The Vanishing Possibility of Repentance


“…She saith in her heart: ‘I sit a queen, no widow am I; and sorrow I shall not see’.”
(Apocalypse 18, 7)


There are two things we can be fairly certain of amidst all this confusion:

  1. The first is strictly secular: Most of the world’s governments are ready to move against the Catholic Church in a massive effort to confiscate her remaining resources. They have been preparing for this for decades, simply awaiting the time when the rot becomes so manifest that the outrage will favor their goals. The first steps will be in opening up the statutes of limitations, enabling more lawsuits and resulting in more Church bankruptcies; then will come removal of tax exemptions and more punitive measures as the Church falls rapidly from favor. But in surprisingly short time, the Church will be attacked by the international powers due to its global nature. The very global powers these foolish effeminates have been courting will turn on them.
  2. The second involves the ongoing spiritual chastisement and it will result in the fulfillment of the prophecy which is mentioned by several modernist popes, for example Paul VI, “Yes, the smoke of Satan is in the sanctuary. Due to the presence of Satan, Catholics are destined to become an infinitesimally small part of humanity.” (“Malachi Martin on the Apostasy of the Faith”) The detestable persons now in possession of the Vatican are set on “self-destruct” and will not be dissuaded from their goal. The very possibility of their repentance is dwindling with each day.


Institutionalized Iniquity

For today, we address the second point. The inability of the Pope and his followers to repent is a cornerstone of the auto-demolition of the institutional church. In the recent Vatican Priest Sex Abuse Summit we have seen a perfect example of the pervasiveness of the homosexual mindset among the ruling prelates. Some background helps us grasp the significance of institutionalized iniquity:

We have discussed before that a time is coming when those who willfully persist in grave sin will become unable to repent; for example:

Father Martin warned that at the approach of the chastisement, there will be general confusion of minds and darkening of the understanding and that “Whole sections of continents … washed away forever. Whole nations … perish. Whole nations … lose their faith. Natural catastrophes that the world has never seen before … level humanity.” . . .

“The confusion of minds is something we are only just beginning to see, but it is becoming more noticeable very quickly. This will be an important portion of the chastisement.

“Do you remember when Father Martin said that if only the secret were revealed, it would fill the Churches, the confessionals? The cause for this is that people would then understand that if they do not repent now, they will soon be unable to repent; that is, there will be such a darkening that people will no longer be able to repent.

“They will be left in their sins, that is, in the power of Satan, unable to repent, unable to withstand his diabolical control. That is why the prophecies say that the living will envy the dead. (“The Centenary of Fatima and the Passion of the Church”)

The Vatican’s recent mockery of a response to the worldwide priest sex abuse scandal is the perfect example of an institution so thoroughly perverted by sin that it is blinded and unable to respond to the crisis in any coherent way. Only those who are living lives unmoored from the faith could be deceived in this way. Those remaining in the faith can only suffer and pray for God’s mercy for us all.

For the clearest example of the causes and effects of this spiritual blindness, please read Dr. Peter Kwasniewski’s,How the 8 daughters of lust influenced Vatican’s sex abuse summit“: 

“We have resources in our Catholic tradition to understand at least part of what is going on in the Church today…In the 31st book of the Moralia, St. Gregory speaks of ‘the eight daughters of lust.’ These are “blindness of mind, thoughtlessness, inconstancy, rashness, self-love, hatred of God, love of this world and abhorrence or despair of a future world.”


The Summit of Shame

As you read Dr. Kwasniewski’s article, it begins to seem as though St. Gregory was giving us a vision of Pope Francis, Cupich, Scicluna, and the rest of these pathetic men. Each person I have spoken with experienced the same deep sorrow in response to Pope Francis’s  Summit.  It is both humiliating and embarrassing to have these vulgar posers stand before the world brazenly representing themselves as humble servants of Christ’s Holy Church. Even their worst enemy is moved to beg God’s mercy for their spiritual nakedness.

It may well be that Pope Francis is now dependent on the “rigid” Catholic faithful he most despises to intercede for him.  Unless God hears our prayers and brings some extraordinary power to bear on him, Pope Francis may be eternally stuck on stupid. In his closing remarks after the Summit Pope Francis said:

“We need to recognize with humility and courage that we stand face to face with the mystery of evil, which strikes most violently against the most vulnerable, for they are an image of Jesus,” . . .

