I’m told. It is “monotonous, like a bullfrog in a bog.”  But once again, know this, Fatima was a warning against disobeying God, and a call to prayerful repentance, reparation and true restoration of the faith. As with all sin, the Church’s refusal to heed this message has resulted in a darkening of the intellect, a coarsening of the sensibilities and a diabolical disorientation. Look at the Novus Ordo liturgies, look at the crass tastes of Pope Francis, i.e., Patti Smith, soccer ball on the altar, his crude slap-down of Catholic mothers’ “breeding like rabbits” etc. What else would make Cardinal Dolan so at home with the perversions of the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”? Pray for them, for they cannot help themselves.

The evils facing the family today, often from the very shepherds of the faith who should protect the children, can only be cast out by prayer and fasting, as Our Lord Himself has told us. Once souls become so inured to sin as many of our poor prelates are, they are too spiritually ill to help themselves and it falls to us to help them. Return to Fatima, for it has been given to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to save the Church in this crisis. She alone will save us. The question remains, will we be her children and throw our efforts into this heavenly plan, or we be carried off by the torrent of evil?

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us, now and at the hour of our death.

Pray the rosary and confound the devil.

Viva Cristo Rey!

~ evensong ~