The Magisterium of Francis

Sandro Magister has a good post on what our humble Bishop of Rome has next on his agenda of surprises: A married priesthood! Magister had written of this right after the last Synod:

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“Not Enough Celibate Priests? Make Way For Married Priests“.

“This is the remedy being considered by Cardinal Hummes and Pope Francis for regions with a scarcity of clergy, starting with the Amazon. … Pope Francis received in audience a few days ago the Brazilian cardinal Cláudio Hummes, accompanied by the archbishop of Natal, Jaime Vieira Rocha.

Hummes, 82, former archbishop of São Paulo and prefect of the Vatican congregation for the clergy, is today the president both of the commission for the Amazon of the episcopal conference of Brazil and of the Pan-Amazonian Network that joins together 25 cardinals and bishops of the surrounding countryside, in addition to indigenous representatives of different local ethnicities.

And in this capacity he supports, among others, the proposal to make up for the scarcity of celibate priests in immense areas like the Amazon by also conferring sacred ordination upon “viri probati,” meaning men of proven virtue, married.

The news of the audience therefore gave the idea that Pope Francis had discussed this very question with Hummes, and in particular an “ad hoc” synod of the 38 dioceses of the Amazon, which is effectively in an advanced phase of preparation.

Not only that. There is renewed vigor behind the rumor that Jorge Mario Bergoglio wants to assign to the next worldwide synod of bishops, scheduled for 2018, precisely the question of ordained ministers, bishops, priests, deacons, including the ordination of married men. …

Curiously, shortly before the pope received Hummes, Andrea Grillo – an ultra-Bergoglian theologian, professor at the Pontifical Atheneum of St. Anselm, whose contributions have been systematically relaunched and emphasized by the para-Vatican website “Il Sismografo” – had even forecast in detail the theme of the next synod on “the ordained ministry in the Church,” divided into these three sub-themes:

– the collegial exercise of the episcopacy and the restitution to the bishop of full authority over the diocesan liturgy;

– the formation of presbyters, with the rethinking of the Tridentine form of the seminary and the possibility of ordaining married men;

– the theology of the diaconate and the possibility of a female diaconate.

The authority to whom Grillo and all the clerical and lay reformers invariably refer in formulating this and other proposals is the deceased cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, with his bombshell talk at the 1999 synod.

Magister has much more here.

John Vennari has an excellent post on Pope Francis and Cardinal Martini here.

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