A Jesuit Martyr of the Amazon?


Recently, the Priestly Society of St. Pius X featured an intriguing article The Pseudo-Martyrs of the Synod on the Amazon“. I began to wonder about the photographs and decided to dig a bit further. What I discovered was something so strange I have not yet processed it. The following links will bring you to some “You tube “videos on the men, both affiliated with the Jesuit order, who went into the Amazon and “went native”. I could not help but recall the headline which Rorate Caeli used when reporting on the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, “The Horror!” (quote from Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”. In hindsight we note the prescience of that headline. This is why I continue to refer to the recent Synod as the Synod of Darkness.

The following videos of Brazilian Jesuit “missionary” named Vicente Cañas, who went native and renamed himself Kiwxi. Then died. Then resurrected by REPAM as a martyr. REPAM: The videos are not in English, so you’ll have to use a translator for the close captions. 

For these videos to make sense, it is best to read the SSPX article cited at the start.

Please be warned: One reader who reviewed the videos advised that she perceived strong satanic undercurrent in them in portions of the ceremonies. She is quite experienced in such things and I agreed to this warning.

The man on the left is a Jesuit “Missionary”


Meet Father Thomas Lisboa, S.J.


The last video, just above, is I hope, but am not certain, a counter to the above two, in order to provide a balance.

I have not taken time to translate much but the description on You Tube of the first video states:

Red Eclesial PanAmazónica – REPAM

Capítulo II de la serie documental “La Vida por la Amazonía” Conozoca la vida de Vicente Cañas -Kiwxi- a través de las voces de quienes lo conocieron y junto a quienes contruyó su camino de conversión y lucha por los derechos de las tribus amazónicas en Brasil.

Translated: Chapter II of the documentary series “Life for the Amazon” Knows the life of Vicente Cañas -Kiwxi- through the voices of those who knew him and together with those who built his way of conversion and fighting for the rights of the Amazonian tribes in Brazil.

here is a screenshot from the You Tube page:

Capítulo II de la serie documental “La Vida por la Amazonía” Conozoca la vida de Vicente Cañas -Kiwxi- a través de las voces de quienes lo conocieron y junto a quienes contruyó su camino de conversión y lucha por los derechos de las tribus amazónicas en Brasil.

One commenter objected to the first video and I translated the remarks:

Dice: “olvidarse de llevar el crucifijo y la Biblia para descubrir con ellos el Evangelio inedito y el cristo que vive en ellos”!!! … ¿y donde queda el “id al mundo entero y anunciad el Evangelio, predicad y Bautizar!!!? Es un ERROR ABSOLUTO, UN ENGAÑO MAYUSCULO que lleva a la apostasia, a abrazar las costumbres paganas, y a olvidarse de Cristo. ¿Puede aprobar Dios tales cosas? ….

Trans: He says: “forget about carrying the crucifix and the Bible to discover with them the unpublished Gospel and the Christ who lives in them “!!! … and where is the “go to the whole world and announce the Gospel, preach and Baptize!!!? It is an ABSOLUTE ERROR, A CAPITAL DECEIT that leads to apostasy, to embrace pagan customs, and forget about Christ. Can God approve of such things? ….

But the best commentary on this hideous atrocity is from the original article:

“These witnesses put forward and proposed as models for the synod—and the whole Church—confirm in all respects the blindness that has stricken current missionaries, unfaithful to the mission of Christ. The supernatural has totally disappeared; the life of divine grace has been expelled; the future is earth bound. All activity is purely natural; it could as well be accomplished by a humanitarian association, or integrated into a UN program. By being kept in their false beliefs, in their pantheistic and idolatrous conceptions, not to speak of their moral depravity, the indigenous populations are in reality the object of a deep contempt. Under the guise of protecting their way of life, they are being artificially kept in their darkness, to the point of concealing from them the full light of revealed truth and the way of eternal salvation.”

Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary must be made.

Reparation . Reparation . Reparation.

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