The Names of the Martyrs

The Names of the Coptic Martyrs
The Names of the Coptic Martyrs

The slaughters of innocent Christians at the hands of Muslim terrorists have been coming at such a rapid pace that many blogs ignore them, it seems. Perhaps due to shame at the fact that neither the Catholic Church, nor any western government has so much as lifted a finger to help these poor people or attempt to stop the slaughter. I have been searching for information about the Christian men featured in the video made by the islamic caliphate in mid-February in hopes that if readers could know their names and some personal information, they could be more inclined to pray for them and their poor families.Here is what I have found; I offer it in hopes that readers will pass on the information to blogs with more readership.

The names of the twenty-one Egyptian Coptic martyrs killed in Libya by the caliphate’s executioners:

† Milad Saber Mounir Adly Saad, bachelor from Menbal village;
† Salah Farouq, married, one child, from Manqarius village;
† Boshra Nassif, married, with one son of 4 years, from Dafash village;
† Shehata Awad, from Al-Farouqeyya village;
† Louqa Nagati Anis Abdou, 27 years, married, with a baby of 10 months;
† Essam Baddar Samir Ishaq, bachelor; both from al-Gabaly village.

And from Al-Our village:
† Hany Abdal-Massih Salib, married, three daughters and one son;
† Guergues Milad Sanyut, bachelor;
† Tawadraus Youssef Tawadraus, married, three children from 7 to 13 years old;
† Kyrillos Boschra Fawzy, bachelor;
† Magued Soliman Shehata, married, two daughters and a son;
† Mina Fayez Aziz, bachelor;
† Samouïl Alham Wilson, married, three children, 6, 4 and 2 years old;
† Bishoï Stephanos Kamel, bachelor;
† Samouïl Stephanos Kamel, brother of the latter, bachelor;
† Malak Abram Sanyut, married, three children;
† Milad Makin Zaky, married, one daughter;
† Abanub Ayyad Ateyya Shehata, bachelor;
† Guergues Samir Megally Zakher, bachelor;
† Youssef Shukry Younan, bachelor;
†  Malak Farag Ibrahim, married, a baby daughter.

The above information is thanks to Sandro Magister’s blog,  Chiesa.

André Azzam at Asia News, has more information on the families mourning the loss of the Coptic Christians. The young man in the video who was seen most clearly speaking the name of Jesus in Arabic just before he died was Milâd Sâber and his mother recounted that on the day he died, he had called her.

My beloved son asked, ‘Mother, do you need anything?’ I answered, ‘I want everything to be good with you. We are told the situation is not good there, come back my son.’ He answered, ‘Don’t worry Mother. Let God protect us and whatever is set for us shall happen.’ … ”Having one of ours as a martyr in heaven is a huge blessing and a big grace that we don’t deserve. . . I will not forget his last words, ‘I am coming back, Mother, bless me and find me a beautiful wife . . .’.”

Another man, Ezzat Boshra Nassif, was from Dafash village. His wife heard from him the morning of the day he died. He told her he was leaving at 10 a.m. to return home, and bring chocolates. He asked her to cook him grilled chicken and said he was looking forward to seeing his daughter.

Our daughter is asking me: ‘Why is Jorje wearing black clothes.’ I answer: ‘Because the other ones have to be washed.’ She answers: ‘No, it is because my father is flying to heaven”. . .

Sâmeh Salah Farouq left a wife and infant daughter. His young widow recalls,

He begged me to pray for him, as if he felt he would never see us again.” Next to her is sitting Sâmeh’s uncle who took care of his nephew since his childhood after his father died and his mother went away to remarry. ”We had always heard about the era of the martyrs,” he said, “Now, we are living it concretely.”

Who can say when this slaughter will be brought home to us, here in America? Or in other countries, perhaps even to Pope Francis own humble home? We disregard their threats at our own risk.

Let’s not wait for our Pope and hierarchy to lead us; they are too busy with their ecumenism and ecology initiatives. But we can inform others of these men’s names and mourning families. And we can pray!

Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.