Hegelian Third Way Update

Would you like to retain the Blessed Sacrament in your own home, in order to have Eucharistic Adoration at your convenience? Are you a faithful Catholic, adhering to all the commands of the faith, completely committed to living a life consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, observing the faith meticulously?

Well, that lets you out, chump! That honor and privilege is only for those on the proposed Third Way, the Ordo Penitentium. Read on…

Jesus, sweet prisoner of love! I adore Thee in the Blessed Sacrament.
Jesus, sweet prisoner of love! I adore Thee in the Blessed Sacrament.

Sandro Magister has posted another article by the French Dominican theologian Thomas Michelet, fancifully entitled, “The Synod. The Preparatory Document’s Arabian Phoenix”. In his introduction, Magister remarks about the Ordo Penitentium, “Everybody says there is one, what it is nobody knows. It is the “penitential way” to communion for the divorced and remarried.” He is referring to the Arabian Phoenix, Cosi fan tutte.

Michelet begins by noting that the Instrumentum Laboris, in  ¶123 asserts that, “a great number agree that a journey of reconciliation or penance, under the auspices of the local bishop, might be undertaken by those who are divorced and civilly remarried, who find themselves in irreversible situations.” Taking note of the obvious, that there is no factual basis provided for this “great number (who) agree”, Michelet decries the statement’s imprecision and warns that the lack of precision could open the way to a variety of pastoral practices.

“(T)he indefiniteness of the proposal conceals a true and profound dispute that threatens to last for a long time, even in the final proposals of the next synod if there is not greater precision. There would be the risk of a declaration of principle on the doctrinal level that would not be discussed by anyone, but would then open the way to the most highly varied pastoral practices that would in fact involve very different doctrines. After a few years, we would find ourselves facing the fait accompli of these practices and of the doctrinal change that they imply and that they would have brought into common acceptance.

“According to some commentators, there has been a move from the idea of an “all or nothing,” of an immediate admission or a persistent refusal of access for the divorced and remarried to the Eucharist, to what could seem like a “third way”:  the idea of an admission conditional on the completion of a penitential journey, on which everyone finally seems to be in agreement. Great, but concretely, what sort of process would this be? What would be its specific steps? …

Note, the application of Hegelian dialectics; thesis (refusal of access), antithesis (immediate admission) then resolved by the synthesis or “third way”. With the stage set, Michelet then proceeds to his second hypothesis.

“This second hypothesis – that of maintaining the current discipline – is therefore the only one that seems conceivable to us, granting that one wishes to be faithful to the Word of Christ. Does this mean that we are talking about an absolute rejection of any change with respect to the present situation? Not necessarily. Even in fidelity, there is always the possibility of a new development, of a “surprise of the Holy Spirit.”

In this, we see our humble Pontiff’s God of surprises. But wait, it gets better.

“First of all, there are various ways of presenting the matter. Either as a door that is closed and the rejection of any way of salvation, or rather as a pilgrimage in which the one who undertakes a journey of happiness is already on the right path, even if he is not able to conform immediately to all the aspects of life in the Spirit according to the Gospel. This second way of acting, which should be decisively preferred, in fact consists in integrating the law of incrementalism presented by Pope John Paul II in “Familiaris Consortio” no. 84, without creating confusion with its inverse figure, that of incrementalism of the law (which would be the first hypothesis of which we just spoke).

Note the false dichotomy between a closed door, rejecting salvation for the poor sinner who “finds himself” in this deplorable state (seemingly through no fault), and a merciful way of a penitential “pilgrimage, a journey of happiness”. Who could resist!

“Moreover, it remains to be acknowledged that some pastoral practices faithful to this teaching of Pope John Paul II have already been established since that time, demonstrating that they can give good fruits of grace. For example, it has happened that some “divorced and remarried” couples have manifested, in making the decision not to receive communion anymore, such faith and such profound respect for the Eucharist that the bishop has allowed them to keep the real presence in their homes, in order to nourish their journey of conversion through Eucharistic adoration.

In the foregoing paragraph, Michelet states that these people, by “making the decision not to receive communion anymore”, are thereby allowed (by an unnamed bishop) to have the Most Holy Eucharist in their homes. No   mention of turning away from their sinful life, but just because they refrain from unworthy reception of the Eucharist. Amazing! A monstrous sacrilege against the Blessed Sacrament to reward people who refuse to amend their lives. Michelet blithely continues,

“In order to move forward along this line of innovative fidelity defined by Pope John Paul II, we ourselves have made the proposal of an updating of the “ordo pænitentium,” the restoration of this ancient order of penitents of Christian antiquity that long survived in tandem with the current form of the sacrament of penance. This “ordo” could find renewed interest, because it took place over a long period of time and in stages marked by liturgical celebrations. It was considered sacramental right from the stage of the imposition of ashes, not only in the final stage of absolution. It also had the advantage of demonstrating well that the sinner was not excluded from the Church, because he was part of an “ordo,” and was therefore on the contrary urged to nourish himself on the Church’s treasury of graces in listening to the Word of God and participating in its life of prayer. Just as the emergence from the regime of Christendom procured the grace of the rebirth of adult baptism, it could also lead to the rebirth of these orders of penitents in what was most evangelical about them, without reviving, obviously, the excesses that were not connected to their essence. Thus the penitent would have a prophetic mission to accomplish in the Church: that of urging greater respect for the Eucharist and greater consideration of one’s sins.

