Divine Mercy Chaplet and Rosary

Recent comment on our last post on Divine Mercy devotion (here):

“I pray the Rosary every day. I found that the divine mercy is a calming prayer when I feel too much sorrows and pains in my soul, and cant bear anymore. I see the image as reflecting Jesus after his side was pierced and all his blood and water came out. This is an important moment. For me it has a special private meaning, which I might share with you one day… anyway, I guess each one has his own way to be devoted.”


We are agreed that the repetitiveness of the Divine Mercy Chaplet is soothing. That seems to be the consensus of most who pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. My point is that the Chaplet omits much that is necessary for our true spiritual nourishment. There is simply so much more sustenance in the Rosary!

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