The Judas Complex and Pope Francis

Odd, isn’t it that Pope Francis has such a tender spot for Judas the betrayer of Christ?  In Monday’s (11/4/2016) homily at Msgr. Ricca’s residence, Pope Francis opined, “It hurts when I read that small passage from the Gospel of Matthew, when Judas, who has repented, goes to the priests and says: ‘I have sinned’ and wants to give … and gives them the coins. ‘Who cares! – they say to him: it’s none of our business!’ They closed their hearts before this poor, repentant man, who did not know what to do. And he went and hanged himself.” (Vatican Radio) [Note: Pope Francis really did call Judas a “poor, repentant man” !]

“…none of them is lost, but the son of perdition…”

To Francis, Judas “repented”, even though Judas never acknowledged his sin to Jesus Christ, who is the One whom he offended. For Francis, Judas’s worldly regret expressed to the “doctors of the law” was sufficient, ignoring Jesus entirely. Odd that this Vicar of Christ seems not to understand that the victim of every sin is Jesus Christ and reparation must be to Him.

So, Pope Francis teaches us, Judas was “this poor, repentant man”. Thus, once again Pope Francis is greater in mercy than Our Lord Jesus Christ, who prayed to His Father, shortly before Judas betrayed Him, “While I was with them, I kept them in Thy name. Those whom Thou gavest me have I kept; and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition, that the scripture may be fulfilled. (John 17, 12)

Thinking on this strange Pope’s even stranger affinity for Judas recalled to mind Father Malachi Martin’s writing about the Judas Complex among the Modernist Churchmen who infest the Church. His 1990 book, “The Keys of This Blood”,  has a final portion titled “Coda, the Protocol of Salvation” which contains a fascinating analysis of the precise situation in which we find ourselves today, under a pope who asserts himself as more merciful and practical than Jesus Christ, whom he insists he represents. Indeed, as he himself reminds us, he is  “by the will of Christ Himself – the supreme Pastor and Teacher of all the faithful”. And that he enjoys, “supreme, full, immediate, and universal ordinary power in the Church”.

The term “Coda”  refers to something that ends a work, its completion, and not only refers to the end of the book, but also the completion of the modernist revolution in the Church. In the first chapter of Coda, Fr. Martin explains the Judas Complex, that is, the compromise engaged in by the worldly, pragmatic Judas, who was certain that he was destined to steer Jesus away from His impractical insistence on the spiritual at the expense of the “real concerns of those living in the real world”. Martin writes that initially, Judas was certain that he could, by a “decent compromise, ensure Jesus’ success in the world by compacting with the world’s leaders.”

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Father Nicholas Gruner – Requiescat in Pace

Father Nicholas Gruner fought against the lies and iniquity of our times, tirelessly proclaiming the necessity to obey Our Lady of Fatima’s command to Consecrate Russia. For this he was slandered and maligned as perhaps no other person except Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

From Father Gruner’s Fatima Center, early this morning, comes the sad notice of his passing.

Rest in Peace: Father Nicholas Gruner, May 4, 1942 — April 29, 2015

The resistance to the Fatima Message is due to the lack of love for the truth among so many Catholics today. As Father pointed out,  Second Thessalonians expresses clearly how those who spurn the truth are allowed to fall into error, to believe lies and eventually to consent to iniquity. By rejecting the message of the Mother of God, they are given over to error and iniquity.

Thus, our arrogant Pope and Bishops like Kasper and Danneels et al, have fallen headlong into depravity and apostasy. The Synod scheduled for October will only drive the Church deeper into the darkness of apostasy unless the Pope and hierarchy repent and obey Our Lord Jesus Christ and His immaculate Mother.

Although he was always attacked unmercifully, Father Gruner never stopped calling for the Consecration of Russia because he knew that the darkness can only be dispelled by obediently turning towards the light and truth that is Christ. Without total, absolute devotion to all of the faith, all of the commands of God, there is no hope of salvation.

The Meaning of the Command to Consecrate Russia

On several occasions, Our Lady of Fatima stated that she would come to ask for the Consecration of Russia. Then, in 1929, she did so. Why then? Pope Pius XI was unfailingly faithful to Catholic dogma as evidenced by his many brilliant Encyclicals such as Quas Primas, Quadragesimo Anno and Divini Redemptoris. However, under the influence of his Secretary of State, Cardinal Gasparri, he entered into a number of concordats with secular powers. Among them were the Lateran Treaties of 1929, in which Pope Pius XI signed away the Vatican States for a large sum of money to be invested and managed in the international banking system, thus embroiling the Vatican in  Masonic corruption and intrigue.

It was this that caused Our Lady of Fatima to appear once again to Sister Lucia and request the Pope and the Bishops humble themselves and obey her. By their obedience, our Prelates would correct their error, defy the international bankers who had become the masters behind the scenes of the Vatican, and prove their allegiance to God’s law above all else.

Father Gruner, even in death, is still being maligned. A friend just sent me a snide swipe at Father from a conservative Catholic blog. But I smiled when I read it, because of course, Father Gruner is still being rejected, just as our dear Lady of Fatima is, just as Our Lord Jesus Christ still is! We should expect no more for ourselves.

For me, I can hope for no better than to set Father as my model and speak the truth, serve the truth, live the truth. May Our Lady bring her good and faithful servant into the love and truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, there to rest with Him forever.

As always, pray the Rosary and confound the devil!