Note the skillful use of, “the restoration of this ancient order of penitents of Christian antiquity”. That should surely bring in the support of those rigid traditionalists, so intransigent in their taste for the old fashions! Michelet began his article by sounding like a staunch defender of orthodoxy and ends by proposing the sacrilege of giving the Blessed Sacrament to obstinate sinners as a reward for their not receiving Holy Communion sacrilegiously. In what parallel universe is this faithful to the Magisterium? Oh, I forgot, it is “innovative fidelity”!

I leave it to those who are more learned decipher for us the sentence, “Just as the emergence from the regime of Christendom procured the grace of the rebirth of adult baptism, it could also lead to the rebirth of these orders of penitents in what was most evangelical about them, …” Love to hear your thoughts on that!

In 1916, 99 years ago, St. Michael the Archangel taught the shepherd children to make reparation to the Blessed Sacrament. It seemed puzzling at that time, since the most Blessed sacrament was universally throughout the Church adored and glorified. Indeed, in those days, there was no dearth of respectful Eucharistic Adoration in all the world, carried out devoutly by obedient and chaste Catholics. But reparation was needed precisely because at this time, a church of opposition would propose sacrilege in the name of mercy.

If you read this blog regularly, you know by heart the prayer which we call, the Forgotten Prayer of Fatima. Please renew your efforts to pray it and to spread its devotion.

“Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I adore Thee profoundly, and I offer Thee the Most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the same Son Jesus Christ present in the Tabernacles of the world, in reparation for all the sacrileges, outrages, and indifferences by which He Himself is offended. Through the infinite merits of His Most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of Thee the conversion of poor sinners.”

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary, restore the faith!

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!

Joined at the Hip

In yesterday’s post, we spoke of the video message Pope Francis made to a gathering of charismatic ecumenicals on Saturday, May 23. One thing was inadvertently omitted from that post and it directly pertains to today’s post. In his talk to the John17 group, Pope Francis said,

“Dear brothers and sisters, division is a wound in the body of the Church of Christ. And we do not want this wound to remain open. Division is the work of the Father of Lies, the Father of Discord, who does everything possible to keep us divided.”

That was on Saturday. The next day, Sunday, May 24, Cardinal Walter Kasper spoke to a theological gathering in Washington, D.C., and said the following,

“The unity of the church and the unity of humanity are fatefully interwoven today. Therefore, it is our sacred duty … that we do not accept the division between Christians. The divisions within the church are … structures of sin. They thwart God’s plan for salvation. They are deep wounds in the body of Christ and the blame lies … with all sides.”

Cardinal Tagle also spoke to the gathering and he dutifully carried out the Pope’s agenda of warning Catholics against looking at the pre-Vatican II church with nostalgia, and to embrace and live out the council’s sense of openness to the modern world.

“Many people want to witness to Christ in some idealized past that they long for with nostalgia,” he said. “No, we witness to Christ now, here, where we are in our world.”

Kasper called for,  “An ecumenism of love, of encounter, of listening and friendship”. In closing he recalled the remark of Karl Rahner that the council “was only the beginning of a beginning”, then, “With the current pontificate, a new phase of its reception has begun.”

All of the foregoing is simply business as usual, and my purpose in reporting it is to emphasize that the Bergoglio/Kasper Agenda is proceeding with a passionate intensity and speed as never before. We have just about 19 weeks or so and we should, each of us, during this time attempt to alert at least one other Catholic to the danger to our faith, and of course, continue our Fatima program of Rosary, reparation, First Saturdays, and living our total consecration. Each Catholic that you wake up will then add their prayers and reparation and ideally, warn others. If we truly love Our Lady, we can do no less!

Remember, Pray the Rosary and Confound the Devil!


The Unholy Duo Strikes Again

From Rorate Caeli, breaking news of another disturbing move by the unholy duo, Kasper & Marx:

Family Synod: a Very Discreet Meeting of the Reformers in Rome

Jean-Marie Guénois
Le Figaro
May 22, 2015 – 6:24 PM (Paris time), updated at 6:50 PM

On Monday [May 25], European episcopates will debate the welcoming of remarried divorcees and homosexuals in the Church.

The initiative has remained very discreet, indeed secret, but it is important. According to our information, three episcopates — the German, the Swiss, and the French — have gotten together in order to organize, behind closed doors, on Monday, May 25, in Rome, in the premises of the Jesuit Gregorian University, a day of studies centered on the welcoming of remarried divorcees and homosexual persons in the Church. Renowned German theologians will take the floor before a chosen audience of only fifty people. The closing conference will be delivered by Cardinal Reinhard Marx, President of the German Bishops’ Conference. Along with Cardinal Walter Kasper, this influential cardinal — a member of the C9, the Pope’s close council — works actively for a policy of opening of the Catholic Church on these dossiers.

At the Vatican, only a few personalities have received an invitation.

This is beginning to feel like 1968 all over again. I suspect that Pope Francis may be intending to distance himself from the fray, while Kasper & Marx carry the battle on through, presenting the Vatican with a fait accompli. Thus, it gives the Pope a way to sidestep actually promoting these heretical changes, while at the same time the “irreversible changes” become a fact of life.

I am old enough to remember all the hype prior to Pope Paul VI’s issuance of Humane Vitae. In the long delay before the encyclical, there were numerous leaks from anonymous Vatican personages to selected newspapers indicating that the Pope would approve this new scientific breakthrough which would allow “responsible parenting”. While Pope Paul delayed, priests across the world counseled the faithful in the confessionals, “Use your conscience” and of course, almost invariably, Catholics began using birth control. By the time Humane Vitae was released, Catholic practice had changed and contraception was a way of life.

