Pascua Florida Pilgrimage, 2017


SSPX  Pascua Florida Pilgrimage, 2017

This is a spur of the moment attempt to notify you of an inspiring pilgrimage  occurring in Florida soon.  A bright young reader  Katherine, informed me of a  little known pilgrimage in Florida and asked me to share it with you.  For her privacy and at her family’s request, we will not post her picture, which is a shame, since she is a lovely young girl, and truly Catholic!



Although it is deliberately ignored by the secular media and the progressive educational establishment, it was the Holy Roman Catholic Church which first brought Christianity to America. In April 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon landed on the northeast coast of what he then called La Florida,  but is now, St. Augustine, Florida  and planted the first cross in the sand. The early heroic martyrs endured deplorable conditions bringing the Faith to native Indians and ministering to the settlers. These early Catholic efforts had nothing whatsoever with plundering the natives or stealing their gold; but were simply the efforts of Catholic missionaries to bring the true faith to a pagan land. Among these missionaries are many little known martyrs of the faith.

The pilgrimage runs from Tuesday, April 18, which is a week from now, through Sunday, April 23. That is, the Tuesday after Easter through Whitsunday. Pilgrims travel by foot but also must cross rivers in canoes and they camp out in tents along the way. The pilgrimage ends about noon on Sunday with a Mass on the beautiful greensward of the ancient Mission de Nombre de Dios, near where the Cross was first planted by Juan Ponce de Leon, in St. Augustine Florida.

As a sidenote to this, the young reader, Katherine,  shared with me a bit of her own history.  It seems that she is descended from a group of early Catholic settlers in Florida called Menorcans, who came to America as indentured servants, to work on an indigo plantation in an area near what is now New Smyrna, Florida. They were treated brutally, starved and many died. In 1777, when their Scottish owner refused to free them as he had contracted to do, they revolted and trekked by foot to St. Augustine where authorities allowed them to settle and they were able once again,  to worship the Faith. And so, Katherine is especially desirous of retracing her ancestors’ steps of three centuries ago. The link below has information about the pilgrimage and also a link to donate to the pilgrimage. Any financial aid you are able to give would be blessed with many prayers and remembrance in the Masses offered each day of the pilgrimage.

This modern day pilgrimage roughly traces the steps of the Menorcans who walked to St. Augustine so many centuries ago, and ends with the perfect celebration of the Faith – the true Mass, celebrated under the massive old oaks of the Shrine of Mission Nombre de Dios, and looking out onto the inlet to the Atlantic, very similar to what must have occurred 504 years ago – the Mass of all times in a timeless setting.

For more information about the pilgrimage, or to donate to sponsor a young pilgrim like Katherine, please follow the link below:

Pascua Florida Pilgrimage.

Come walk the path of the martyrs from St. Thomas More Chapel in Sanford Florida to the oldest known site of the First Mass in North America and Nombre de Dios Shrine in St. Augustine.

Holy Martyrs of La Florida, pray for us!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

~ by evensong for love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, King.