Alfie and the Archbishop

This post updated 1 May, 2018

The Archbishop referred to would be Vincenzo Paglia, who holds the distinction of heading both the Pontifical Academy for Life and the Pontifical Institute for Marriage and Family Sciences.

In the wake of the tragic death of Alfie Evans, the child victim of  Britain’s progressively “benevolent” end of life care, some readers have suggested that we consider the role of Pope Francis in all this.

Some while back, Dr.  Elizabeth Wickham of Lifetree (link in sidebar) pointed out that Pope Francis had gutted the Pontifical Academy for Life and had filled it with advocates for population control from abortion and contraception to end of life. Today, Dr.  Wickham suggested that we consider the struggle of  Alfie Evans and his family in the light of Pope Francis and his agenda at the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAV). I am very grateful for her timely reminder.

NOTE: There is a very  bad picture after the break below. It is a picture on a mural in  a Catholic Cathedral and it vividly expresses the truth about Pope Francis and his Pontifical Council for Life.

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia was  the man chosen by Pope Francis to head his newly reconstructed Academy for Life. And Paglia spoke out clearly in favor of Judge Hayden’s decision to deny care to Alfie Evans. Before we discuss what Paglia said, we will present his  credentials for heading the Pontifical Academy for Life.  Here is a bit of background on this odious man from Lifesite News:

This is Archbishop Paglia and his dear friend. On mural. In a Catholic Cathedral.  Let that sink in.


“The archbishop now at the helm of the Pontifical Academy for Life paid a homosexual artist to paint a blasphemous homoerotic mural in his cathedral church in 2007. The mural includes an image of the archbishop himself. The archbishop, Vincenzo Paglia, was also recently appointed by Pope Francis as president of the Pontifical Pope John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family.”


So, evidently, Pope Francis is so enamored of the fabulous Archbishop Paglia that he has appointed him to not one but two Pontifical Academies; and those two  are at the very forefront of the challenges to life, marriage and families today.  Placing a man like Paglia in charge is a prime indicator of the agenda of the Bergoglio/St. Gallen/Lavender Mafia .  That is, the agenda for the irrevocable change in the Catholic Faith.

And so we come to Archbishop Paglia’s stand on the Alfie Evans case. In an article 12 March, 2018, Lifesite News reported:

“Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia said in an interview on Friday that Judge Anthony Hayden’s decision to remove the ventilator from Alfie is an interruption of “overzealous treatment” for the child. He said the judge’s sentence is therefore not at odds with the teaching of the Catholic Church and of Pope Francis.” . . .

At issue is the basic natural right for human beings to food, water and breath. Redefining these as medical treatments allows them to be denied, and now that Britain’s merciful National Health Service has sucessfully dispensed such “compassionate care” to Alfie Evans, it’s a pretty safe bet that their efforts will continue apace.  And as we have seen, the parents’ wishes are never considered here, for they have no rights at all in this.

The terms dignity of life, quality of life, palliative care, compassionate care, all have meanings that reframe the issue in favor of euthanasia. Dr.  Wickham forwarded to me information on the use of “palliative care”, a term that used to be known as a compassionate way of treating the terminally ill aged. But for some time now has had quite another meaning.

“The PAV (Pontifical Academy for Life) sponsored a workshop in late February/early March with Soros Project on Death in America and World Health Organization leaders at the presenters table.  The name for the conference was “Palliative Care: Everywhere and By Everyone.”  Videos of most of these presentations are available online.

Palliative Care – International Congress, Rome February 28th – March 1st 2018

“A month later many of these presenters returned to the Vatican for the first meeting of  the PAL-LIFE project which is a new PAV project to promote palliative care in all corners.

“Is the PAV  working with thousands of other leaders of the Third Path Movement to form the healthcare model for end-of-life care in a one world marxist/socialist economy?

“It might be of interest to learn that a grassroots corps of workers is being trained.  One organization helping to educate the corps of community health workers is called Global Health Corps (GHC) whose president and co-founder is young Barbara Bush (daugher and granddaugher of a president.)

While many of us were unaware, the dialogue on end of life care has been co-opted and  perverted by the same people who corrupted the language of our faith and our liturgy. And today, these same people are determined to press their agenda from the very beginning of life, that is before birth, through all stages until the end of life. And they are of course, portraying it as merciful even as our Pontiff seeks to mercifully leave the sinner in his deadly sins while “accompanying” him with sacrilegious use of the Blessed Sacrament. It is by redefining and reframing that these semantic battles are won, and with them the culture is steadily nudged towards the marxist tyranny of one world government and one world religion of man.

The misuse of “palliative care”  is a deadly deceit and is intended, as the Vatican PAV affirms,  for everybody, everywhere. It shows no regard for the rights of parents, despite Archbishop Paglia’s smarmy assurance that “Alfie must be loved”. If the good people at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital did not believe that further “medical care” such as food, water and oxygen would benefit Alfie Evans, then why did they insist on keeping the child? Why not release him to his parents? Why refuse their right to take Alfie to Italy where a skilled team awaited him? And why did the Catholic Bishop, and Vincenzo Paglia side with the Judge  and the Hospital? Why was the child’s supportive Catholic Chaplain removed? In short, why was there such a lack of support for the young couple trying to save their tiny son’s life, other than a photo op by the pope?

From Terry Schiavo to Charlie Gard and now Alfie Evans, we see the progression. What can we expect from Pope Francis and his Pontifical Academy for Life? Look to Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, who leads the way.

NOTE: A reader suggested that we add the following thoughts, which are from an earlier post (HERE), during Lent this year. Since he felt it helpful we are happy to do so:

Once  Jesus  had reached Calvary,

Christ was despoiled of His garments. It was a custom of the Romans to strip to the loin-cloth those who were to die on the cross. . .  This last disrobing was much more painful than the first, especially to the sacred shoulder on which Christ had carried the cross. The wounds torn open anew, burned like fire.

This stripping was public, and was witnessed by His most pure Mother and His friends as well as his enemies.

As we consider the above, think of Christ led outside the city, and stripped of all. Today, the Bride of Christ stands stripped and shamed, a scandal to the faithful and an object of mockery before  the faithful and the enemies as well.  We were not present for the Passion of Christ, but here and now we behold the spectacle.  What shall our response be? . . .

Today, as then, Satan seems to have won. And that should encourage us. For we are about to come to our appointed time. If we have heeded Our Lady of the Rosary, and  if we have followed her message of Fatima, we are aware that as her children, our place is with her, at the Cross. Her cross was to attend to Him, giving His total sacrifice the total sacrifice of her own will, believing, adoring, hoping and loving Him for all those who did not, would not.

This Lent is our most important ever. We are totally consecrated to our Savior Jesus Christ; and like Him, led like a lamb outside the once-sacred city, stripped of our certainties, stripped even of ourselves, struggling in the darkness, for the Sun of our faith is obscured as it was for His followers then. And so this is the best of times. It is good for us to kneel here. We know the outcome for our Blessed Lord and Savior has been leading us all this way for so long now.  We are not pacifists or quietists or any other such thing! We are her Warriors and she will lead us in her due time. The time does not concern us. It is for us is to kneel and pray, to believe, to adore, to hope and above all, to love.

Now, please, Pray the Rosary!

It is never to late to return to the message of Fatima.