So, the revolutionaries have a record of success with just ignoring the Vatican and putting into effect  the changes they seek, and the rest of the Church falls in behind them. Communion in the hand did so much to degrade belief in the Blessed Sacrament, and it happened the same way, that is, the revolutionaries just began doing it. Now, even when a priest tries to return to the respectful kneeling and receiving on the tongue, there is immense resistance.

Another blogger recently remarked approvingly that Pope Francis has uttered Catholic comments about 40 times in the past few months since the Synod and had not spoken in favor of the pro-homosexual, pro-adultery Kasper Agenda at all. The blogger neglected to note however, the Pontiff’s promotion of Timothy Radcliffe and Juan Barros, Those actions shout volumes much more effectively than a few platitudes.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us

Pray the Rosary and confound the devil!

Viva Cristo Rey!


The Implementation of Kasper’s Agenda

The goal of Pope Bergoglio’s Third Way:  It is already  being done in Germany: communion for the divorced and remarried, tolerance for second marriages, approval of homosexual unions.

Recently, we reported that the revolutionaries who have control of the Church have been using Hegelian dialectics to move the Church irrevocably towards a man made church of the world. They have done this by first, discovering a hitherto unknown “problem”, proposing a radical solution which alarms the mainstream, thus creating a conflict, then instituting (imposing) a “solution” which supposedly “resolves” the conflict. This thesis, antithesis and synthesis is simply standard modus operandi for the anti-Christian governments today and it is not at all surprising the the revolutionary modernists controlling the Church use the same tactics. After all, they serve the same master.

Sandro Magister’s blog, Chiesa has an article exhibiting the result of this whole process, which is evident for all to see in the Church in Germany. Cardinals Kasper and Marx have been industriously working to achieve the fullness of Vatican II ecclesiology in Germany for many years now. Here are a few quotes from Magister’s article. The full article can be found here.

Cardinal Marx stated in February this year, “We are not a subsidiary of Rome. Every episcopal conference is responsible for pastoral care in its own cultural context, and must preach the Gospel in its own original way. We cannot wait for a synod to tell us how we must shape the pastoral care of marriage and the family.”  Marx’s position here is exactly what Hans Kung intended for the modern, post-concilar church, using collegiality to fracture the unity of the Church.

Magister continues:

But now it is Germany’s episcopal conference itself that has set this same concept down in black and white, in its official response – after consulting the “people of God” – to the preparatory questionnaire sent out from Rome in view of the next session of the synod.

When it comes to the question on “how to promote the determination of pastoral guidelines on the level of particular Churches,” the German bishops in fact write:

“Referring to social and cultural differences, some of the responses favour regional agreements on pastoral guidelines at local church level. The basis could also be formed by diocesan discussion processes on the topic of marriage and the family the outcome of which would be discussed with other local churches. This would be conditional on all concerned being willing to engage in a dialogue.”

The formulation is a bit contorted, but the facts speak for themselves. In almost all the dioceses of Germany, sacramental absolution and Eucharistic communion are given to the divorced and remarried, as already made clear by a previous document from the German episcopal conference, approved on June 24, 2014 and proudly exhibited in Rome at last October’s session of the synod on the family:…”

At this point, Magister has the link to the document prepared by the German Bishops’ Conference prior to last October’s Synod: Theologically responsible, pastorally appropriate ways of assisting remarried divorceesAnd to the one they have prepared for the final Synod in October: The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and Contemporary World. Response by the German Bishops’ Conference. Before reading these tedious documents, though, pray to the Holy Ghost for fortitude and wisdom; they are that toxic!

Magister notes, “Not only do the German bishops approve of giving absolution and communion to the divorced and remarried, but they also express the hope that civil second marriages be blessed in church, that Eucharistic communion also be given to non-Catholic spouses, that the goodness of homosexual relationships and same-sex unions be recognized.”

So, this is where the Church is headed. The method for this is the Third Way, or some version thereof, which will be offered, then imposed by our merciful Pontiff in order to reconcile the “crisis” presented by the various episcopal conferences deciding on their own, to jump the gun as the German Bishops have done. We can’t have a schism, therefore we must all jump in and join them in the schism. What a fine example of modernist logic! It is the culmination and fulfillment of Vatican II’s opening to the world. No longer preaching the Gospel, no longer beckoning men to repent and follow Christ. Simply offering sinners a wealth of worldly platitudes (Live and let live, Who am I to judge?) and endless dialogue.

We have a brief window of opportunity between now and the final Synod to pray and fast for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. To her has been given the task of once again crushing the serpent’s head, once again defeating heresy in the Church. Remember her promise:

‘In time, one faith, one baptism, one Church, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic. In eternity, Heaven!’

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of the most holy rosary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death!


  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us, have mercy on the Holy Father! Thy Kingdom come!

  Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us, pray for our priests!

  St. Joseph, protect our families!

  Remember, Pray the Rosary and confound the devil!

~ by evensong for love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


The New Evangelization in Action

At the Parish level, the “New Evangelization” is, in practice, the sledge hammer that Pope Francis is using to effect his irreversible paradigm shift. In this article I will show how it is working out in our diocese. When we moved here eight years ago, we first registered in a novus ordo parish and so we receive the diocesan magazine through that registration. But after some rather disconcerting episodes within that parish, we began attending an indult Traditional Latin Mass at an inner city Novus Ordo parish. Although our sympathies are with the SSPX as the true Remnant of the faith, we are unable to travel to their Chapel very often and so most Sundays have been attending the TLM at that parish. So my observations actually draw from several sources: the Diocesan Magazine, the Quarterly Newsletter of the parish we are registered in and the inner city parish where we attend the TLM most weeks.

