Politics and damned politics

POST – ELECTION UPDATE added 11 November 2016:

As a postscript to this, may I add that contrary to the position taken in the following post, I did, in fact, vote for Donald Trump. I did this for two reasons:

  1. I do firmly believe that Hillary Clinton is a thoroughly evil woman who has used her power and influence to serve satan. Although I believe that the American two-party system is merely bread and circuses, I realized that it was an opportunity to offer a symbolic act of rejection of the Clinton legacy of corruption.
  2. My confessor ordered me to.

My position has not changed. I do not believe that Donald Trump serves either God or the American people and am very sad that so many Catholics have been led to think so. I remember the shock we all felt when President John Kennedy was assasinated, then his murderer was also assasinated, and then, to our amazement, that assasin was also assasinated! And no truth or justice in any of it. Then, Robert Kennedy was killed. Many of us realized then, that although the media assured us otherwise, very powerful and unseen forces held the reins of destiny in our country. With that knowledge came the realization that neither the government nor the media could be trusted in any matter which they deemed important to hide from the voting public. They most assuredly do not ever intend for voters to decide the destiny of this country; why cannot people see this point?

After Breitbart’s death, I realized that the 2016 election would be a pivotal time, It was evident that the Republican party leaders exploited their voters just as much as the cynical Democrat leadership exploited their “useful idiots”. Remember the “live mike” incident just before Obama’s last election when he was caught telling Putin that, “after the election, I’ll have more flexibility.”? He was assuring him then that he would be more free to prepare America for the chaotic breakdown, throughout our society that will leave the way clear for a takeover, ostensibly to restore order.

The corruption which is endemic in this country, maintains control no matter who gets elected. Donald Trump is a very sharp businessman. he knows the value of market research. The social media such as facebook and twitter, and the internet itself, exist for one purpose only: they are a valuable source of information. That information helped Trump tailor his image to suit voters. Support of voters showed the ruling elites the true pulse of America, their hopes, their concerns.

It is sad to see Catholics congratulating each other in the victory which they hope will bring pro-life Supreme Court Justices. One well-known traditional Catholic claimed, “If Trump does not keep his word, we will hold him accounable.” How silly. I suppose he will “vote him out.” Let me know how that works out.

It would be hubris for me to think that 99 years after the Pope, the hierarchy and most of the Catholic Church shrugged off the Mother of God, suddenly they would pay attention to an old woman nattering on about the Message of Fatima. And I certainly do not want to spend my time doing this. I try to hide my identity so my family will not suffer from my foolishness.

But I must do this, regardless of my own distaste. It is my unfortunate lot to speak out to those who will listen.

Russia will be the instrument of our utter, complete, and awful destruction. This is to be the case no matter who is elected. Trump is merely a vent for Americans. This is their way, Two steps forward, one step back. The end, however is never in doubt. The Consecration has not been done. The number of Bishops in the Church is such an unweildy mass of faithless and weak, of effiminate narcissists that there is no hope of a Consecration even if the Pope were to be converted and become obedient. There is no way but the tried and true Biblical way. Read for yourselves and see what is in store.

And now, for this out-dated post of the pre-elction days:


For readers not in the United States of America, we apologise for this post. American Catholics, even the most devout traditionals, are caught up in the election fever that possesses us every four years. Each time, the same old debate comes to the fore, “Should we vote for the lesser of two evils?”  All the brightest and most respected among us convince us to vote because “if you don’t vote it is the same as if you vote for this demon from hell.” is it?

It's the same old game, Charlie Brown
It’s the same old game, Charlie Brown

Now, it should be obvious to all Catholics that it is not permissible to consent to, much less support an evil person like Hillary Clinton. So, we all agree. However, the devil’s in the details here: Amid the fog of war, the diabolical smoke and mirrors of this satanic war which has been ongoing throughout the lives of all of us, it can be hard to discern the correct path. At  least, that is what readers tell me. Indeed, some well-meaning traditional Catholics, intelligent, well-informed, are now vociferously supporting Donald Trump in a very earnest effort to prevent the massively malignant Hillary Clinton from gaining the Presidency of the United States. The intent is to stop Hillary at any cost.

Those faithful Catholics who support Donald Trump take the position that, “there is only one possible choice in November to preserve our faith and way of life in the future.” I agree with them that Hillary Clinton is the most diabolical candidate and pray to God to spare us from the horrid fate of her presidency. But is a vote for Donald Trump the “only way to preserve our faith and way of life in the future”?

