Sanchez-Sorondo and Satan’s Tune

“Do Thou, Lord, calm this sea, and no longer allow this ship, which is Thy Church, to endure so great a tempest. Save us, my Lord, for we perish.”  St. Teresa of Avila.

A reader forwarded this to me just now.  From Breitbart, which I don’t normally read and would have missed.

The chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences has heaped high and unexpected praise on China, insisting that the atheistic communist regime has created the best model for living out Catholic social teaching today.

Sanchez – Betrayer of Christ

After visiting Beijing for the first time some months ago, Argentinean Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo reportedly returned to the Vatican full of enthusiasm for the Asian country, and this week he told a journalist that “at this moment, the Chinese are the ones implementing Catholic social teaching best.”

The Chinese “look for the common good and subordinate other things to the general welfare,” Bishop Sánchez insisted in a Spanish-language interview with the Vatican Insider, saying that the Italian economist Stefano Zamagni agrees with him.

In describing his visit, Sánchez said he “found an extraordinary China” with an exceptional work ethic. What many people don’t know, he said, “is that the central Chinese value is work, work, work. There’s no other way, basically it’s what Saint Paul said: whoever does not work should not eat.”

“You don’t have shantytowns, you don’t have drugs, young people do not take drugs. There is like a positive national consciousness, they want to show that they have changed, and now they accept private property,” he said.

With forced abortions, slave labor, the rampant persecution of Christians, severely limited freedoms, and a church demolition campaign under China’s one-party system, it is hard to imagine how anyone—let alone a high ranking Catholic prelate—could put forward China as an example of Catholic social teaching done right, and social media has predictably lit up with commenters excoriating the apparently delusional bishop for descending into “self-parody.”

.  .  .

The bishop took pains to show a number of presumed points of convergence between the Vatican and China, insisting that Beijing defends “the dignity of the person” better than other countries, that organ donation “has increased enormously,” and that China is assuming a position of “moral leadership” in the area of combating climate change, which other countries “have abandoned,” in evident reference to the United States.

“The economy doesn’t dominate politics as it does in the United States,” he declared. “How is it possible that multinational oil companies control Trump,” he asked, “when we know how much this is hurting the earth?”

Whereas western neoliberal thought has “liquidated the concept of the common good,” he added, “the Chinese, on the contrary, propose work and the common good.”

In this moment, the Chinese “have a moral quality that you don’t find in many places.”

.  .  .

It is difficult to square Bishop Sánchez’ personal understanding of the common good with that of the Catholic Church. In its official Catechism, the Church teaches that in the very first place, the common good presupposes “respect for the person” and individual freedoms, something alien to modern Chinese culture.

“In particular, the common good resides in the conditions for the exercise of the natural freedoms indispensable for the development of the human vocation, such as the right to act according to a sound norm of conscience and to safeguard privacy, and rightful freedom also in matters of religion,” the Catechism states.” (Thomas D. Williams on Breitbart)

Each day, the enemy-occupied Vatican gives us more evidence of their diabolical disorientation. Like the possessed, they jerk out  a macabre dance to satan’s tune. How long will these satanic marxists be allowed to betray the Bride of Christ and her suffering children?

“Do Thou, Lord, calm this sea, and no longer allow this ship, which is Thy Church, to endure so great a tempest. Save us, my Lord, for we perish.”  (St. Teresa of Avila.)

Please, Pray the Rosary and confound satan and those who serve him!

. Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of our hearts, Mother of the Church, do thou offer to the Eternal Father the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for the conversion of poor sinners, especially our Pontiff.
. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy kingdom come! Viva Cristo Rey!
. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.
. St. Joseph, protect us, protect our families, protect our priests.
. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

2 thoughts on “Sanchez-Sorondo and Satan’s Tune

  1. Ngodoo says:

    I cringe with shame to read this. That it comes from inside the Vatican makes me sorely grieved. The LORD JESUS and MOTHER MARY Come to our Aid. Amen

  2. Rosemary says:

    This Cardinal didn’t visit China! He enjoyed the official tour given by the Communist government even if the sightseeing was lead by the local bishop [read, communist appointed who tows the official party line ], staying and eating in five star accommodations.
    How naive to think he has seen the real China. Did he stay a deserted village with a poor widow in western China, scrounging for some bits of wood to burn in order to cook her meager meal of rice and vegetables? Did he sleep on the floor in her unheated house?

    Where are the young people who should be caring for their mother or grandmother?
    To alleviate their grinding poverty they have migrated to the big cities seeking employment in factories or in the construction industry where men sleep in the empty buildings, not being able to afford a room for shelter.
    His tour wouldn’t have passed through any area where drugs are in use and all that would be seen in such a circumstance.

    Did he talk to the women who are under the surveillance of the village communist party member who checks if they have missed their monthly cycle and are then marched off for the required abortion?
    Does he realize that citizens are not free to express their true feelings or beliefs if they clash with the communist ideology?
    Did the Cardinal ask about or visit any Catholic priest or laity who are imprisoned or have ‘disappeared’? Christians of protestant sects also suffer similar fates.
    Did he visit the Catholic church build in 1995 which was recently torn down by local officials even though the church property is deeded to its members and has government permission to exist, in order to comfort the parishioners and to ask officially that the government remedy this injustice?

    Perhaps the Cardinal thinks that the eastern european countries under the yoke of communism were also enjoying a lovely time of freedom, morality and bounty. I won’t even comment on religious liberty.

    As far as promising the Lord to avoid political discussions, getting ‘hot under the collar’ and saying uncharitable things, well, I just failed having called the Cardinal an idiot after reading this fine article exposing the idiocy of the Church hierarchs.

    Now it’s out into the snow storm to visit with the Eucharistic Lord, doing my duty to pray for the Church , its leaders, and for the flock whom they are misleading, for the conversion and salvation of all.
    Did I forget to say make reparation for my sins too?

    I close with thanks for all the fine articles and inspirations and the rallying cry of ‘Pray, Pray, Pray.’

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