The Bishop of our diocese rarely makes waves. He keeps a rather low profile, unlike the Dolans and Cupiches. His predecessor allowed an indult TLM and he gives the impression of tolerating it. That is not so, but is not what we are discussing here. However, since the Bishop has not quite eliminated our TLM, I had not thought much about where he stood on the matters before the Synod. That is, until recently, when, within a few weeks, we received both the Bishop’s Diocesan Magazine, and our old parish’s Newsletter.

First came the Diocesan Magazine which had an article titled “Teaching Children the Importance of Mass”. Here is an informative excerpt, which is quoted from a lay minister:

(He) said there are other everyday parts of life that can be used to teach children about the four-part Order of Mass: the introductory rites, the Liturgy of the Word, the Liturgy of the Eucharist and the concluding rites.

“That can be explained to them as we gather, we tell stories, we share a meal and we are sent forth”, Reilly said.

“The first one they can understand if they can recall visiting someone else’s home. “Someone greets you, which happens here (at church) and we have a meal.”

“The concluding rites can be connected to the goodbyes parents and children say to those whose house they’ve visited, he said.”

This was in the Bishop’s own Magazine, not something independent. “Share a meal”, “have a meal”. Scriptures reduced to telling stories, and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass reduced to sharing a meal among friends. It’s no wonder people slog into Mass dressed for a pool party or barbecue.

Next came the parish newsletter. In it is an article titled, “Focus on Faith, Leaders in the New Evangelization”. The article has a photo of the Bishop with the words, “(Bishop) says Catholics must reach beyond their comfort zone to reach non-active Catholics”. In the article, we read about the Bishop’s initiative to nurture the new evangelization by training lay leaders. He contracted with the Catholic Leadership Institute for a year long Parish Ministry Disciples program. The article then quotes Barbara Eckert, senior leadership consultant with CLI: “We hope that in these parishes, there’ll be a new breath of what it means to be a Catholic. And, along with all that beauty, try to let people know we’re Catholic in a way that’s highly invitational and approachable.”  In case you are wondering what is being recommended to improve the invitational skills of Catholics, the article continues with a contribution from Father X., the Pastor who explained that while his parish may at first glance appear to be a vibrant parish, it has a “deep problem”, with “a lot of brokenness in our parish that we don’t reach out to.” The article went on to describe Father X’s solution to this brokenness:

“We are called to love people ‘where they are’. That means going back to the core of the Gospel. He then illustrated his point with an example that challenged three different parishioners. All three had received  invitations from family members to attend weddings — gay (sic) weddings — and asked Father X if they should attend.

The parishioners saw the invitations as a moral dilemma. Father told them they were actually opportunities to demonstrate the power of the greatest commandment.

Father said he told one of the three, ‘If you want to go to the wedding or not, it’s up to you. But if you stay home and have hostility against your relative, then you are a sinner. If you go to the wedding and you show your love, that is the witness to the Truth.’

“If people believe it’s a sign of acceptance of gay marriage, simply say, ‘No, it’s a sign of love.’ Go to the wedding. Don’t judge. Just love, because love is our greatest testimony. “

Notice that Father X set up a false dichotomy in his narrative; if you do not go to the sinful wedding you have hostility and are a sinner. He presents no choice for lovingly affirming the 2,000 year teaching of the Church. This is the same error promoted by Pope Bergoglio through the Synod.

In the inner city novus ordo parish where we attend the Traditional Mass most Sundays, we have noticed a change which reflects the Bishop’s New Evangelization initiative as well. The Pastor of this parish is known for his reverence towards the Mass, and his insistence on reverence for the Holy Eucharist. It has been his practice during the several years we have attended that on the major holy days, such as Christmas and Easter, to stress that only Catholics who are in a state of grace, that is not in a state of mortal sin, may receive Holy Communion. Usually he announces that there is a priest in the confessional to hear confessions, and several people generally get up and go to confession at that time. Father has also spoken out in favor of the Church’s traditional teachings on marriage. But at his Easter Mass, Father did not mention, for the first time in my memory, the need to be in a state of grace to receive Holy Communion. Father simply noted the larger than normal attendance, with many new faces, and welcomed them to our “worship service” and then, after a moment’s hesitation, he added, “Mass”.

When you consider the above, they show us how Pope Bergoglio is proceeding with his stated “irreversible changes”. Over the past 50 years since Vatican II, the hierarchy has neglected catechising, while placing the emphasis on a generalized and subjective, “Be nice to others”. Consequently, it is not only laymen who are ignorant of their faith, but even priests, Bishops and Cardinals. Thus, our local Bishop can produce a diocesan magazine with such heretical statements as the first quote above, describing the Mass as “telling stories and sharing a meal”.

As others have pointed out, the Kasper Agenda, which Pope Francis has described as “serene theology” does not simply attack the Church’s teaching on marriage, the family and perversions of sexuality. By pushing to admit those living in mortal sin to Holy Communion, it undercuts the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, His greatest gift to us. Thus they are undercutting the very foundation of our faith.

The Pope and his wrecking crew have a much easier time of it now, since Catholics have been taught by their trusted pastors that, A. The Mass is a gathering where we tell stories and have a meal with friends, and B. Christ’s command to love others excludes “judging” them.

The result is that Novus Ordo Catholics feel compelled to welcome active homosexuals and those who are living together without valid Catholic marriage, and “share a meal” with them. Folks, this train left the station a long, long time ago. Barring an act of God, Pope Bergoglio will accomplish his long awaited “irreversible change”.

