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We have often discussed the role of the “errors of Russia” in relation to the Message of Fatima, the Apocalypse and the current papacy. Lately, the Bergoglian avalache has been picking up speed and this morning, Sandro Magister pointed out some interesting developments in the reign of this unfortunate pope. The following excerpts are brief, for the full article please see Sandro Magister,  The Communists the Pope Likes. And Vice Versa“.

Magister begins by noting

… the collaboration with “Avvenire,” the newspaper of the Italian episcopal conference, of the satirical comics author Sergio Staino, with a Sunday strip entitled “Hello, Jesus!”

Here the surprise lies in the fact that Staino is an unwavering communist, was a “flower child” and a champion of free love, was until a few months ago the director of “L’Unità,” the defunct newspaper of the Italian communist party and then of the parties that succeeded it, and is the honorary president of the UAAR, the Union of Atheists and Rationalist Agnostics.

The absentminded Jesus of his strips still lives in Nazareth with Joseph and Mary, gives his father a hand in the woodshop, but his head is already elsewhere, looking to the time when he will leave to finally become – in Staino’s words – “the first of the socialists, the first to fight for the poor.”

Interviewed in “Avvenire” on the day of his debut, Staino recounted that some time ago, when Pope Francis, during a “long telephone conversation” with Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini, was told that back in 1948 Staino’s mother had been denied sacramental absolution for having voted for the communist party, the pope burst out laughing: “Tell the mother of this friend of yours that I will give her that absolution.

This does not change the fact that his arrival has provoked a deluge of protests. Including that of the newspaper’s editor, in the person of the secretary general of the Italian episcopal conference, Bishop Nunzio Galantino, whose words were reported to the readers of “Avvenire” by the paper’s director, Marco Tarquinio: “I do not agree, because I do not understand just what added value comes to our newspaper from Staino’s strips.”

And it is precisely here that the instructive part of the affair can be grasped. Because now there is proof that Galantino’s power over the episcopal conference and over its newspaper no longer counts like it did when Pope Francis appointed him secretary general and de facto his sole lieutenant, with the effect that every word and decision of his came down as if from the pope himself.

Today the episcopal conference has a new president in the person of Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, who indeed for his part is very close to Francis and much more skillful in understanding and seconding his wishes.

While Galantino’s fall from the pope’s graces is still more evident, and the Staino case is glaring proof of this.

Not only, in fact, did the director of “Avvenire” decide on his own, without having “asked for authorization beforehand from the editor,” but he defended in the pages of “Avvenire” the justice of this decision of his, moreover making public the uninfluential contrary opinion of Bishop Galantino.

To whom he said goodbye at the very moment he was welcoming Staino, for his part “absolved” by Pope Francis.


The second episode saw another newspaper in the leading role, “Il Manifesto,” the only one in Italy that proclaims alongside its masthead: “Communist daily.”

On Thursday, October 5 – such a coincidence, right at the hundredth anniversary of the “October Revolution” – “Il Manifesto” went to the newsstands with a book containing three speeches by Pope Francis to the “popular movements,” which he convened for the first time in Rome in 2014, then in Bolivia in 2015, and then again in Rome in 2016.

Interviewed by “Avvenire,” the director of “Il Manifesto,” Norma Rangeri, explained the decision:

“We feel these messages of the pope to be our own, and we want to bring to our readers the radicality and simplicity of these words of his. […] They contain a new idea of politics, the pope also cites Esther Ballestrino de Careaga, for her conception of politics. She is a communist of Paraguayan origin.” (And she was a chemistry teacher of the young Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who met her two daughters during his visit to Paraguay, in July of 2015).

Sandro Magister,  “The Communists the Pope Likes. And Vice Versa”.

Evensong comment: I added the emphasis in red above. And will just note that Galantino appears to have been simply another “useful idiot” as the marxists are wont to call the liberals they use and then discard when they have served their purpose. There is a lesson for them in this episode, but they are unable to learn.

In numerous posts, we have discussed the role of the “errors of Russia” in the context of the message of Fatima, the Apocalypse, and the papacy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

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