Hard Lessons


Note: The picture above is some Catholics who have mustered the courage to proclaim the truth; we cannot escape the Cross if we are worthy to be called Christians.  And we cannot expect to combat the enemy in a safe place, free to express ourselves, with no risks. The first Pope learned this as did many of his successors.

“And He said to all: If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” (Luke 9, 23)

Hard times teach us the hard lessons. Thanks be to God for hard lessons! What I’ve learned from the Munich debacle is that the public display of traditional Catholic devotion has now been replaced by the post-Christian “moment (or hour) of silence”.  And that this silencing of the true Catholic message is acceptable to traditional Catholics. As the full significance of this dawned on me, I began to see that traditional Catholicism is in danger today of losing its heart – the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

For more than a century now, the Church has betrayed Our Lady’s message at Fatima. Since we have been made aware that this devotion to the Immaculata is the last chance, and since leaders, even lay leaders are aware of what is at stake and still seem to believe that other considerations override the importance of the message of Fatima, we must redouble our efforts to bring grace into this situation by offering – and living! – our Consecrations and by offering ever more attentive prayers, especially Rosaries, and especially for our lay Catholic leaders, who need grace along with our priests, under such great stress today.

Instead of bemoaning this absurdity let’s instead work harder to become more effective in our devotions to Our Lady and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, especially by Eucharistic Holy Hours and the Rosary. With our Rosaries, we can bring our lay leaders, as well as our besieged priests much needed grace and perhaps heal the divisions in our traditional Catholic faithful.


The Passion of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

This is the Passion of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of God and mediatrix of grace. It is to be expected that the worldly respond to her message in the same manner they treated Our Lord Himself, in the requests of His Sacred Heart. For these two hearts are united and she will not have it otherwise! The Mother of Him who called us to take up our crosses and follow Him, is not indifferent to this command. Let’s take advantage of her example in the Purification to seek her guidance in following her in this, the Passion of her Immaculate Heart.

She leads us, as she is meant to do, in humility, purity, and obedience. And we follow, undeterred by the feigned indifference and outright animosity of those who claim to be, and should be, her servants. This time of winnowing is also a time most profitable for loyal hearts, and much is gained by those faithful hearts unknown by the world, foregoing the clamour of the fake news of the false traditionals.

In an earlier article we asked:

Where now?

This is the time in which many false leaders will abound. A time of increasing darkness and confusion. In a better time, which seems so long ago, we knew that Jesus is, as He proclaimed, “the Way, the Truth and the Life”, and that Mary is the Gate which leads to Him.

Can we find that Gate again?

On our page, “The Message of Fatima”, we quoted Sister Lucia:

“God always, before He is about to chastise the world, exhausts all other remedies. Now, when He sees that the world pays no attention whatsoever, then as we say in our imperfect manner of speaking, He offers us with certain fear the last means of salvation, His Most Holy Mother. It is with certain fear because if you despise and repulse this ultimate means, we will not have any more forgiveness from Heaven, because we will have committed a sin which the Gospel calls the sin against the Holy Ghost. This sin consists of openly rejecting, with full knowledge and consent, the salvation which He offers.”

It should be fairly obvious by now, after 102 years of disobedience culminating in the horrendous scandal of what some have called the Pachamama Synod, that we have entered into the state of “openly rejecting with full knowledge and consent, the salvation which has been offered us” by our Eternal Father’s providence.”

In that same article we discussed the idolatry of the Pachamama Synod, but now it is clear that few Catholics will adequately commit to devoting themselves to reparation for the horrendous offense to God and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Rather than dwell on this, let’s renew our efforts to make reparation. Only by this reparation will this be remedied. Sin abounds to such an extent that only her pure heart can protect us from satan’s power. Without the Mediatrix of Grace we shall only bumble and fail as others are doing, drawing upon us even worse destruction.

Who will lead us out of the crisis? It will never be one who is not an Apostle of the Immaculata. As Our Lord Himself has said, “It has been given to her.” But grace has fled. Even faithful Catholics no longer understand that the most perfect purity of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is our protection, and without her, in this reign of darkness, there can be no sufficient light to discern the true path. Those who are not totally consecrated to Our Lord Jesus Christ, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be unable to discern the true path forward. They will be misled and they will cause others to be misled. They will follow the Kings of France into destruction.

The worst calamity of all is to have to live under the reign of those totally devoted to the ancient enemy. If God allows this, and this is most likely, you will be unable to pray, you will have hell on earth

And yet we have a most merciful Mother, who weeps for her children, and begs them to allow her to help. Yet, they will not listen. How long has our dear Lord awaited our devotion to His Sacred Heart? How long will He wait while His Mother’s loving heart is spurned?

And yet, they still will not listen.

Perhaps another can express this better. And then, perhaps they might listen.

I leave you with this video of a Rosary Procession – lest we forget.

Regardless of one’s sentiments towards the Society of St. Pius X, these public demonstrations of true Catholic Faith are so important.

NOTE: I hope that soon I’ll have our Newsletter ready for those who find my articles helpful. I hope that the newsletter will be a simpler way to a more personal correspondence with you. The blog will remain online as a resource and I will try, God willing, to keep it updated and repost seasonal articles as appropriate.