It is possible that this attempt by Pope Francis to irreversibly change the Faith at the next Synod will trigger the final stage of the Chastisement. The resultant schism may actually jar complacent Catholics from their lethargy and indifference.  And then again, maybe not…

Pray the Rosary and confound the devil!

Our Lady of Fatima, Queen of the most holy Rosary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

“Come Down From the Cross!”

My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?
My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?

“And they that passed by, blasphemed Him, wagging their heads,  And saying: ‘Vah, Thou that destroyest the temple of God, and in three days dost rebuild it: save Thy own self: if Thou be the Son of God, come down from the cross.’ In like manner also the chief priests, with the scribes and ancients, mocking, said: ‘He saved others; Himself He cannot save. If He be the king of Israel, let Him now come down from the cross, and we will believe Him. He trusted in God; let Him now deliver Him if He will have Him; for He said: I am the Son of God.’ ” (Matt. 27, 39-42)

In the great spiritual classic, The Passion of Jesus and Its Hidden Meaning, Father James Groenings, S. J. teaches us that the mocking words with which the scribes and pharisees attacked Christ during His passion are the same words and attitudes modern man  uses to deride the saving message of Christ’s cross. Father Groenings remarks, “To encourage the Redeemer to descend from the cross, they sneeringly add the promise, ‘And we will believe Him’. … What wretched hypocrisy and lying!”

Remarking that the sermon of the cross is to the modern world a foolish scandal, Father Groenings points out that “There might perhaps be no objection to believing in Christ if only He would descend from the cross, if only He would cease to preach, from this pulpit (of the cross) the crucifixion of the flesh and of vicious inclinations. … One would, with pleasure even, tread the path of virtue and of perfection if only Christ would descend from the cross, that is, if the practice of virtue were possible without continued mortification and self-denial.”   St. Gregory the Great assures us that, “It was a greater deed to destroy death through the Resurrection than to preserve life by descending from the cross.” But that point of view is utterly rejected by modernism, which places material comfort and the esteem of the world above all else.

The crucifixion is a scandal to modernism and this has never been so apparent as today, with Pope Francis’ blasphemous “Way of the Cross” which proposes to place superficial inanities on the lips of Our Savior as He trod the Way of the Cross, and then uses the  Eleventh Station, “Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross”, as a pretext to demand the abolition of the death penalty. To juxtapose the sacrificial death of Our Lord Jesus Christ with the execution of murderers is so offensive, and even more so by the supposed Vicar of Christ. But it is totally understandable with the renewed emphasis on stripping from the faith all references to sin, judgement, and hell. If the modern church wants to separate mercy from justice — and it definitely does! — then the crucifixion of Christ becomes just as much a scandal as it was to the pharisees of Christ’s time.

The Faith teaches us that sin is the greatest evil, because it separates us from God. But modernism, in contrast, believes suffering to be the greatest evil and relativizes sin away, thus negating the need for the crucifixion. Indeed, to Pope Francis, the only sinners worthy of condemnation are the faithful Catholics who will not get on board with his whole mercy and tolerance schtick. But oddly enough, that tolerance and mercy only gets extended to those outside the faith, those who have chosen to thumb their noses at the 2,000 year old dogmas and practices of the faith such as the proscription against fornication, adultery and sodomy. Now, if we are to be accepted by our hierarchy as merciful, loving Catholics, we must ignore the crucifixion, which is an anachronism since we are taught by Cardinal Kasper and his ilk that sodomites have gifts to offer us, and we should not only welcome them into our churches, we should invite them to partake of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the unblemished Lamb Who gave His life to free us from sin.

How can this be? I have wondered at this for some time, but it was not until I read the text of Pope Francis’s Way of the Cross that I realized, this can only happen because these people, Bergoglio and Kasper, Marx and Forte and the rest, have lost their faith. The Bergoglio Way of the Cross shows no evidence of the Catholic Faith that we all knew and accepted prior to Vatican II. Please follow the link and read for yourself how pathetic and asinine this “Way of the Cross” is. Then pray for this poor Pope that he open his heart to the Holy Ghost and allow God to bring him to the faith, the one faith by which alone we are saved. 

Pray the Rosary and confound the devil!

Christ and the Antichrist in the Synod

In July, 2013, after just a few short months of the reign of Pope Francis, we published an article by historian Dr. Roberto de Mattei. The whole article can be found here. In order to help us understand the crisis the Church faces under Pope Francis, Professor de Mattei recounted the situation the Church faced in the early 16th century. At that time, the Church was in an extremely weakened state and,

Humanism, with its immoral hedonism, had infected the Roman Curia and even the Pontiffs themselves. Against this corruption there emerged Martin Luther’s Protestant pseudo-reform.” Describing the corruption, Dr. Mattei quotes from papal historian Ludwig von Pastor, “…the mass of abuses…deformed the Roman Curia and nearly the whole Church…”

Dr. de Mattei quoted from Pope Adrian VI’s Address in January, 1523,

“Holy Scripture declares aloud that the sins of the people are the outcome of the sins of the priesthood; therefore, as Chrysostom declares, when our Savior wished to cleanse the city of Jerusalem of its sickness, He went first to the Temple to punish the sins of the priests before those of others, like a good physician who heals a disease at it roots.”

