Palliative Care, Not What You Think!

Here in the United States of America, the Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act is a huge step towards mainstreaming euthanasia under the benevolent appearance of “palliative care”. It is being rammed through – already steamrolled through the House of Representatives and now in the Senate as S.693.

On a personal note, I am a retired registered nurse and remember when Hospice was welcomed into healthcare as the “compassionate choice”. It was presented as preserving life by ameliorating pain. The reasoning was that if we could ease the pain a bit, it would allow patients to work through their issues in their final stage of life and feel less despairing. It was never, to my knowledge, presented as a cost-saving device by speeding up the end of life. But once hospice care and palliative care became accepted, it has become increasingly clear that under the treacle about death with dignity and compassionate choice, it is simply another attack on the right to life.

Palliative care is being presented under false pretenses; it is not about easing pain, it is about doping up a patient to the point where they choke on their own saliva, and so are denied food and water which are now considered extraordinary medical interventions. This hastens the end of life and cuts costs. It is important to grasp that it is NOT about “compassionate care”, it is about cost-cutting. But there is an even darker side, for just as satan desires to kill the infant before he has a chance to be baptised, thus cutting him off from God, satan desires to prevent the dying soul from forming the intent to repent and seek salvation from God. Palliative care thus joins abortion as a satanic sacrament.

To learn more about the truth of Palliative Care, I suggest this link: 5 Things You Should Know About Palliative Care

And now, here is the information about the Palliative Care and Hospice Training and Education Act that I was asked to post:

From Dr. Elizabeth Wickham of Lifetree:

The senate is the last stop before this bill becomes law. It is much worse than an assisted suicide bill because it will force us to live in a country where the state decides who gets good healthcare and who does not.
Just when we thought we thought we were making progress on protecting life at all stages Satan has landed a big one!  This link is to a c-span video of House proceedings relating to appropriations bills on July 23.

The PCHETA bill passed (the House of Representatives)  by VOICE VOTE.  It stands for The Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act.  See H.R. 1676 (S.693).  It will give federal “juice” or 15 million dollars annually for the fundamental transformation of our healthcare system.  Life affirming decisions will be based on the “quality of life.”  We all know what that means. A healthcare system with built-in rationing!

Here is the video on C-span:
H.R. 1676 | Congressional Chronicle |

You will find the discussion of this bill starting at about 59:00 minutes with the voice vote taken  at about 1:04 minutes.   Interesting that this happened on the watch of a retiring Speaker of the House. Amazing at how little time was allotted for debate on the floor. I read they gave the bill a total of 40 minutes!

Monumental social change with very little discussion on the floor? How could that be? Because the Third Path Euthanasia Movement’s lobby group called Patient Quality of Life Coalition has been highly visible on Capital Hill lobbying for this bill ever since about 2015.  And because there are only a handful of voices warning about today’s palliative care.

The bill will set up protocols for slow euthanasia of people targeted by age, multiple chronic conditions, marginal place in society,disabilities such as mental frailties, family disagreements about medical care, expensive caregiving, etc, etc.  Yes, it is really going to take us to the gates of hell.

The bill is in the Senate HELP Committee.  See  It is a stacked deck.  I am no expert but knowing who on this committee has worked against protecting the lives of aged over the years I suggest you might find a willingness to listen from these six Senators— Sen Burr of N.C, Sen Paul of KY, Sen Young of IN, Sen Roberts of KS and definitely Sen Scott of SC.

Readers, Pope Francis is a strong supporter of Palliative Care, (as is George Soros) and after he stripped the Pontifical Academy for Life of its pro-life members, he stacked it with the proponents of contraception, abortion and palliative care/euthanasia. Yet, today, very few traditional Catholic writers or blogs address the palliative care aspect of the Bergoglio Vatican agenda.<

But it is essential that we inform ourselves of all the various aspects under which the enemies of life operate, We must seek to inform others as well, if for no other reason, in order to spiritually combat with our penances and rosaries.

Thank you for reading and please continue to pray the Rosary, for love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

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Please pray for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

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