The Schellnhuber Encyclical

“I believe that three children per family, from what the experts say, is the key number for sustaining the population. The key word here is responsible parenthood and each person works out how to exercise this with the help of their pastor… Sorry, some people think that in order to be good Catholics we have to breed like rabbits, right? (Pope Francis, Jan, 2015)

The materialism in the above quote  prepared us well for this encyclical. We were already braced for it but still …

Since one picture is worth a thousand words, Rorate Caeli offer us this word cloud from the encyclical:

Word Cloud from Laudato Si by Rorate Caeli
Can you find Jesus in the Pope’s Encyclical?


Chris Ferrara’s review of the encyclical expressed it well, the rest is is at Lifesite News:

The Church’s role in LS (Laudato Si) is that of a provider of polite, non-religious suggestions about what men and nations should do, with Francis even posing the question: “Why insert in this document, addressed to all persons of good will, a chapter related to the convictions of faith?” That Francis views “the convictions of faith” as an “insertion” into a papal encyclical is a rather telling indication of the state into which the Church has fallen.

This approach is in stark contrast to the social encyclicals of former Popes, which resoundingly affirmed the indispensable role of the Church and the Gospel in preserving civilization. For example, as Pius XI declared in his landmark encyclicals:

“Wherefore,” to use the words of Our Predecessor [Leo XIII], “if human society is to be healed, only a return to Christian life and institutions will heal it.” For this alone can provide effective remedy for that excessive care for passing things that is the origin of all vices; and this alone can draw away men’s eyes, fascinated by and wholly fixed on the changing things of the world, and raise them toward Heaven. Who would deny that human society is in most urgent need of this cure now? (Quadragesimo anno [1931], n. 129)”

Ferrara noted that the final eight  pages of the (184 page) document were Catholic. In them, the Pope condemned abortion, rejected gender theory, and defended the family and the right to private property.

Mr. Ferrara took it as positive that Pope Francis’s encyclical had in it,

“No trace of the population control agenda, but on the contrary a rejection of Malthusianism: “demographic growth is fully compatible with an integral and solidaristic development” (¶ 50).”

On the face of it, that does sound positive, but with Francis as with all politicians, it is more important to observe his deeds.  Pope Francis chose Dr. Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber to participate in the roll-out of the encyclical and has also just appointed him to the Pontifical Academy of Science. Hyped by the media as the world’s leading authority on climate change, Schellnhuber is noted for stating that the world is overpopulated by about 6 billion people. So there is a big contradiction between the Pope’s words against population control and his actions in support of Schellnhuber’s agenda. 

John Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews and co-founder of  Voice of the Family, commented “Professor Schellnhuber is an advocate of the establishment of a supreme global government that would have the power to take action to resolve the perceived environmental crisis, which in his view requires population reduction. In this context the references in the encyclical to the need for a ‘world political authority’, which should have the power to ‘sanction’, is deeply troubling.”

In November 2015 the Pontifical Academy of Science will be holding workshops to discuss how to use “children as agents of change”. The program involves strategising on how to deploy children to advance the environmental agenda worldwide. Such efforts seem to be endorsed by the encyclical in paragraphs 209-215. Some of those involved in the workshops, such as Jeffrey Sachs, are among the most vehement promoters of contraception and even abortion as necessary elements of population control.

Even as some gullible Catholic experts are solemnly asserting the infallibility of this encyclical (see here) we can judge it by its fruits. Already President Obama, that exemplary defender of Catholic dogma, is touting the encyclical to world leaders:

“I welcome His Holiness Pope Francis’s encyclical, and deeply admire the Pope’s decision to make the case – clearly, powerfully, and with the full moral authority of his position – for action on global climate change,” he said. “As we prepare for global climate negotiations in Paris this December, it is my hope that all world leaders and all God’s children will reflect on Pope Francis’s call to come together to care for our common home.”

There is much more to say on this wordy encyclical, but enough already! Time for prayers. The countdown for the Final Synod continues apace.

Our Lady of Fatima intercede for us and for the Church!