Who Killed Father Hamel?

This Tuesday past, an elderly priest, Father Jaques Hamel, was the first to usher in the age of islamic triumph that the current Pope has been inviting by his actions and rhetoric since the start of his pontificate. In this, he is perfectly in line with the example of his predecessor John Paul II whom he recently canonized. The elderly priest had his throat slit in ritual islamic fashion, while being forced to kneel before the altar where he was offering Mass. 

They are at war, whether we are, or not.
They are at war, whether we are, or not.

Only the most obtuse would fail to see that islam is at war with the West and especially with the Catholic Church. Ever since Pope John Paul II kissed the Quran, the leaders of the Church have done all in their power to assure muslims that the Church will never even hint at the truth. Even after the brazen murder of an innocent Catholic priest during Mass, Pope Francis refuses to speak the truth (source) and thus fails to protect his flock. 

This latest but most symbolic attack did not come about as an entirely unpredictable event. There have been several attacks, such as the Charlie Hebdo (Jan. 2015) and the Bataclan (Nov. 2015) and the Bastille Day massacre most recently. What has been the French response?

After the Charlie Hebdo attack, the French Ministry of defense launched the Sentinelle Organization. Its mandate: “to protect the French people and provide security in support of the Internal Security Forces at the most sensitive locations in Paris and in the provinces.” Sounds pretty good, right?

On the night of November 13, 2015, six armed members of this elite military group stood at the entrance of the Bataclan during the concert. Yet they took no action, even as the carnage continued. There was certainly much noise from the ongoing gunshots and screams of the victims. Yet these elite forces remained impassive, unresponsive at the entrance. (source and source). 

Why?  Because their rules of engagement did not permit it. These men were trained and armed and they outnumbered the attackers, yet did not engage because their rules did not “allow” them to. … Fascinating, isn’t it?

And now, let’s look at last Tuesday’s ritual murder, that quintessentially islamic event. To slit the throat of a fragile, elderly priest in the midst of offering worship presents a powerful symbol of the strength and determination of their religion doesn’t it? You can easily see the logic in their actions, once you descend to their level. 

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