The Geneticist, Planned Parenthood and St. Hildegard

Dr. Jerome Lejeune is not very well known. There’s a good reason for that. At the very height of his career, he spoke out against scientists for using abortion against babies with birth defects. You see, Dr. Lejeune was a Catholic who lived his faith. Already, in his time, that was an act worthy of shunning.

First I’ll tell you a bit about him, and then you will understand why his name is anathema in what passes for the scientific community today.

"He that shall receive one such little child in My name, receiveth Me."
“He that shall receive one such little child in My name, receiveth Me.”

In July 1958, as he was studying chromosomes linked to Down syndrome, he discovered the existence of an additional chromosome on the 21st pair. With this remarkable and ground-breaking discovery, he renamed the condition trisomy 21 to accurately describe the genetic abnormality. Thus, Dr. Lejeune, was the first to establish a link between an intellectual disability and its genetic cause. Dr. Lejeune would go on to discover the genetic cause of Cri-du-Chat syndrome and to also advance understanding of Fragile X syndrome and others. Even while he pursued his investigations, he continued to assist families caring for disabled children. His research was not intended to destroy the lives of these children but to understand the condition in hopes of finding a remedy or at least to better their lives and that of the families who cared for them.

In 1962 he was honored in Washington, D.C. by President John F. Kennedy with the first Kennedy Prize for his research into genetic intellectual disability and for finding the genetic cause of Down syndrome. In 1969 he received the William Allen Award from the American Society of Human Genetics – the highest award possible for a geneticist. 

Unfortunately, when Dr. Lejeune traveled from France to the United States to receive his reward, he was not aware of the intentions of those who were honoring him. Dr. Lejeune soon realized that the prize was being awarded because his work enabled the successful testing which could detect trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) in mothers’ womb—thus in the United States, these tests were used to abort Trisomy babies.

This is how Professor Lejeune was rewarded and discovered to his dismay that the world was falling from under his feet, not only figuratively, but even literally during the presentation. For coincidentally, one of San Francisco’s famous seismic quakes shook the whole conference room causing him to reflect:

“At this moment, I understood that the world had revolved on its axis.”

So what were those rewarding him implying? That his research would be applied to exterminate children in their mother’s womb because they could not be like other children who were “normal” or “productive members of society.” Simply eliminate the unfit babies and you eliminate the “problem”. Such an attitude should be referred to as “chromosomic racism” and it is being applied today and even extended to the “problem” of the ecology, i.e., abort enough babies and the world will have its utopia here and now.

In his address to his colleagues Professor Lejeune said,

“…  Do not tell me, when you request to suppress these children, that you are not suppressing a human being … No! You are suppressing a human being who is not according to your norms, but do not deny it its human nature, which you allow to be quietly assassinated.” …

“…  Kill these children you wish to kill, but do not say that they are not children. … But watch out, watch out for playing the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Oh! I am not warning you against God’s anger, who is full of mercy. But I am warning you against nature, because nature is neither God nor a person, and when one tramples its laws, she punishes and punishes without pity. … Someday you will pay for what you are presently doing, but do not say that you have not been warned!”

No applause followed his brave speech. Instead, in a dead silence the professor descended from the podium and entered the crowd gathered to congratulate him but which now drew back from him as if he were a leper and refused to shake his hand. Note that this was within the timeframe of the radical changes in the Church and the world – The Fatima Effect – which occurred after Pope John’s disobedience in 1960.

Dr. Lejeune knew full well that speaking the truth is unforgivable in those circles, yet he sacrificed his career in what he knew was already a lost cause. But he also knew that his first loyalty is to Christ the King and in this ultimate battle against the Lord of this World, there can be no other choice. Dr. Lejeune’s foundation is still today refusing to fund or partner with anyone who uses fetal tissue of aborted babies in their research. For more information, see:

Now, forty-six years later, we have ghoulish abortionists from Planned Parenthood openly selling body parts and even whole babies; what a fine alliance between science and capitalism! And our pontiff, instead of speaking out against these evils, hosts pro-abortion mayors. And so it goes.

Here’s an apt prophecy for you:

“Before the Comet comes, many nations, the good excepted, will be scoured with want and famine. The great nation (*) in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent  by an earthquake, storm and tidal waves will be devastated. It will be divided, and in great part submerged. That nation will also have many misfortunes at sea, and lose its colonies in the east through a Tiger and a Lion.

The Comet by its tremendous pressure, will force much out of the ocean and flood many countries, causing much want and many plagues. [After the] great Comet, the great nation (*) will be devastated by earthquakes, storms, and great waves of water, causing much want and plagues. The ocean will also flood many other countries, so that all coastal cities will live in fear, with many destroyed. All sea coast cities will be fearful and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves, and most living creatures will be killed and even those who escape will die from a horrible disease. For in none of these cities does a person live according to the laws of God. “Peace will return to Europe when the white flower again takes possession of the throne of France.” [St. Hildegard von Bingen]

(*) Most probably America, don’t you think?

Although several readers have strongly disagreed with me about this, I fail to understand how my country, the United States of America, can not expect to be chastised not only for the the diabolic anti-sacrament of abortion, whose ghoulish activities are funded by our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood; but for pushing abortion, contraception and perversion all over the globe. Please note that this prophecy of Hildegard’s is only one of many similar ones which have been approved by the church in previous years. Also, note the similarities with the most recently released prophecy from Sister Lucia of Fatima. See here , and here.

This battle is spiritual, as Dr. Jerome Lejeune knew, and as any true (that is, traditional) Catholic knows. God is merciful and His justice is a merciful justice. Thanks be to God, whose justice is not mocked!

Remember to pray the rosary to confound satan and all his works and pomps.

[Material in this article came from an SSPX Newsletter, previous posts and old notes on Hildegard von Bingen’s prophecies.]