An intriguing message

A note has been added in red towards the end of this post as of noon 29 September, 2019.

In my last two posts, I had to leave out a significant portion because I was unable to verify the source or reliability for some of the information by the deadline. Today, I’m still unable to substantiate it but still intrigued by it; so let’s approach this another way. For the sake of discussion, let’s just say that I found a pseudonymous  email in my inbox which read as follows:

For decades, Popes have been controlled by blackmail, but eventually, Benedict balked and was coerced to resign by a two pronged approach consisting of threats against the Vatican’s vulnerable financial structure, and threats to reveal personal information to which Benedict is most vulnerable. The resignation and subsequent election of Bergoglio were thus flawed but there is no process established to remedy the situation.

For the same Jesus Christ Who founded the Church reserves to Himself the sole right to rule the Church. He chooses to do this through the Pope, an absolute Monarch and Christ alone will correct the papacy when He chooses. He has given us the remedy through His Blessed Mother, who is, by His intention, Mother of the Church.

Many today believe, “that once a government loses legitimacy, its citizens are no longer subject to it, (…) However, when a tyrant has been sent by God as a chastisement, its citizens are still subject to it. We have seen that “the order whereby the lower are subjected to the higher powers”[28] is implicit in the very power of rulers. Thus, if God has sent a tyrant to chastise a sinful people, the divine order holds that the citizens are subject to the tyrant. Aquinas calls rebellion against this order contrary to virtue.[29]  

I did find out that the foregoing quote is from an article, The Illegitimate State as Chastisement, which appeared in The Josias several years back. There does not appear to be any connection between that article and the author of the email.

The quoted article dealt with civil authority, not ecclesial, and the email – not the article – explained that within the Church, the principle of Divine authority assures that the Pope holds ultimate power, subject only to Christ, the True Head of the Church which leads back to the irreconcilable quandary over the papacy.

The message asserted that the confusion over the legitimacy of the papacy will soon be compounded by the results of the October Synod along with catastrophic (but unnamed) events. Since I have been expecting worldwide financial and political instability as well as some severe chaos in nature, my mind jumped in with some pretty dire forecasts of its own, but the message was not specific.

It did however speak of the coming crisis as Francis uses the Synod to dissolve the institution of the church. I have written of Saint Hildegard’s prophecy and  Bl. Elizabeth Canori-Mora’s. But this message posited a variation on this scenario.  Citing Lenin’s maxim that the best way to defeat the enemy is to become the enemy – in other words, infiltrate and control the enemy from within, the author asserted that, within the Church, the enemy now controls both the progressives and the orthodox and that the traditionals have largely become either orthodox (“conservative”) or left the fight by becoming sedevacantists. 

I note here that this has also been my impression for some time, as I too, believe that those traditional Catholics who have become sedevacantists have left themselves unable to discern when the see becomes truly vacant as it will be in time.

But I was unprepared for the next assertion, that Opus Dei is working to call attention to the corruptions, bolster support for their own candidates – apparently, there are several – and achieve their goal of a pope of their own devising.

My impression is that the intent of the message was to demonstrate that my writings here are wrong, or at least, incomplete. Perhaps the author is right. It is self-evident that writing a blog post certainly does not make one infallible, although many bloggers proceed as if that were the case. Luckily, I’ve raised a large family who never miss an opportunity to remind me of my very fallible nature. And for this blessing, I thank God always!

The message, as it stands is not credible; it makes no attempt to document its sources. However, Opus Dei is very wealthy and very powerful and controls much of the Catholic media. Perhaps the writer was simply playing to my own, well-known opinions in order to mislead me. For now, I merely post this in case readers may know of information to either substantiate or debunk it.

NOTE: Thanks to a reader, this morning’s mail brought a link for more information regarding Archbishop Viganò and Opus Dei here.

Another source has promised more information. At present, my health does not allow me to do much more, but I do promise to simply pass on whatever I find out. In the interim, it looks as though Randy Engel has done the most significant work on this. I believe she posts at the site linked in the previous paragraph.

I seem to have wandered into uncharted territory here and hope I have not erred in posting this. But it did arouse my curiosity – which is actually, when you think on it, the way most us are led astray, isn’t it? Ah well . . .

Tomorrow we shall honor the great Archangel Michael to whom we pray to save us from Satan and his wiles. And so we turn to him to guide us through the diabolical confusions of this time of apostasy and lead us safely to do God’s will.

Thank you for reading. I pray for you always,

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†  Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of our hearts, Mother of the Church, do thou offer to the Eternal Father the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for the conversion of poor sinners, especially our Pontiff.