Not only do I not believe it is the “only way”, I do not believe that it is a way at all. In short, I do not believe that a vote for Donald Trump is a viable Catholic alternative.

To start, let’s look at Catholic teaching : Pope Pius XII taught in 1946 that Catholics must take part in the public life of their nation by exercising responsibly their right to vote. Again, in 1948, Pope Pius XII spoke on the subject, a bit more explicitly. This time, in an allocution to the priests of Rome, the Pontiff said,

In the present circumstances, it is a strict obligation for all those who have the right to vote, men and women, to take part in the elections. Whoever abstains from doing so, in particular by indolence or weakness, commits a sin grave in itself, a mortal fault. Each one must follow the dictate of his own conscience. However, it is obvious that the voice of conscience imposes on every Catholic to give his vote to the candidates who offer truly sufficient guarantees for the protection of the rights of God and of souls, for the true good of individuals, families and of society, according to the love of God and Catholic moral teaching.

Now, to those who would apply the Holy Father’s argument of 1948 to the current situation 68 years later, I remind them that the above allocution of Pope Pius was, by his own words, predicated on, “the present circumstances”. Today, we are not asked to choose between an upright Catholic and a despicable anti-Catholic. Although Hillary Clinton is most certainly the most foul and disgusting candidate America has ever seen, Donald Trump is an appalling choice for many reasons. The question then becomes, should we participate in the election by choosing Trump as the lesser evil, the anti-Hillary? Or should we abstain?

Catholic commentators have been quite intricate in justifying their positions on this issue, leading many to confusion. I offer only the teaching of a diminutive French priest who taught me catechism in the 1950’s. Father Costeau (who was all of five feet tall) used to state, “My children, if it is not for the glory of God, the honor of Mary, or the salvation of souls, do not do it. Do not even think it!” Later on, an Irish priest told me the same thing. That was simply standard Catholic teaching in those days, the rule of life. Common sense for Catholics.

To speak quite frankly: I am a child of Mary. She picked me up from the dung heap and brought me to the true faith. She has entrusted me with her scapular, her Miraculous Medal and with Total Consecration to Jesus through her. I live for her and I do not see that it is her will that I cast a vote for Donald Trump. As I prayed to her, I  brought before my eyes the possibility of a meeting between the two. A sense of deepest revulsion swept over me at the thought of Our Immaculata in the presence of this man. In fact, I was filled with embarrassment at the indecency of the thought.

Does the Blessed Virgin require assistance from the likes of Donald Trump in order to save mankind – at least those in America? Perish the thought!

Readers, wherever you live in this poor suffering world, you are not in a Christian nation. In these dark times there are no candidates dedicated to Christ the King. All is besmeared with secular humanism, with the foulness of the the lord of this world. We are totally dependent on our Blessed Mother to get out of this mess with our souls intact. That is not pacifism or irenicism or any other epithet people can sling. It is the reality of these blessed times.

These times are blessed (as are all times because they come from our loving Father) and in them we have a clear choice. It is not a complicated choice, which commentators lead us to believe. It requires no esoteric guidance from me or from anyone. Simply kneel and pray your Sorrowful Mysteries. Ask Our Lady. You will know very soon that she does not demand that you vote for either of these detestable people. Do penance, pray the Rosary.

Don’t run after that football!

NOTE: Michael Matt and Chris Ferrara have an excellent video of their point of view, please check it out over at the Remnant. I appreciate Mr. Matt’s kindness in counseling his viewers/readers against attacking other Catholics who disagree in good faith. Sadly, some refuse to do so. To those who have attacked me for my position, perhaps you are right, I have certainly been wrong many, many times. I don’t mind the criticism, but please don’t sully your own souls with hatred towards me, it does me no harm but hurts you, yourself immensely.


NOTE: This post edited 11 November, 2016

9 thoughts on “Politics and damned politics

  1. Jane Wigutow says:

    I agree that it is horrifying to think of supporting Trump as a Catholic. However, he has promised to be pro-life and in fact, whether or not he will keep that promise, he has chosen a pro-life vice president. The next president will probably make multiple appointments to the supreme court and those appointments make a huge difference in many ways, especially abortion and sexual/family issues. We know what Mrs. CLinton’s appointments would be like. We can hope with Trump that he would keep his word and appoint pro-life justices, and even if he did not his appointments would likely not be the left-wing ideologues that Clinton’s could be. Therefore I agree with a priest whom I heard recentlyat Mass, and whom I have a lot of respect for, that as distasteful as we find the candidates, we have to vote this year based on the supreme court.

