Follow the Child

“Christmas is the moment in which the Redeemer of humanity presents Himself to us in a crib, asking us to adore Him as King and Lord of the universe. The Nativity, under this aspect, is one of the central mysteries of our faith, the door that permits us to enter into all the mysteries of Christ.”

“…They found the child with Mary His mother, and falling down they adored Him.”

Thus does Dr. Roberto de Mattei introduce us to the mystery of Christmas in his classic essay, “Christmas, hour of faith in darkness of the world”, (Rorate Caeli, 23 Dec. 2015). The Christ Child was adored by poor unlearned shepherds and by some of the wisest men of that time, the Magi. Both shepherds and Magi gave the best they had to give, From Mattei:

They gave to the Holy Child, their eyes, their ears, their mouths, their hearts, their entire life; in a word, they consecrated their bodies and souls to Incarnate Wisdom, and they did so through the hands of Mary and Joseph, in the presence of the entire Heavenly Court. In this they imitated perfect submission to the Will of God of the Child Jesus, Who from God-Word, annihilated Himself in the form of a servant to the Divine Will, and then allowed Himself to be led through all the phases, up to His death on the Cross and glory: He didn’t choose His phases, but allowed Himself to be led, moment by moment through the inspiration of Grace – as a mystic of the XVII century wrote (Jean-Baptiste Sainte-Jure, Vita di Gaston de Renty, (The Life of Gaston de Renty) tr. it., Glossa, Milan 2007, p. 254). [Emphasis mine.]

Devotion to the Holy Child is a devotion in which one experiences a radical abandonment to Divine Providence, since that Child wrapped in swaddling clothes is the Man-God, Who annihilated His will in order to do His Father’s, Who is in Heaven, and He would do this by submitting Himself to two sublime creatures – to Him submitted: The Most Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph.

Holy Christmas is the day of extreme abandonment to Divine Providence, but also of immense trust in the mysterious plans of God. It is the day, St. Leo the Great writes again, in which “The Son of God came to destroy the work of the devil (1 John, 3, 8)”

Notice, this essay, the shepherds and the Magi  gave all their being to the Holy Child “through the hands of Mary and Joseph”. This points us to the path of devotion we must take to the Divine Infant, through the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph, that is, to spiritual childhood through the Holy Family. This is the devotion recommended by Our Lady of Fatima through the visions given to Sister Lucia on October 13, 1917.

Saint Therese of the Child Jesus may be our guide here. When asked about her path of spiritual childhood, she explained, “It means that we acknowledge our nothingness; that we expect everything from the good Lord, as a child expects everything from its father; it means to worry about nothing, … it means to remain little, seeking only to gather flowers… of sacrifice, and to offer them to the good Lord for His pleasure. It also means not to attribute to ourselves the virtues we practice, not to believe that we are capable of anything, but to acknowledge that it is the good Lord Who has placed that treasure in the hand of His little child that He may use it when He needs it, but it remains always God’s own treasure. Finally, it means that we must not be discouraged by our faults, for children fall frequently.”

Note: This spiritual childhood is essential for this particular time, that is, for 2017.

As Dr. de Mattei reminds us, this Child comes to lead us from the darkness. Make no mistake, He will destroy the work of  the devil! He will restore His Bride. For us now, it is still the time to kneel before the creche and with the shepherds and the Magi, make our resolve to follow this Child!

Most Holy Child Jesus, may Thy Kingdom come!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, and terrible as an army in battle array, do thou purify the Church!

St. Joseph protector of the Holy Family, protect the Church, protect our priests.

Remember, pray the Rosary and confound satan and those who serve him.

~ this post by evensong for love of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary