In our earlier post regarding the prophetic significance of the fire at Notre Dame de Paris, we mentioned in passing our opinion that the Cathedral was torched and this has concerned some readers. Despite the daily attacks on the Catholic Churches in France, we are assured that this was simply an accident. ‘Twas the fickle finger of fate, to be sure.

Here’s my contrarian view:

First and foremost, you must know this: As we foretold years ago, the internet is managed by those who despise the Faith and indeed, are dedicated to eliminating Christian culture from the face of the earth. There are still a few sites left that are allowed – for the time being – to exist, but none of the common search engines can find them on some really important searches. For instance, what can you find if you search for Notre Dame de Paris fire cause? Note the sites you are directed to – all the major media, all singing the same tune, i.e., the fire was accidental, a short circuit, a computer glitch, and this drivel is accompanied by the denial of any intent, and most especially, the impossibility of even considering an intentional attack.

And this despite the daily attacks on Catholic Churches by the peace-loving “asylum seekers”. The gentle, peaceable souls flooding into Europe in order to appreciate the faith and culture of Christendom.

I am blessed to have readers who assist me at time, with their own research. The most helpful has been the information from a site in France that is a specialty online journal for French architects and building engineers which have been following the events at Notre Dame de Paris. here is the first article that was sent to me:

Benjamin Mouton, the former French Inspector-General for Historic Monuments, and was chief architect/engineer of Notre Dame de Paris from 2000 to 2013 in both a live interview on French television and an interview published in the French construction journal BatiActu the following:

“In 40 years of experience, I have never heard of a fire like this. It would take a really combustible load at the start of such a fire for it to rapidly develop into the disaster we saw. Also, oak is a particularly fire-resistant wood.

“The fire detection/protection system installed in the cathedral was of the highest level. It was a very expensive undertaking, but it enabled us to quickly ascertain whether a fire had started somewhere. Additionally, we had many old wooden doors replaced by fire-doors. We also drastically reduced the number of electrical appliances throughout the building, and completely forbid them in the attic.”

Regarding the aftermath of the fire:

“The stones are going to turn into lime, and the water fired by the firefighters creates a second heat shock.The fire may be over but nothing is over, it all starts,” he says.

Now, the comments have been fascinating, (LINK) and I post the computer translation (apologies for poor translator!)

Engineer and technical controller in the building for 14 years, I am surprised of several negligence. How is it that the dry columns did not give enough flow (see Figaro article)?

Why not have done a crossover attic every 300 m² (art CO26 of the safety regulations) as in the cathedral of Rouen or Limoges? At 18h20, during the first detection, the 2 employees went to the sacristy because they had bad information. Is it a bad reading of the screen or is it a programming fault, accessible only to the level 3 installer? Has the plant been rearmed and if so, has the defect persisted? Vivien Hoch announces defects in the SSI (fire safety system) reportedly reported to the Center des Monuments Nationaux. Can the State make public the triennial verification reports of the ISS? Why did you get the people in after having them out after the first announcement of evacuation, probably given at 18:25?

Why not check all the detectors after the first detection? Firefighters were called after the 2nd alert: we lost at least 23 minutes, it’s huge for a fire, the flashover has time to form. What is this great noise heard around 18:30 by parishioners like Hélène Bodenez and her neighbor? And these 3 sounds of explosions in less than 21 seconds on an amateur video probably around 19:00?

What did the security guard see at 6:43 pm in the attic? Already flames? What height ? Did he try to extinguish the flames with a fire extinguisher? Could not we have RIAs? CNRS researcher Paolo Vanucci was advising an extinguishing system in his 2016 report to the government, he was right. These are the first minutes that are important to avoid a flashover. Automatic sprinkling, with a time limit of 5 minutes, seems appropriate to extinguish the fire immediately or at least to lower the temperature and limit its spread. The pressure and the flow must be adapted to the strength of the vaults. The security guard is probably not far from one to two minutes to reach the attic. This system must be associated with orifices to evacuate the water so that it does not constitute an additional load on the vaults.