Thank you for reading! I pray for you always! Please pray for priests!

Remember – Our Lady needs us to obey:  First Saturdays of Reparation, daily rosary, at least 5 mysteries, wear her brown scapular and live your Total Consecration to her Immaculate Heart, offering daily duties in reparation and for the conversion of poor sinners.

†  Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of our hearts, Mother of the Church, do thou offer to the Eternal Father the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for the conversion of poor sinners, especially our Pontiff.
†  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy kingdom come! Viva Cristo Rey!
†  St. Joseph, protect us, protect our families, protect our priests.
†  St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

~ by evensong for love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, King.
Vouchsafe that I may praise thee, O Sacred Virgin! Give me strength against thine enemies!

7 thoughts on “Hard Lessons

  1. jose guadalupe rodriguez says:

    Certainly we, lay Catholics, need the guidance of true shepherds.
    Before Second Vatican Council we had reliable and true shepherds guiding the lay faithful. After this evil council, not any more.
    What we have today is a bunch of churchmen afraid to speak up in public and diabolically disoriented.
    Thus, Cardinal Burke furiously defends his “friendship” with the “Supreme Shepherd of the Church”.
    Cardinal Sarah yells to the world his “filial obedience” to pope Francis.
    Bishop Schneider, with his long writings, hides the main issue in the midst of too much info… exactly as Francis did in amoris letizia, etc.
    To this date, I haven’t seen a single catholic shepherd willing to be crucified for love of Christ the King.
    Perhaps in a not too distant future we’ll see some of these blind shepherds offering the ultimate sacrifice.
    As the mexican Cristeros did:
    Ante el peloton de fusilamiento y con los brazos en cruz, un fuerte grito elevaban desde lo mas profundo del corazon: VIVA CRISTO REY Y FUEGO!

  2. Borromeo says:

    I am a devoted longtime reader of yours. I noted your reference to “the Newsletter” hopefully forthcoming soon. I would consider it a privilege to receive your newsletter regularly and hope that you will include me in the email list of recipients.

    Thank you.

    In Christ,

  3. Andrew Magoffin says:

    Beautiful. It is true – only Our Lady of the Rosary can help us now.

    “Thou alone, O Mary, hast destroyed all heresies.”

    “Deign to let me praise thee, Virgin most sacred — give me strength against thy enemies.”

    • evensong says:

      Andrew, Rorate has a very good response to this – it gives the reasons for the silence and deliberately small number of select (invitation only) demonstrators.

      Dr. De Mattei: “in Europe we are living in a regime where there isn’t complete freedom of thought or expression. A pro-family, German leader informed us in Munich that for two years he had had to interrupt their public demonstration as each time there was a counter-demonstration. Also in Italy every public event of a strong nature against the political or ecclesiastical establishment runs a lot of risks.”

      I understand now! They don’t have complete freedom – if only they had complete freedom, as did Catholics in the Vendée and the Cristeros in Mexico, we’d have seen such courage and devotion to the Immaculata and Christ the King! But in Munich, there were “a lot of risks”.

      And so we have a risk-free demonstration that is permissible by the worldly authorities.

      Now, that’s inspiring!

      • jose guadalupe rodriguez says:

        Dear Evensong.
        Speaking about silence protest, either in Rome or in Munich, we remember that Paul confronted “to the face” Peter and corrected him in public. (Galatians 2: 11-14)
        This courageous act teaches us some good things. Father Nicholas Gruner in his book Crucial Truths to Save your Soul said:
        “This was a marvelous example of true loyalty to Saint Peter and to the papacy. All those who had gone along with Peter in “respectful silence”, or whatever you want to call it, had not done any service either to him or to the Church.”

        • evensong says:

          Jose, some young Catholics have held a Rosary Vigil outside the Frankfurt Cathedral- they prayed the rosary together and aloud and sang songs. One of the faithful held up a picture of Blessed Catherine Emmerich Another carried a statue of Our Lady of Fatima. According to one source, this group of young Catholics prayed to Our Lady for the Catholic Church, for the conversion of her enemies, and for the “preservation of the traditional faith.”

          Markus Roth, one of the organizers, stated that the young Catholics wanted, “to give Our Lady the honour she deserves and to pray for the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We think that it’s our duty to give a public sign to our bishops and to the Church that the actual synodal process is not representative of German Catholicism. Many Catholics here suffer under the ambitions to liberalize the doctrine and discipline of our Church. We know that many bishops are afraid to speak up in public for the defense of the truth. To them we would like to say: The Catholic laity needs your guidance! We pray for you with all our heart that you’ll be true shepherds to your flock. We received the Faith through the successors of the apostles, now help us to remain faithful! With the prayer of the holy Rosary we also expressed our deep confidence in the power of Our Lady. We’re not afraid of the future and the things to come. We know that her Immaculate Heart will triumph. We want to preserve the traditional Faith, we want to live and die Catholic!

          Additionally, the faithful have openly organized many hours of Eucharistic adoration in a side chapel of the Frankfurt Cathedral.

          Now, this is encouraging, isn’t it!
          For the triumph of the Immaculata!

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