The Kingdom of Darkness and the Synod

Rorate Caeli has posted a video from Poland in which three of our best prelates, Cardinal Raymond Burke, Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga and Bishop Athanasius Schneider,  discuss October’s Synod very frankly. Due to the limitations of my small blog, I am unable to post the video, but I hope you will go to Rorate and see the video. It is about 41 minutes long but well worth the time.

The link is here.

As I watched it, conflicting emotions washed over me. It is heartening to see that Archbishop Lenga, Bishop Schneider and Cardinal Burke are speaking out so forthrightly to uphold the truths of the faith. And yet it is so repugnant, so loathsome for our holy prelates to have to stoop to discussing such perversion as though it were an option and to think that this is what the Church, the beautiful and pure Bride of Christ is being subjected to by the vile apostates who masquerade as Princes of the Church. Disgusting men like Marx, Kasper and their ilk are no more Princes of the Church than Bruce Jenner is “Caitlyn”. They have betrayed Christ. They are abominations which do not belong in the Holy Place.

Marriage is under attack by all the most powerful forces of this sordid world, and what does the post-conciliar church offer? Approval for sodomy, fornication and adultery, all of it masked in a sickly perversion of “mercy”.

The Pope of Irreversible Change
The Pope of Irreversible Change

Do you remember that awful moment on March 13, 2013, when we first saw Jorge Bergoglio staring out from the loggia? I don’t know how you felt, but I shivered uncontrollably and was overcome with severe nausea and revulsion. Not long after, I obtained several books published by Triumph Communications which are interviews given by Father Malachi Martin. In one book, The Kingdom of Darkness, Father Martin describes what is meant by “the smoke of Satan”.

He tells of an interview that Pope Paul Vi gave to his close friend, Jean Guitton not  long before he died. When Guitton asked Pope Paul VI about his often-quoted remark regarding the smoke of Satan, Paul VI replied,

“Yes, the smoke of Satan is in the sanctuary. Due to the presence of Satan, Catholics are destined to become an infinitesimally small part of humanity.”

Father Martin continued,

“We must remember this. A new assault has been launched. The assault is very simple. The temptation is: ‘Just be like the rest of men. Adore a general god. Be good. Be compassionate. Be humanitarian. Join the rest of humanity in building man’s earthly world’ “.

“In Rome, there is a force which at the present moment is immovable. It cannot be dislodged by ordinary human means. This is where, again, one’s faith in Our Lady of Fatima comes in because she said that only she can save the Church because that is what her Son has willed. It is not so because it was her own choice, but because it what Christ has chosen. Christ chose that His Mother should be the one to come and finally save the Church. If you read carefully what Our Lady told Sister Lucia, you get a strong message that things are going bad. Many of the elect will lose their faith.”

In the same interview, Janzen asked Father Malachi Martin if it was possible for the Cardinals to elect a heretical Pope, Father Martin responded,

“Yes, we could have an apostate as Pope. In that case, we would be into something terrible. We would be into something which is nightmarish. It would test the faith of the greatest saint. … Your faith would be battered to pieces. If that happens, they (The Kingdom of Darkness) would have the prize and everything would have to go underground. We are, indeed, Bernard on our way to becoming, as Paul VI described in his misery, an infinitesimally small part of humanity. “

It is clear for all to see that Pope Bergoglio’s agenda is bringing us to the very brink of disaster. But Our Lady has assured us that she will never fail us when we pray her Rosary and so we will redouble our efforts, always keeping before our eyes her promise, that in the end, her Immaculate Heart will triumph!

UPDATE: No sooner had this been posted than complaints arrived. How dare I refer to the Holy Father as an apostate? In reply:

For in those days, Jesus Christ will send them not a true pastor, but a destroyer.
For in those days, Jesus Christ will send them not a true pastor, but a destroyer.

To accept such a monstrous blasphemy as this representation of Our Lord Jesus Christ crucified on the symbol of communist hatred for Him, from the hands of an avowed marxist – exactly in what way is that Catholic? In what way does that serve Christ our Savior? In what way does that teach the faith?

Ask yourself why that object of scorn for Christ was made, why it was accepted by the Vicar of Christ? And then ask yourself why you are not repelled by it, but instead attack me for pointing it out. I am not the problem here, fellow Catholics. What has happened to you who are unable to see this offense to God?

I weep for you, I pray for you, but I will never seek to placate you.

Remember, Pray the Rosary and confound the devil!
Immaculate Heart of Mary, save our Church!
St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!