A Miracle for Thomas

Flesh and Blood, truly risen, Alleluia!

“Bring hither thy hand and put it into My side, and be not faithless, but believing.”


In today’s Gospel, we read of “Doubting Thomas”. When Jesus rose from the tomb, He passed through the great stone which had been placed before it. Only afterward was the stone rolled back by the Angel  in order that His followers might see the truth – that the Lord is truly risen! That evening, Jesus passed through the doors of the Upper Room and appeared in the midst of the Apostles. demonstrating to them that He was truly risen in living flesh, showing them His hands and feet.

Now Thomas was not present at this remarkable event and doubted very much.  “Except I shall see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the place of the nails, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe.” And so here we are, eight days later, in the same Upper Room, doors again closed “for fear of the Jews”, but this time, Thomas is with them.

Again, Jesus passed through the closed doors and appeared in their midst.  After bidding them “Peace”, Our Lord generously said to the Doubter,  “Put in thy finger hither, and see My hands, and bring hither thy hand and put it into My side, and be not faithless, but believing.”  Thomas answered, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus replied, “Because thou hast seen Me, Thomas, thou hast believed; blessed are they that have not seen and have believed.”

Thus, we celebrate today  the Octave of the Resurrection, the fact of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ in living flesh and blood. This fact of the living flesh of Jesus Christ is a stumbling block to the Modernists who now occupy the Church.  To these usurpers of the faith and those who blindly stumble after them, we offer the following words of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque regarding devotion to the  fact of the Resurrected Body and Blood of Christ, that is devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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Divine Mercy Chaplet and Rosary

Recent comment on our last post on Divine Mercy devotion (here):

“I pray the Rosary every day. I found that the divine mercy is a calming prayer when I feel too much sorrows and pains in my soul, and cant bear anymore. I see the image as reflecting Jesus after his side was pierced and all his blood and water came out. This is an important moment. For me it has a special private meaning, which I might share with you one day… anyway, I guess each one has his own way to be devoted.”


We are agreed that the repetitiveness of the Divine Mercy Chaplet is soothing. That seems to be the consensus of most who pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. My point is that the Chaplet omits much that is necessary for our true spiritual nourishment. There is simply so much more sustenance in the Rosary!

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Divine Mercy and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

From time to time, new readers search my archives and discover old posts they had not been aware of. This is a mixed blessing. While some contact me to let me know they are delighted, slightly more often, readers are puzzled or even put off entirely. One particularly contentious subject has been my adamant dismissal of devotion to “the Divine Mercy”. This has caused some readers to reject my writing entirely and while it is a shame to lose a friend, for such my readers are, it cannot be helped.

However, since an explanation has been requested, here is a brief note.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy Kingdom Come! Thy will be done!
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy Kingdom Come! Thy will be done!

In His approved revelations to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Our Lord specifically asked for devotion to the image of His Sacred Heart.

In the words of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque herself:

“One day, on the Feast of St. John the Evangelist, after Holy Communion, the Heart of Jesus was represented to me as on a throne, formed of fire and flames, shedding rays on every side and brighter than the sun. The wound which He received upon the Cross was clearly visible; a crown of thorns encircled the Sacred Heart, and it was surmounted by a cross.

“Our divine Savior gave me to understand that those instruments of the Passion signified that the source of all His sufferings had been the boundless love of His Heart for men; that all those torments and insults had been placed before Him, from the first moment of His Incarnation; and that the Cross was, so to say, planted in His Heart, from that moment. And then, from that same moment, He accepted all the sorrows and humiliations which His sacred humanity was to suffer during the course of His mortal life, together with all the outrages to which He was to expose Himself to the end of time for the love of mankind by dwelling amongst them in the Blessed Sacrament.”

“My Savior assured me that He took a singular pleasure in seeing the interior sentiments of His Heart honored under the figure of this heart of flesh in the manner in which it had been represented to me, environed with flames, crowned with thorns, and surmounted by a cross.

He said that He wished that this representation should be publicly exposed in order to touch the insensible hearts of men.