    • Please forgive me not posting this comment sooner. For some reason, it got snagged in the spam folder and I got it out just in time. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

  2. Michael Yoder says:

    God bless you for this! I know I am not the only one that believes this but it sometimes feels that way.

    Every four years the same pitch, my contribution to the counter-revolution is abstaining from the presidential vote and the Rosary (not necessarily in that order).

  3. Beth says:

    For myself, I fully intend to write in “GOD” on my ballot, and am encouraging everyone I see to do the same.

  4. CD says:

    It doesn’t take a lot of watching outside of the filter of the news to see these Trump is more a friend to the Catholic, the downtrodden, and the unborn than Hillary Clinton, whose goals are all directed towards progressing society down the leftward path. If Trump is elected either he will help us as he says he will, or he won’t – and everyone will be watching like a hawk to see that he does, and he’ll forsake reelection if he doesn’t. If Clinton wins, the momentum will carry the left forward, pit the judiciary against us for our lifetimes, and she will be unassailable. She has already subdued the FBI and will soon subdue the Supreme Court.

  5. It’s a risky business to venture an opinion on politics in these times, and this post has not been a very popular one. That’s OK, but just to be clear, this post is not in any way some sort of endorsement for Ted Cruz.
    Not. at .all.
    It is merely my attempt to state yet again, that I do not believe there is anything in the Message of Fatima to indicate that we will attain anything but a deepening chastisement if we persist in applying the remedies of secularism to what is undeniably a spiritual problem.
    America’s ills can not in any way be assuaged by voting. How many times must we be betrayed by those we put in office before we catch on to the ruse?
    As Sister Lucia never tired of repeating, Only Our Lady can help us!
    If we think that we can spend our efforts in organizing initiatives of a purely human, social, political nature, we are utterly missing the point.
    That is not pacifism, it is reality. Look and see – the Church is burning, the world is burning.
    Therefore, “Observe and do penance. If then thou shalt not watch, I will come to thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know at what hour I will come to thee.” (Apoc. 3,3)

  6. Michael Yoder says:

    Evensong, thank you again for the article and comment. I have been part of the every 4 year merry-go-round of believing that Mr. X will solve our problems, that all we need is a X president to assure that a good justice on the Supreme Court would eradicate abortion. I was a true believer but long experience and a turn to Tradition has cured me. This need to vote and this belief that secular means will solve problems must be in the American soul, in the air we breath and the water we drink in America, but the American system is antithetical to God and His Holy Church and our problems will not be solved by using one of the instruments that lead us to this situation.
    God bless!

  7. A reader has emailed me with concerns. Evidently some Catholics are scandalized that I do not use my site to encourage people to vote against Hillary. I am told that to refuse to vote is to support abortion and other evils, thus, I am committing a mortal sin.
    I vehemently disagree. To refuse to vote is simply to refuse to vote. It is my very strong conviction that the outcome of this election as in all presidential elections for many years now, is firmly in the hands of those who oppose the faith, oppose the reign of Christ the King.
    By all means, if you feel that by pulling a lever for Trump you are actually having some effect against the massive, all-pervasive evil of these times, do so.
    My point is that it will make no real difference in the long run. This evil can only be cast out by the Immaculate Mother of God, she who has been disobeyed by the Church hierarchy for nearly a century.
    If you do not see it that way, you are wasting your time here at Return to Fatima, because that is the entire reason for this site: To call Catholics to return to the true message of rosary and penance, of humility and obedience and purity called for by Our Lady.

    These are chaotic times. There has been no real leadership in the Church since the Popes refused to follow Our Lady’s request. By 1960, that much was evident. Until then, the Popes had only disobeyed Our Lady by very subtle means. While continuing to present Catholic dogma and practice in a faithful manner, they subtly disobeyed. But poor Pope John XXIII publicly refused the Mother of God. Thus, the Church gradually slipped into a deeper and deeper darkness until we wound up in this horrible situation. With a Pope who shows more sympathy for the arch-heretic Luther, for willful adulterers, for all manner of perversion, for all manner of heterodoxy than he does for his own suffering faithful flock. Pope Francis has forsaken Catholic martyrs of islam. Our priests, his sons! are in great danger. Where is their Holy Father? We pray for them always.

    Simply going to the polls and pulling a lever will not in any way affect this crisis. There is darkness and suffering all over this poor earth. The only light seems to be the burning flares of destruction. Many, many souls are being lost. We must return to the message of Fatima, to our Rosary, our total Consecrations, to our penances. We are being held accountable!

    May God have mercy on us all!

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