Joined at the Hip

In yesterday’s post, we spoke of the video message Pope Francis made to a gathering of charismatic ecumenicals on Saturday, May 23. One thing was inadvertently omitted from that post and it directly pertains to today’s post. In his talk to the John17 group, Pope Francis said,

“Dear brothers and sisters, division is a wound in the body of the Church of Christ. And we do not want this wound to remain open. Division is the work of the Father of Lies, the Father of Discord, who does everything possible to keep us divided.”

That was on Saturday. The next day, Sunday, May 24, Cardinal Walter Kasper spoke to a theological gathering in Washington, D.C., and said the following,

“The unity of the church and the unity of humanity are fatefully interwoven today. Therefore, it is our sacred duty … that we do not accept the division between Christians. The divisions within the church are … structures of sin. They thwart God’s plan for salvation. They are deep wounds in the body of Christ and the blame lies … with all sides.”

Cardinal Tagle also spoke to the gathering and he dutifully carried out the Pope’s agenda of warning Catholics against looking at the pre-Vatican II church with nostalgia, and to embrace and live out the council’s sense of openness to the modern world.

“Many people want to witness to Christ in some idealized past that they long for with nostalgia,” he said. “No, we witness to Christ now, here, where we are in our world.”

Kasper called for,  “An ecumenism of love, of encounter, of listening and friendship”. In closing he recalled the remark of Karl Rahner that the council “was only the beginning of a beginning”, then, “With the current pontificate, a new phase of its reception has begun.”

All of the foregoing is simply business as usual, and my purpose in reporting it is to emphasize that the Bergoglio/Kasper Agenda is proceeding with a passionate intensity and speed as never before. We have just about 19 weeks or so and we should, each of us, during this time attempt to alert at least one other Catholic to the danger to our faith, and of course, continue our Fatima program of Rosary, reparation, First Saturdays, and living our total consecration. Each Catholic that you wake up will then add their prayers and reparation and ideally, warn others. If we truly love Our Lady, we can do no less!

Remember, Pray the Rosary and Confound the Devil!