How is it that the fire spread to the east while the wind was blowing westward?

A specialist interviewed on France 3 during the aerial survey considers that the fire could be above the middle of the choir. Can the investigation confirm this location? The video of the Parisian, with a comment of the photographer Christophe Belin of the city hall of Paris, shows pictures of the interior after fire. The head of the statue of Louis XIII, to the right of the Blessed Virgin, appears at times and then seems missing at other times. Astonishing?

At 18h57, in the video of Hélène Bodenez, fumes come out of the chariots of ventilation. How is it that the smoke did not come out at 18:35 for example when the faithful were evacuated on the square? In her blog, Hélène Bodenez did not notice anything. The fumes should have gone out through the high vents at the ridge of the nave or choir, by the spire or through the scaffolding holes. Only the absence of high ventilation can explain the confinement of the fumes. Without explaining the spark or the starting flame (short circuit?), Can this laboratory test confirm the development of the fire when there is no fuel at the start, the oak having not been able to catch fire at first? Or, it would be necessary that the spark or the flame of departure is close to the flight of about 15 mm thick, support of the lead of cover. This lab test will have to determine the time it takes to fill the smoke.

Why was there only one security guard present from 8h to 23h instead of two who had to be present 24/24 (Article Le Figaro 24/04)?

The combustion of thermite is: Fe2O3 + 2 Al -> 2 Fe + Al2O3. During the clearing of the cathedral, it will be necessary to analyze the various substances: would there be iron pellets? This will be the role of the police investigation if it is properly performed. Can the prosecutor Rémy Heitz confirm that this analysis will be carried out? How to rule out the hypothesis of the presence of hydrocarbons? Galvanized steel melts at 1450 ° C: the scaffolding being almost intact, this temperature has not been reached. Debris analysis must confirm this.

The diagram of firefighter René Dosne shows a secondary focus against the south facade of the choir. When was this outbreak detected? Is it a consequence of the fire of the roof with a fall of an inflamed element? At 5:20 pm, the workers stopped the yard, they leave the scene at 17:50. Why not imagine an inspection with a thermal camera at this time by a security guard?

Indeed, in a video of 2010, Dominique Herlat-Doucot, the architect of the buildings of France (official in the SDAP) already declared that the frame was the most fragile place of the cathedral. Dry columns were installed according to Figaro article of 24/04 but the flow was insufficient because less than 200 to 500 liters of water / minute so that firefighters have lost time. Is it a leakage fault but the columns are checked every year? Why trials have not been done before?
= = = = = =

Another comment, Translation

for my part, this monument deserves to be respected as a historical monument, and therefore “restored” with the laws that exist in our country. 1) There is no reason to change the constructive principle, which has been proven for 8 centuries. This building has a balance between masonry (porters, buttresses, warheads, towers, counterweights, etc.) and the frame.This is not a rigid system.2) Nothing proves that this fire is accidental, or criminal ( we are going to say that it is at 50%.) So in the case where this fire is criminal, it would be absurd to realize a metal framework that would hold much less fire and that would do enormous damage in case of firePS: I speaks as a Technical Control Office engineer, having worked on sites of Big Historical Monuments, some of which after a fire.


Another comment Translation:

A calculation “to the big” concludes that this formidable antenna that constituted the arrow, locking the electric fields of the mobile telephony (not counted those of the neighboring police pref) underwent an induced current going to about 2 A / mm ² (Champs = legal limit 60 V / m, arrow dimensions according to Wikipedia, resistivity according to Wikipedia) Going further, the power dissipation is 20% of that allowed in an electrical conductor.) But the lead melts at 350 ° (Env), the copper at 1000 ° (approx). What about dissipation? . With copper statues, they were bypassing the current, in their absence ???

