A Tale of Two Videos


Readers send me a variety of links, posts, writings and videos. Most of the time, I have to ignore them, as there simply isn’t enough time to research them out and be certain that they are suitable. However, the past few days, two long-term subscribers have sent me videos. I have not thoroughly read about them, but was assured by my readers that these are credible, and from listening to the videos (I was unable to watch them) I think they are useful. The one on Poland is really good, and from the best I can tell, the second video, on the caravan, is factual and I believe it may help readers understand that this caravan of “poor immigrants” is actually a major escalation in the war destabilize the United States




The following video is sent by a reader who asked me if it also might be relevant to my posts on the invasion by warriors under the guise of helping “poor immigrants”. Short answer is yes. This will be clear possibly before the year is up, I believe.



Thank you for reading, or in this case, watching.