“He promised me, at the same time, that He would shed in abundance the treasures of graces with which His Heart is filled upon the hearts of those who honored Him; and that, wherever this image should be exposed for particular veneration, it should draw down upon the spot every kind of blessing.”

After having so poignantly requested devotion to this Sacred Image of His Heart, why would He then return and ask for devotion to an image of Him which omits His Heart?

Vilnius Image of Divine Mercy

Our Lord Jesus Christ explained to Sister Lucia of Fatima that He desires to see devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary placed alongside of devotion to His Most Sacred Heart. Yet today, many believe that after telling Sister Lucia that, He then appeared to Sister Faustina and demanded devotion to an image (supposedly of Him)  without the heart. What happened to make Our Lord decide to contradict His own words asking for the image of His Heart to be honored?

Our Lord said clearly that He intended that the image of His Heart be displayed so that it would “Touch the insensible hearts of men”. When, precisely, did Our Lord rescind that request in His apparitions to Sister Faustina? Until someone provides proof that my Lord Jesus Christ no longer requires devotion to the image of His Sacred Heart, I will honor Him in the way that He has already, over many centuries, requested and approved of with so many miracles.

How is eliminating the image of the Sacred Heart an improvement? Why is it more edifying to remove the image of Our Lord’s Most Sacred Heart?

It seems to me that this strange heartless devotion fits in very well with the rest of the conciliar changes that have denuded the Church of its beauty and grace. I believe that it hurts Our Lord very much for us to forsake the cherished and proven devotion to the Image of His Sacred Heart, which yielded so much beautiful spiritual fruit, so many saints, so many martyrs for this empty, asinine image.

Can you imagine the brave martyrs of the Vendee placing that strange image on their breasts to inspire them as they defend the Faith with their lives? How ludicrous!

Immaculate Heart of Mary
Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Mother, Pray for Us Now and at the Hour of Our Death. Amen.

I cannot give you some deep theological discourse, only my simple, very practical explanation that the Divine Mercy devotion does not seem, to me, to be any improvement, to offer any additional edification over the current Sacred and Immaculate Hearts devotions which have given us such a profusion of graces and numerous saints and martyrs. Time is short, for me, every minute counts, and I cannot waste my time on what is at best, a doubtfully beneficial devotion.

Please understand that I am not casting aspersions on Sister Faustina, nor am I denying that others seem to have benefitted from the Divine Mercy devotion. That is for the experts and today, everyone who has a blog seems to feel certain that they are not just experts, but better qualified experts than everyone else. I only share my own impressions, and that is that the Divine Mercy devotion is a poor substitute, an obstacle really, to my devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Joseph and the Holy Family. Those beautiful devotions are so ingrained in me that no one who knows me can picture me without them. If you find the Divine Mercy devotion helpful, please do not let me scandalize you!

But I will still have to say, why do you pray the Chaplet, when Our Lady asked us for Rosaries? Why do you revere this strange image of Jesus, without His Sacred Heart, without the thorns, without the flames, without the cross? How is that better for you? And do you not see how now, Pope Francis is making use of this same “mercy” which is not the Sacred Heart’s mercy, to change the Church, to lead it away from true mercy, which is always based on Divine Justice? If you doubt me, read closely the words of Our Lord to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, which show the basis of mercy is justice.

To those who ask me to cite references, please look it up for yourself. Please do not think me rude.  I have learned that any reader can easily ask a question, it takes just a moment of their time, but then I must spend hours, sometimes days, researching, tracking down what they ask for. So, look it up.

The Sacred Heart devotion is a rich source of true Catholic dogma of the faith. I have seen nothing comparable in D. M. devotion. It was forced through by John Paul II. Who kissed the Koran. Who gave us Assisi. Who added on mysteries to Our Lady’s rosary which she did not ask for while ignoring what she did ask for.

One thing we do not have is time; we must make the best use of what time we have. Please – Pray the Rosary for love of the  Immaculate Heart of Mary!

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I implore that I may ever love Thee, more and more.

This post updated 10 February, 2017.


~ by evensong for love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, our King!

Vouchsafe that I may praise thee, O Sacred Virgin, give me strength against thine enemies.