He is Risen!

The Resurrection of The Lord

“I am the Resurrection and the Life; he that believeth in Me, although he be dead, shall live.” (John 11, 25).

“Joy in truth: for only sincere and upright souls who seek the truth lovingly and still more, ‘do the truth’ can fully rejoice in the Resurrection. We are sincere when we recognize ourselves for what we are, with all our faults, deficiencies and need for conversion. From this knowledge of our miseries comes the sincere resolve to purify ourselves … in order to be renewed in the risen Christ.

“Truth, however, must be accomplished in charity — veritatem facientes in caritatem, doing the truth in charity. (Eph. 4, 15). Therefore the Postcommunion prayer that is placed on our lips is more timely than ever: ‘Pour forth upon us, O Lord, the Spirit of Thy love, to make us of one heart.’ Without unity and mutual charity there can be no real Paschal joy. (Divine Intimacy, p. 419-420).

Early in the morning, the devout women sought Our Lord, not believing in the Resurrection although Jesus had prophesied it, but simply to anoint His body. After all, they had seen Him die and they believed their senses, as do we all. It seems significant to me that the women were seeking to serve Him, when they discovered the truth, that He was risen, had conquered death. They were not engaging in gossip or curiosity, but were humbly going about the task of serving the Lord.

Whoever reads these words is seeking the truth and this is truth: The Lord Jesus Christ is risen, He is victorious! And now, we must also take up our crosses and follow Him. Our Golgotha awaits us atop our own Via Dolorosa, and He has graciously given us His loving Mother to be our Mother. She awaits us, there at the foot of that rugged path. We must discard all that hinders us on this way, our own Way of the Cross. We must seek unity in love and truth, and we cannot do this without the strength and wisdom that comes from the grace of God.

In this struggle, all things are possible to us through our Blessed Mother, Queen of the Rosary. The more we pray her rosary, the more we realize that even the greatest obstacles are nothing once we fully rely on Our Mother, Our Queen! With our rosaries, we can do so much, even to ascend Calvary and union with our crucified Savior so that we too, may rise with our Beloved. No matter what other efforts we are involved in, let nothing turn us from our task, rosary above all else. With the rosary, Our Lady will guide us and we will find grace for the day.

He is risen! Alleluia!

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Pray the rosary and confound the devil!