= = = = = = =

One of the first comments, a few days ago:

So what about Notre Dame? … As it is very well diagnosed: no possibility of starting accidental fire considering part of the resistance of the oak, on the other hand the departure in the heart of the arrow .. natural chimney … but without any critical installation.
By the way, will they look for traces of sodium and magnesium? because several things leave me puzzled:
1. very dense white smoke,
2. Increasing fire with water spray by firefighters as if the water fed it,
3. start from the arrow with symmetrical extension.

No it is not being a conspirator, it is being rational and waiting for scientific proof that the combination of the three key factors does not form three indirect proofs in competitions that ….

For memory
He had managed to put some opponents “in the pocket” with the degradation of the Arc de Triomphe (left unprotected).
He managed to put some opponents “in the pocket” thanks to the destruction of the Fields by Benballa Blocks coordinated by the gray helicopter claimed to be one of those of the Gendarmerie (1500 BB present … 0 intercepted – see Challenges 607 )
He had to put himself in the pocket of other opponents by degrading the Sacred Heart. Third oriented symbol.
But the Benballa Blocks and their coordination helicopter had been spotted by UN-sensitive people on the 16th, who had widely informed the actors on the 23rd.
And against all odds this GJ Parade knew neither violence nor degradations … Fortunately for said Sacred Heart. [END]

Some further notes  from a very brief tour around the web:

Geller Report on the Notre Dame Fire – this is an older post which has not been updated but has a bit of info.

Gates of Vienna is most recent, with an interesting piece on how difficult it is to actually set those ancient oak beams on fire. There are often other links to follow.

That link to Gates of Vienna has a further link to a bit tube video that is a must see HERE.

To understand Macron’s hypocrisy in all this please follow this link (from Gates of Vienna) to a video by Maxime Lepante HERE.The author of the video points out that Macron has used his bully pulpit extensively to publicly deride French culture and French art. In London, February 21, 2017, he said: “French art, I have never seen it.” And in Lyon, February 4th that same year, he said, “French culture does not exist.”  Those quotes are precisely in line with Marxist ideology which demands to always assert that there is nothing of value in the countries they are attempting to rule. The same happened in Sweden, and in the United States under Barrack Obama, a Marxist and is also the well-known policy of Pope Bergoglio who consistently denies anything of value in the entire 2,000 years of Christianity until his humbleness began his. “more merciful than Jesus” rule.

On each of those sites, there are often other links to follow. Some may at times be offensive, because that is simply the world we are in, but if you are interested in following the truth about the tragic loss of the Catholic identity of Europe, I am trying to help provide you with links that are otherwise suppressed.

One thing worth noting is that Macron has already forbidden French architects from contradicting the party line that the Notre Dame fire was an accident. LINK.

Soon, the internet will be scrubbed of all content connecting us to the truth about Notre Dame de Paris. I expect my site to be further penalized. And Macron and his narcissist globalist clique will attempt to rebuild Our Lady’s once beautiful shrine into their own trashy image, as the Pope and his clique are busily attempting in the Church. The result will be the same for both. And you, readers, already know what the outcome will be, as we discussed in “The Figure of a Woman

Please forgive the length and many typos, I had to hurry and have no time to edit for brevity.

Thank you for reading. You know that I pray for you always,

†  Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of our hearts, Mother of the Church, do thou offer to the Eternal Father the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for the conversion of poor sinners, especially our Pontiff.

~ by evensong for love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, King.
Vouchsafe that I may praise thee, O Sacred Virgin! Give me strength against thine enemies!

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  1. Traveller says:

    Evensong, a very thoughtful and informative post . This information is going away by the hour. With your permission I will copy this and pass on to family and friends. It might be interesting to see how fast it will disappear or not. If I were French it would make me sick to hear my elected leader say that we have no culture. But maybe they agree with Macron?
    A link to someone else with an opinion on this.

    • evensong says:

      Now, you know I do not allow links. usually, posts with links simply get marked spam so I’m not sure how this slipped through.

      but I was aware of that particular video and will allow for now.

      Thank you for commenting.

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