“ ‘In people’s justified anger, the Church sees the reflection of the wrath of God, betrayed and insulted by these deceitful consecrated persons. The echo of the silent cry of the little ones who, instead of finding in them fathers and spiritual guides, encountered tormentors, will shake hearts dulled by hypocrisy and by power. It is our duty to pay close heed to this silent, choked cry,’ Francis said.” (“Pope Francis Outlines 8-Point Plan for ‘All-Out Battle’ Against Sexual Abuse”) 

Pope Francis actually spoke those words with a straight face, “most vulnerable”, “image of Jesus”, the people’s justified anger is “the reflection of the wrath of God”.  Francis speaks of deceitful consecrated persons”, but refuses to identify any of those “deceitful consecrated persons” as those whom he has tolerated, protected and/or promoted, such as McCarrick, Zanchetta, Corradi, Inzoli.  Speaking of the victims, Pope Francis said that, “it is our duty to pay close heed to this silent, choked cry.” Yet this pope has been remarkably caustic and unsympathetic when the victims have attempted to speak out and attacked them as serving the “Great Accuser”.  Each new abuse revelation begs the question  “Who is actually responsible for this “choking” of victims?”

We may be approaching that which was prophesied by St. Hildegard von Bingen and which was indirectly warned of by Pope Benedict XVI: “The Figure of a Woman, anticipating 2017”

“And behold! That monstrous head moved from its place with such a great shock that the figure of the woman was shaken through all her limbs. And a great mass of excrement adhered to the head; and it raised itself up upon a mountain and tried to ascend the height of Heaven. And behold, there came suddenly a thunderbolt, which struck that head with such great force that it fell from the mountain and yielded up its spirit in death. And a reeking cloud enveloped the whole mountain, which wrapped the head in such filth that the people who stood by were thrown into the greatest terror. And that cloud remained around the mountain for a while longer.

“The people who stood there, perceiving this, were shaken with great fear, and said to one another: “Alas, alas! What is this? What do you think this was? Alas, wretches that we are! Who will help us, and who will deliver us? For we know not how we were deceived. O Almighty God, have mercy on us! Let us return; let us hasten to the covenant of Christ’s Gospel; for ah, ah, ah! We have been bitterly deceived!“ And lo, the feet of the figure of the woman glowed white, shining with a splendor greater than the sun’s.

It is useful to think on the significance of this; of the head, of the mountain, of the lightning bolt, and especially, of “the reeking cloud”.  Note that after realizing they had been deceived the faithful “hastened to (return) to the covenant of Christ’s Gospel”. But this poor pope and his followers prefer to linger in the excrement. What a pity.


Name the Sin!

It’s a fairly safe bet that Pope Francis will stand his ground, insisting that he is “by the will of Christ Himself – the supreme Pastor and Teacher of all the faithful”. And that he enjoys, “supreme, full, immediate, and universal ordinary power in the Church”. He believes that no one can stop him. He may very well be right.

Appointing committees and speaking in vague terms about fasting and prayers is really not the answer. Name the sin you are repenting! Speak out the name of the sin!  And then, publicly repent of them!

“The demon will be especially implacable against the souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them.”

The Vanishing Possibility of Repentance

There will be no pardon because there will be no more repentance. There will be no more repentance because these men  give each other, as they themselves affirm “precious support”. These weak men depend upon each other to such an extent there is simply no need for the faith or for the faithful.  Let them go, the reeking cloud will soon dissipate.

†  Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of our hearts, Mother of the Church, do thou offer to the Eternal Father the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for the conversion of poor sinners, especially our Pontiff.

†  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy kingdom come! Viva Cristo Rey!

Please pray for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

~ by evensong for love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, King.
Vouchsafe that I may praise thee, O Sacred Virgin! Give me strength against thine enemies!


5 thoughts on “The Vanishing Possibility of Repentance

  1. L says:

    I grew up non-Catholic Christian and was always obsessed with eschatology when I pressed into Jesus. A perceived lack of interest in eschatology on behalf of Catholics has been one of my largest hindrances to practicing Catholicism (the metastatized tumor of my own intellectual pride was the largest hindrance). I have always been convinced we are either on the brink of or in the great apostacy, and have ALWAYS been resolved not to fall away. These writings have been an incredible inspiration since I found your blog a few weeks ago, however they are leaving me terrified that things are much worse than I even realized. I opened my heart to the idea of Mary a few nights ago, said a prayer, and ended up crying for hours, late into the night, in remorse. I envisioned a spiritual attack encircling my home, legions of demons being warded off by a circle of angles as they tried to come re-enforce some kind of spiritual hold on my mind and home that was being released in that moment. The vision was my own imagination but I believe it was a representation of what happened that night. I am perplexed.