“It is not surprising that the malady has crept down from the head to the members, from the Popes to the hierarchy. We all, prelates and clergy, have gone astray from the right way, and for long there is none that has done good; no, not one. To God, therefore, we must give all the glory and humble ourselves before Him; each one of us must consider how he has fallen and be more ready to judge himself than to be judged by God in the day of His wrath. Therefore, in our name, give promises that we shall use all diligence to reform before all things the Roman Curia, whence, perhaps, all these evils have had their origin; thus healing will begin at the source of sickness. We deem this to be all the more our duty, as the whole world is longing for such reform. … We desire to wield our power not as seeking dominion or means for enriching our kindred, but in order to restore to Christ’s bride, the Church, her former beauty, to give help to the oppressed, to uplift men of virtue and learning, above all, to do all that beseems a good shepherd and a successor of the blessed Peter.”

Dr. de Mattei continues,

“Adrian VI’s words help us to understand how the crisis in the Church today can have its origins in the doctrinal and moral failings of the men of the Church in the half century which followed the Second Vatican Council. The Church is indefectible but her members, even the supreme ecclesiastical authorities, can make mistakes. They should be ready to recognize their faults, including publicly.”

And so, with the historical perspective of the last great crisis the church faced, let us examine the grave situation we now face with the Bergoglio and Kasper agenda for the October Synod. Recently, Alessandro Gnocchi writes within the context of Pope Bergoglio’s openly declared determination to reform the Church “irreversibly”. The following excerpts are from Gnocchi’s recent post for La Riscossa Cristiana, reposted by Rorate Caeli. For the complete article, entitled, “The Next Synod is a Battle between Christ and the Antichrist: On whose side will you stand?”, see here.

"The Next Synod is a Battle between Christ and the Antichrist: On whose side will you stand?" Gnocchi
“The Next Synod is a Battle between Christ and the Antichrist: On whose side will you stand?” Gnocchi

After first pointing out the complicity of what he aptly terms, “cattolichetti”, or catholic-lite (neo-catholics), Gnocchi notes,

“The Church of the last decades has functioned, or rather malfunctioned, by actually anchoring herself to a will to be the friend of Caesar. She has been weak to the point of losing blood on the ground of doctrine and morality. She has shown herself to be aggressive and unsparing in her repression and negation of every legitimate opinion that has the intent of reaffirming the doctrinal and moral truths. The result is to silence those whose intent is to defend her and to give free reign to those whose intent is to destroy her. This methodology is highly praised and is put into practice from the very top down to the parish church.”

 Gnocchi says of the cattolichetti in this situation,

“by persisting in colluding and cooperating with the world, they have dulled their spiritual sense to the point where they are not able to comprehend the gravity of the times in which we live. They take delight in idealistic political plans of action, while what is really going on is a war between Christ and the Antichrist on a scale never seen before, where the survival of the Catholic faith is at stake. I repeat: we are in a battle to preserve the Catholic faith, and all the battles being fought on various fronts, even those that are so important like moral truth, are only the terrain of confrontation in a war that is much deeper, involving metaphysics and religion. The most important thing in play is faith. But faith is preserved whole and intact or it is lost. You cannot preserve just parts of it according to taste or expediency.  …  whatever accommodation, even one that is conceived as done for the good or perhaps using the moth-eaten concept of the “less bad”, represents an accommodation of the faith: a betrayal of Christ in favor of the Antichrist. The world of today does not need a law that is a little less bad than another because, as the lite Catholics say, “it is better to do something, even if it is not perfect, than to do nothing”. We are not fighting a battle to give something less bad to the world, but to remain faithful to Christ and His teaching, and only He can save the world.

Gnocchi concludes,

“This is what has made the Synod on the Family … so dramatic an event and will make the next one even more so. What happened and will happen, will be not only a face-off between two different schools of thought, but the face-off between those who intend to preserve the Catholic faith as a whole and those who want to change it. In a few words, even if we are talking about bishops, cardinals and the Pope and therefore my words may appear to you to be harsh, even there we are dealing with the battle between Christ and the Antichrist. It remains only for us to choose which side to stand on.

As many other Catholics have observed recently, in addition to carrying out the commands of personal sanctity urged by Our Lady of Fatima, we need to know our faith, keep informed on the attacks of our faith, awaken other Catholics to the dangers, and of course, do all with charity, keeping in mind Who it is that we serve.

If we want to save the Church, (and we must, for that is why we are here!) we must make reparation as well as pray for the purging and restoration of the Church. The restoration begins with us.

Pray the rosary and confound the devil!

Viva Cristo Rey!

~ evensong ~

The Chastisement of Impurity – Update

In this blog, we attempt, occasionally successfully, to consider events in the light of the message of the Immaculate Mother of God at Fatima. As we approach the end of the century of Fatima, events topple over each other with dizzying velocity and it becomes impossible to analyze each individually. But four months have now passed since Pope Francis’s  Extraordinary Synod on Marriage and the Family. Enough time, perhaps to look and see what events have resulted from the Synod, or Nod to Sin as some call it.

Pope Francis and Archbishop de Kesel, do you really respect this?
If so, WHY???

The Synod marked the first time in its 2,000 year history that a Vicar of Christ proposed that the Church disregard the clear words of the Gospel in order to push through the pro-homosexual, pro-adultery Kasper agenda. Look at the language which Pope Francis approved in the Synod report:

Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community: are we capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing to them a fraternal space in our communities? Often they wish to encounter a Church that offers them a welcoming home. Are our communities capable of providing that, accepting and valuing their sexual orientation, without compromising Catholic doctrine on the family and matrimony?

“Without denying the moral problems connected to homosexual unions it has to be noted that there are cases in which mutual aid to the point of sacrifice constitutes a precious support in the life of the partners. Furthermore, the Church pays special attention to the children who live with couples of the same sex, emphasizing that the needs and rights of the little ones must always be given priority.”

