Solange Hertz, Rest in Peace

Urgent Update: The family of Mrs. Solange Hertz has a website that is a treasure trove of information on this incredible lady. I do not know how long it will be up and so I urge you to visit: Solange.Strikingly. com. There is also a place for you to offer condolences to her family. We have so few women of nobility, wisdom and deep faith these days, and they are sorely needed. Read of her life and her books and pray for her and for those left here to continue the struggle.

From Solange Hertz’ devoted friend, Michael Matt at The Remnant Newspaper yesterday.

This evening, First Saturday, October 3, 2015 at 10:15 PM, a great lady and a champion of the old Faith passed away at 95 years of age.

Solange HertzIt is with a heavy heart, therefore, that I pass along the sad news that, after a long battle with cancer and the effects of a stroke, Mrs. Hertz has gone to her eternal rest. …

Please pray for the respose of the soul of this great Catholic champion of the old Faith, who never gave up the fight and who exemplified what it means to live a truly Catholic life even in the midst of turmoil and revolution in the Church. She was a true Catholic counterrevolutionary in that she never attempted to “do it her way” by advocating anyone start his own Church, elect his own pope, or bash away at wayward hierarchs at will, but instead chose to watch and pray with the Crucified at the foot of the Cross, fearlessly defending His Church all the while.
℣. Eternal rest, grant unto her, O LORD,
℟. And let perpetual light shine upon her.
℣. May she rest in peace.
℟. Amen.

Several of Solange Hertz’ books are available on Kindle. We offer the following excerpts from her essential work, “Beyond Politics” to whet your appetite. You will notice how presciently Mrs. Hertz foretold the new God of Surprises” of FrancisChurch as well as his neo-pagan environmentalism. In Chapter 2 of Beyond Politics, we read Mrs. Hertz’ explanation of the the two beasts which serve the dragon:

Beast No. 1 personifies the state and Beast No. 2 the church derived from the state, thus reversing the order which pertained in Christendom. Whereas the Church created a Holy Roman Empire, the satanic empire will create a church. …

She then describes the environmental aspect of the new world religion which serves the state, and then alludes to Pope Francis’ “God of surprises”, although this was written more than forty years ago!

Inasmuch as the National Council of Churches, the U.S. Catholic Conference, the Consultation on the Environment and Jewish Life and the Evangelical Environmental Network are all pledged to cooperate in placing “issues of environmental justice permanently at the heart of the nation’s religious life,” who knows what services America’s continuing “spiritual experiment” may yet render to politics.  By such means the First Beast of the Apocalypse, personifying the godless state, brings in its wake the Second Beast, personifying the godless church which glorifies the state and does its bidding. “Dwellers of the earth,” who set up governments for themselves apart from God in the footsteps of Cain and the builders of Babel, have few scruples about concocting a state religion. Worshipers are found wherever church and state, like Herod and Pilate, conspire together to destroy Christ by officially adopting a neutral position. Separating the two Beasts is impossible, because they are one with the Dragon who energizes them. Their union is consummated in their very separation from the Church Christ founded. …

There is every indication that the ecclesiastical Beast’s ultimate intention is to replace God’s Church with the “scientific organization in the light of the Gospel” foreseen by Canon Roca. Now that a Pope has publicly declared that the condemnation of Galileo illustrates the “duty for theologians to keep themselves regularly informed of scientific advances” in view of “introducing changes in their teaching,” the highest theological authorities can be expected to look to science rather than revelation as the final arbiter of truth. Among the false Christs and prophets our Lord predicted would “show signs and wonders to seduce (if it were possible) even the elect” (Matt. 24: 22), the satanically inspired may be expected to figure prominently. …

Man, who was made in the image of God, finds in him a god made in the image of man. As Canon Roca said, he is “humanity itself in principle.” With him people can deal in full freedom as mature human beings, running the universe as it should be run, from space probes to oil spills. He is their cosmic man-made Christ, the god who has freed them from God. Could he be anything but a prefiguration of the Antichrist, that “image of the Beast” announced in the Apocalypse, under whose rule the Dragon intends to unite all mankind in one diabolic, theocratic church and state? …

Cardinal Pie of Poitiers, who inspired the well-known Fr. Denis Fahey in his apostolate for the reorganization of society under Christ the King, once told his diocesan priests in synod: “By means of an old and by now well known tactic, this hateful elevation of man’s nature masquerades as mysticism, enthusiasm and spontaneity. You can see, gentlemen, that here Christianity has been overturned.” Here is “no revelation, no miracle, no prophecy, no incarnation, no act of faith, hope and charity, no Sacrament – particularly the Eucharist – no tenet, no evangelical counsel, no example of the saints is left standing … Jesus Christ is suppressed.” Borrowing the words of St. Hilary, his ancient predecessor in the See of Poitiers, the Cardinal continues:

They have introduced a new, different Christ, in whom the Antichrist could seek refuge. They do not concede that their fabricated Christ is divine; it is enough that he is a finer being than others … The Christian religion is proclaimed as the most perfect without comparison, the holiest of religions, but pains are taken not to proclaim it as the only true religion. In contrast the proclaimers glory in communion with all the great philosophies and religions in the world … Theirs is a psychological Christ, conceived in the mind of man, born of man’s intelligence. The Christ my faith revealed to me was conceived by the Holy Ghost and born of the Virgin Mary. Their Christ came from a lowly plane, from the bowels of humanity. My Christ descended from above, from the heart of the Eternal Father. Their Christ is consubstantial to man, mine is consubstantial to God. (Hertz, Solange (2012-09-26). Beyond Politics, Tumblar House. Kindle Edition.)

We hope that The Remnant Press will once again make the works of Solange Hertz available. For there is none to take her place. May she rest in peace.

Mrs. Hertz also wrote a beautiful essay on the Rosary, which we posted as The Queen of Heaven’s Gift to Us.

The link to her family’s memorial page is here.