    I love your writings but to be honest they leave me utterly overwhelmed. Not a single Christian I know has a sense of urgency right now, indeed, many think humanity is on the brink of a golden age and that Christ is conquering. I don’t have a lifelong understanding of Catholicism or of Mary, but I do have a lifelong conviction of impending eschatological doom so everything you’re talking about resonates with me. I have a family to protect.

    • evensong says:

      Thank you for your comment, L.
      You are quite rightly overwhelmed. Those who aren’t aren’t paying attention. From that solid standpoint, and understanding that your family depends upon you, you begin to grasp the truth of Our Lord’s words, “Without Me, you can do nothing”. It is His love alone that sustains us. He has given us His own Mother to comfort us and protect us from satan in these perilous times.
      Please read our page on the Message of Fatima and our page on family consecration.

      Every Catholic home should have a shrine in a prominent place with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculata and if possible St. Joseph. These shrines are to invite (enthrone) Our Lord Jesus Christ to rule in your family with His Blessed Mother and St. Joseph.
      I have information on consecration to each of them, but the essential thing is to do your consecration as soon as possible. Do not put it off until you are “properly prepared”. Consecrate first, then prepare and do a more complete job later.

      You already have the most important thing! God has so loved you and your family that He has called you to Him! And you have accepted this precious grace and if you will simply persevere in giving Him your will – now this can only be done through the Immaculata! – He will do the rest.

      You must pray the Rosary. And your timing is excellent for St. Joseph is a great help if you welcome him in. He protected the Blessed Virgin and the Child Jesus when all the worldly and satanic powers were trying to destroy them. He will protect your family. And he will not fail.

      What we must do is abandon our own way and seek in all humility for Our Lord’s way. Abide in Him as He has asked us. To do this most effectively, devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and her Rosary.

      God bless you dear and may Our Lady keep you close.

  2. Charmaine says:

    Malachi Martin warned of a heretic-antipope who will lead the stampede into apostasy (as part of the Third Secret). How about naming who that antipope is?

    • evensong says:

      Charmaine, I allowed your comment, but not the link. Since you have found the way to my site, please read the information here to help you return to the message of Fatima.

      This is a spiritual chastisement and can only be remedied by a humble and contrite heart consecrated to Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. As Sister Lucia told us, the Rosary and devotion to her Immaculate Heart is the only true remedy.

      Once you place your heart in hers, let yourself be led by the Immaculate Mother of God. Her perfectly pure heart can never be led astray nor fail you. Satan is powerless against her — and he is powerless over her children too!

      The safest place to be at this time of infernal darkness and confusion is under the mantle of her love.

      It may be hard to accept, but part of this chastisement is that we cannot resolve any of this confusion in our usual ways of coping such as seeking more information. That temptation is satan’s favorite ploy and the more time we devote to taking action on our own instead of obeying Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima, the less likely we are to actually get anything resolved.

      When we surrender our own wills, and obey, Our Lady of Victory will lead us as she has before so many times. We will have brave and noble leaders again but not until we do our part. Repent! Make reparation! Pray the Rosary! Your work awaits you!

      And many souls depend on you.

      God bless you dear and may Our Lady keep you close!

  3. KK says:

    Thank you very much for this. I have often wondered what Fr. Malachi Martin might have meant about the Third Secret driving people en masse to the Confessional (i.e., why the Confessional specifically, rather than back to the Church in general), and also what Our Lady might have meant at Akita when She said: “If sins increase in number and gravity, there will no longer be pardon for them.” If your interpretation is correct – and it strikes me as very plausible – then it is, indeed, terrifying. I can also see why Fatima would emphasize making sacrifices for the conversion of sinners; that is, sacrifices to merit graces of repentance for others, without which they will die in their sins and go to Hell. I found your analysis very powerful . It encourages me to follow the example of St. Therese of Lisieux and Sr. Lucia, embracing every little opportunity to make a sacrifice. Thank you.

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