Of Fortitude and Forgiveness

UPDATED 23 November, 2016:

Today is the fourth day of our Novena to the Holy Ghost in preparation for the joyous coming of our Lord and Savior at Christmas. The Spirit of Fortitude is our Gift for today, and we pray that we may bear our cross with Our Lord and that we may “overcome with courage all the obstacles that oppose our salvation”.
We are removing all mention of the unfortunate and painful  events we’ve endured lately; events that have caused us to discontinue blogging. For the time being, our posts will remain.

God grant us all the gifts of the Holy Ghost this beautiful Christmas season. Thank you so much for reading. God bless you all and may our Blessed Mother keep you close to her Immaculate Heart.

Please, pray the Rosary and confound satan and all his works and pomps!

~ evensong

Vouchsafe that I may praise thee, O Sacred Virgin, give me strength against thine enemies!

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10 thoughts on “Of Fortitude and Forgiveness

  1. Carla says:

    I don’t follow — but I definitely would not call him a “roach”. From what I read here of your blog I think you might be over-reacting a bit. Understand how you feel but this is the “Information Age”.

    Pax et Bonum

      • Carla says:

        And I do know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a Rosary but there is something wrong with calling a person a roach.

    • Carla, being in the ‘Information Age’ does not magically grant one special powers to ignore ‘Fair Use’. —-‘s reproduction in full of posts from this site very clearly falls outside of ‘Fair Use’ norms. ( see https://www.eff.org/issues/bloggers/legal/liability/IP )

      Also, doesn’t it strike you as uncharitable (I dare say un Catholic even) for — to continue to reproduce this site’s work in full even when asked not to? This site does not solicit donations. —‘s site does solicit donations. Donation requests so that he can continue to provide his readers (I think he calls them baby eagles) reading material copied and pasted in full without permission.

    • For those unfamiliar with this year long harrassment. —— began more than a year ago, copying my posts to his blog, presenting them as his own. I was unaware of this until a reader told me of his deception. I am not very internet savvy so a friend searched and found out that other blogs had difficulties with him and their links were forwarded to me. We wrote a post on it last year that garnered much discussion.
      In response —- denied the obvious fact that my unattributed posts were present on his blog along with solicitations for money to keep up his “good work”. I do not ever ask for money. In addition, he disparaged me, my blog and my posts

      That is why it is so difficult to understand his continuing harrassment. If my posts are so worthless, why does he continue to post my material on his site? Even though he posts a link back now, it is sleazy of him, given the history here, to continue to connect himself to me. As it is, there is nothing I can do to stop his unwanted attentions.

      All I can do is make this public statement that his involvement with me is against my will and is most unkind. It is not the way Catholics should treat each other.

  2. I think you would be happy to know the way I discovered your blog.

    Some months ago, I found the blog of —- and thought that it contained really good material. But it seemed to me that something was not right with his blog. After some searching, I stumbled upon this post, and from that day, I’m reading your blog instead of his. He’s clearly deluded. He seems to believe in the motto “the end justifies the means”. And I’m not so sure he has the same “end” as God. He doesn’t seem evil, and I think he will need a kind of shock in his life to get to his senses. He makes me think of me some years ago … Now today I don’t want followers because I am myself easily deluded. My own children and people around me are enough for me to care about!

    Thank you very much for your effort with your blog!

    • Matthieu, I cannot adequately express how grateful I am for your kind comment.
      He must be mentally ill or he would not continue to harrass me.

      What helps me is knowing that this is allowed by Our Lord, and He never gives us any cross that He Himself does not help us carry.
      My job is to be worthy of the trust He places in me, and grow in love and service to Him.

      May Our Lady keep you close to her Immaculate Heart always,
      God be with you,

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