Now, despite the constant spin of the mainstream Catholic media, such things do have consequences and it is clear that perverters of sexuality and dissenters from Church teaching have been very gratified by the words and actions of Pope Francis. Here is  a sampling from a recent article in Religion News Service. Emphasis is mine and my remarks are in blue.

ROME (RNS) On its 15 previous pilgrimages, the Catholic gay (sic) rights group New Ways Ministry drew maybe two-dozen people to visit holy sites in places like Assisi and Rome.This year, the number of pilgrims unexpectedly doubled to 50. (NOTE: A group of 50 pro-sodomy ‘persons’ is noteworthy but evidently the hundreds and thousands of traditional faithful pilgrims who oppose perversion and adultery is not significant.)

Chalk it up to the so-called Francis Effect, where the pope’s open-arms acceptance is giving new hope to gay and lesbian Catholics who have felt alienated from their church for decades.

What’s been even more surprising is that both New Ways and a similar Catholic LGBT organization in Britain are finding support from the Catholic hierarchy in their efforts to meet the pontiff when they both visit the Vatican on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 18), the start of Lent, the period of penance and fasting preceding Easter.

For example, Archbishop Georg Ganswein, head of the papal household and the top aide to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, responded to New Ways’ request for a papal meet-and-greet by reserving tickets for the group at Francis’ weekly public audience in St. Peter’s Square. Even San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone — point man for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ battle against gay marriage — had written a letter to the Vatican on their behalf.

Moreover, British Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster sent a warm blessing to a group of LGBT Catholics from London who are joining up with New Ways in Rome. “Be assured of my prayers for each and every one of you,” Nichols wrote. “Have a wonderful pilgrimage. God bless you all.” (NOTE: Ganswein and Nichols and even “conservative” Archbishop Cordileone are giving support to the sodomite agenda.)

“I feel that the positive reaction that we have been getting from the hierarchy is due to the welcoming spirit of Pope Francis, who wants to welcome everyone,” said (Sister Jeannine) Gramick, speaking by phone from Assisi, the pilgrims’ last stop before heading to Rome.

“It’s very heartening to people who have felt alienated and rejected for so long, so we are feeling very hopeful.” (NOTE: Efficient use of victim terminology to promote martyr status.)

Now, the group is hoping the Vatican will include them among the list of official pilgrimage groups read aloud at the audience. They’d also love to get close enough to the pope to shake his hand and maybe pose for a picture as he passes through the crowds.

In speaking of the encouragement that Pope Francis has given them, New Ways Ministry reflected, “He even used the English word ‘gay’, something no pope had ever done, as most bishops prefer the more clinical term “homosexual.”  (NOTE: Exactly the point that traditionals have been making and being mocked for.)

A few months later, Francis personally responded to an appeal from a gay Catholic group in Florence, telling them he enjoyed and appreciated their letter and assuring them of his blessing.

Then last month, it emerged Francis met with a transgender person from Spain who had written to the pope — with assistance from his bishop — after feeling rejected by his parish because of his sex-change operation. It was a moving moment for Diego Neria Lejarraga, and many LGBT Catholics.

The article concluded that the “LGBT” community would welcome, “A photo-op or shout-out at Wednesday’s (Ash Wednesday) audience might be one such acknowledgement. “We take the long view,” Gramick said, “and every step is progress.”

And now, comes the not surprising news that the New Ways group with “Sister” Jeannine Gramick was indeed, accorded VIP treatment. From Reuters:

Gay Catholic group gets VIP treatment at Vatican for first time
Reuters By Philip Pullella | Reuters – Wed, 18 Feb, 2015

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – A prominent American Catholic gay rights group was given VIP treatment for the first time at an audience with Pope Francis on Wednesday, a move members saw as a sign of change in the Roman Catholic Church.
“This is a sign of movement that’s due to the Francis effect,” said Sister Jeannine Gramick, co-founder of New Ways Ministry, which ministers to homosexual Catholics and promotes gay rights in the 1.2 billion-member Church.
Gramick and executive director Francis DeBernardo led a pilgrimage of 50 homosexual Catholics to the audience in St. Peter’s Square.
They told Reuters in an interview afterwards that when the group came to Rome on Catholic pilgrimages during the papacies of Francis’s predecessors John Paul and Benedict, “they just ignored us”.
This time, a U.S. bishop (Abp. Cordileone) and a top Vatican official (Abp. Ganswein) backed their request and they sat in a front section with dignitaries and special Catholic groups. As the pope passed, they sang “All Are Welcome,” a hymn symbolizing their desire for a more inclusive Church. … “What this says is that there is movement in our Church, movement to welcome people from the outside closer to the inside,” Gramick said in St. Peter’s Square. … De Bernardo said Catholic gay and lesbian couples and other non-traditional families should be invited to the meeting, known as a synod, to speak to the bishops about their faith and their sexuality.” (Look for that to happen as the Kasper agenda “progresses” through the Church.)

Gramick and De Bernardo affirm that their aberrant lifestyle group is making progress. It is indisputable that they are indeed, progressing, n the same way that cancer “progresses”. This onslaught of impurity in the Church is a direct result of the disobedience of the Pope and Hierarchy to the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. 

The current leadership in the Church is demonstrating its intent for the October Synod. If allowed to go unchallenged, Pope Francis and his Kasper-agenda will institutionalize impurity within the Church. It is encouraging that gradually more and more brave prelates are coming forward to resist the Kasper agenda, and now Cardinal Sarah has joined Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Lenga, Archbishop Hoser, and Bishop Schneider in standing for the faith. We must support them with our daily prayers, especially the Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration and penances.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us, pray for the Church!

