Another Step in the Dance

Rorate Caeli recently made available their English translation of the German Bishops latest move in our modernist prelates’ dance towards the Church of the Future. Released on May 9, the document, entitled with the usual progressivist loquacity, “To Build Bridges between Teaching and the Reality of Life – Family and Church in the World of Today”; details the goals set by the German Bishops for the universal church.

In this upside-down, inside-out post-conciliar church, I guess it makes sense for the German church, the one church which has most successfully denuded itself of Christianity to teach the rest of us how to “succeed” as they have.

Cardinal Marx’s diktat for the rest of us offers four “messages” with which they intend to provoke discussion in preparation for the final Synod in October.

The first message uses the standard progressivist formula; first they state the commonly accepted term, in this case, marriage, then follow up with their own perversion of it. Thus we have, “At the same time, we respect other forms of cohabitation in which important values are realized: reliable responsibility for one another; fidelity in that relationship; and a commitment to walk together the path [sic].”

The second message is formulated with similar duplicity. First it states that the German church works “in a special way” to strengthen and promote marriage and the family, then comes the perversion, “By family, we mean also the different non-marital forms of reliably lived partnerships and of generational responsibility which make a large contribution to the societal solidarity and which ought to be treated justly.”

In the third message, they get more to the point, confirming what we all know, that they intend to change the church’s teaching with an attentiveness to the lived realities of “the faithful”.

The fourth message states that the German bishops “support a strong pastoral care for marriage and the family, which needs, locally, a convincing personal offer [of specific and special care], also in changing pastoral structures.”

In order to reach their goal of, “bridges between the teaching of the Church about marriage and the family and the current life realities of the faithful” they stipulate:

  • respect for the cohabitation in loyal, non-marital partnerships;
  • a re-evaluation (read, acceptance) of the methods of artificial birth control.
  • a further development of liturgical forms, especially of blessings for same-sex partnerships, new partnerships of divorcees, and for important life-changing decisions (sex change?) within families.
  • an integration into the life of the Church of spouses who now live in a second marriage after a divorce, and also their admittance to the Sacraments after a sound decision of conscience.
  • the unconditional acceptance of the cohabitation of loyal same-sex partnerships, and a clear attitude opposed to those current exclusions and devaluations of homosexual persons.

 The German Bishops close their diktat for the rest of us with, “Concretely, this means for our church … to perceive the pastoral change that Pope Francis has called for, both as an encouragement and as a chance for the Bishops’ Conferences to develop pastoral walking paths concerning marriage and the family which are appropriate and theologically responsible.”

So, we can see where this is heading. This is another step in the dance, so to speak, and by so doing, they have moved the “dialog” in the church another two giant steps towards their ultimate goal, the debasement and eventual obliteration of the true faith. The next step will be for the few solid traditionalists to speak out against it. Then will come the so-called moderates, who always manage to “resolve” things by ending up much farther along the spectrum towards the progressivist goal. The old “two steps forward, one step back”, except lately it’s more like two giant leaps forward and one small step back, because the avalanche seems to be moving the very ground out from under us. The one sure thing is that the professional Catholics in the media will hail the end result as a wonderful thing, a true compromise that maintains the faith. And most Catholics will simply snooze right through it. What will it take to wake up Catholics?

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

Remember, pray the Rosary and confound the devil.