About Subscriptions

Update on my subscription problem with WordPress Jetpack subscriptions.

As of 12:30 today, the problem has been corrected, according to a spokesperson for Jetpack, which provides the subscription service app that we use to notify subscribers of a new blog post.

Jetpack decided arbitrarily and with no consent on my part, to insert monetizing ads into the email notices my subscribers. Since I am not very computer literate, I relied on other, more tech savvy readers to help with this. 

The result was that enough other people were angry over this injustice that the unwanted ads have been eliminated for now. You should not receive any email from ReturntoFatima.org that contains any sort of ads or clickbait ever again!

I expect that all this is a prelude to requiring us to pay them more money. But for now, you should not get any more ads in emails from ReturntoFatima.org.

Please be aware that I have never asked for any donations, nor have I ever monetized my site in any way. I apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Thank you very much for reading.