Viva Cristo Rey!

~ evensong ~

An Athanasius for Today

Bishop Athanasius Schneider has quite a name to live up to, His baptismal name was Anton, but when he joined the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross of Coimbra, he took the name of St. Athanasius. It makes you wonder if he had a premonition of the battle he was to face in these times. He is now an important part of the Catholic Resistance which is forming to resist the aggressive heresy threatening the Church, joining Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke (here) and Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga (here) and Archbishop Henryk Hoser of Poland (here).

Bishop Schneider is scheduled to make an address in Washington DC this Saturday, but has also recently given an interview with OnePeterFive.com. In answer to Steve Skojec’s request for guidance to the faithful on resisting the errors coming from the highest levels of the Church, Bishop Schneider gave some profound counsel. For the full interview, see Here . Here are a couple of brief excerpts:

We must, at this dangerous time, be courageous in illuminating the truly Gnostic and revolutionary character of the “Kasper agenda,” demonstrating the continuity of the Divine doctrine on marriage and its practice throughout the two thousand years of the history of our Church. We should inspire the faithful with examples of holy husbands, families, children, and teenagers. We should demonstrate, on the one side, the real beauty of a marital, family, or single life in chastity and fidelity. On the other side, we must point to the demonstrated ugliness, unhappiness, and schizophrenia of a life against the divinely-established order.

Bishop Schneider proposed a few practical steps including:

  • Create groups of true Catholics especially of “Catholic families, of ‘domestic churches’, to witness, defend and spread the integral faith and the teaching on family, marriage, and the order of nature”. [Note: this implies that we must be assiduous to know our faith!]
  • Embrace the new media, “take our message to the Internet, publish it on websites, blogs, and social media.”
  • We must “write to the pope, to the bishops, and to the competent dicasteries of the Roman Curia, notifying them of heretical, semi-heretical, or Gnostic pronouncements of ecclesiastical persons or events with such an agenda which are being promoted though ecclesiastical persons or groups”.

Then Bishop Schneider recommends the most important action of all, which is spiritual. A good, solid prayer life is essential for anyone who intends to be effective in this battle. His Excellency reminds us, “the battle we are fighting is against more than ignorance. It is against principalities and powers. It cannot succeed unless we organize a great national and international net of prayer through Eucharistic adoration, pilgrimages, solemn Masses, intercessional and penitential processions with themes such as “The Holiness of Family and Marriage,” “The Call to Chastity,” “The Beauty and Happiness of a Chaste Life,” “The Imitation of Christ in Family Life,” and “Expiation for the Sins Against Family and Marriage.” For the full article, please see OnePeterFive here. [I would add that the daily family rosary is essential, as well.]

Now that the mask is off and Pope Francis and his merry wrecking crew are out in the open with their intentions, the resistance is beginning. At this stage of the Passion of Christ’s Mystical Body we approach  Golgotha. Who will stand with Burke, Schneider, Lenga and Hoser?At a minimum, all those who are devoted to the Sacred Heart,Our Lady of Fatima, and all traditional Catholics will figure out a way to rally behind these brave prelates and form networks to educate and organize a grassroots resistance. We have less than 8 months left until the great “Nod to Sin” in October.

Remember: Pray the Rosary and confound the devil.

~ evensong ~

We, Too, Will Resist

“I will resist”: Burke affirms
February 07, 2015 District of the USA

Some frank answers from Cardinal Burke during a French TV interview that will be broadcasted on Sunday, February 8th.

We present here some extracts of Cardinal Raymond Burke’s comments given during an interview conducted by Lionel Feuerstein, Karine Comazzi, Patrice Brugeres, Nicolas Berthelos and Claire Aubinais for the “13H15 le dimanche” episode of French Television channel, France2.

The complete interview will be broadcasted on Sunday, February 8 on FranceTV.info.

Cardinal Burke: I cannot accept that Communion can be given to a person in an irregular union because it is adultery. On the question of people of the same sex, this has nothing to do with marriage. This is an affliction suffered by some people whereby they are attracted against nature sexually to people of the same sex.

Question: If perchance the pope will persist in this direction, what will you do?
Cardinal Burke: I shall resist, I can do nothing else. There is no doubt that it is a difficult time; this is clear, this is clear.

Question: Painful?
Cardinal Burke: Yes.

Question: Worrisome?
Cardinal Burke: Yes.

Question: In your opinion, can we say today that the Catholic Church as an institution is threatened?
Cardinal Burke: The Lord has assured us, as He has assured St. Peter in the Gospel, that the powers of evil will not prevail, “non praevalebunt” as we say in Latin, that the forces of evil will not have victory over the Church.

Question of the end: Is the Pope still your friend?
Cardinal Burke (with a smile): I would not want to make the pope an enemy for sure. That is fine for now. [from the context: “That is enough for this interview”].

Watch a video 13h15 interview extract [in Italian with French subtitles]

From: SSPX.org.

I have watched the video and am impressed by the Cardinal’s sincerity and obvious pain over this crisis. As Roberto de Mattei pointed out, we have had erring popes before in our 2,000 year history, but now, there are few strong men to defend the ancient dogmas of the faith. Cardinal Burke is bravely coming forward as the single Prelate willing to risk all to defend the faith against this most serious challenge to the faith.

Pray God bless Cardinal Burke and Mary keep him close to her Immaculate Heart!

Viva Cristo Rey!