Who Killed Father Hamel?

This Tuesday past, an elderly priest, Father Jaques Hamel, was the first to usher in the age of islamic triumph that the current Pope has been inviting by his actions and rhetoric since the start of his pontificate. In this, he is perfectly in line with the example of his predecessor John Paul II whom he recently canonized. The elderly priest had his throat slit in ritual islamic fashion, while being forced to kneel before the altar where he was offering Mass. 

They are at war, whether we are, or not.
They are at war, whether we are, or not.

Only the most obtuse would fail to see that islam is at war with the West and especially with the Catholic Church. Ever since Pope John Paul II kissed the Quran, the leaders of the Church have done all in their power to assure muslims that the Church will never even hint at the truth. Even after the brazen murder of an innocent Catholic priest during Mass, Pope Francis refuses to speak the truth (source) and thus fails to protect his flock. 

This latest but most symbolic attack did not come about as an entirely unpredictable event. There have been several attacks, such as the Charlie Hebdo (Jan. 2015) and the Bataclan (Nov. 2015) and the Bastille Day massacre most recently. What has been the French response?

After the Charlie Hebdo attack, the French Ministry of defense launched the Sentinelle Organization. Its mandate: “to protect the French people and provide security in support of the Internal Security Forces at the most sensitive locations in Paris and in the provinces.” Sounds pretty good, right?

On the night of November 13, 2015, six armed members of this elite military group stood at the entrance of the Bataclan during the concert. Yet they took no action, even as the carnage continued. There was certainly much noise from the ongoing gunshots and screams of the victims. Yet these elite forces remained impassive, unresponsive at the entrance. (source and source). 

Why?  Because their rules of engagement did not permit it. These men were trained and armed and they outnumbered the attackers, yet did not engage because their rules did not “allow” them to. … Fascinating, isn’t it?

And now, let’s look at last Tuesday’s ritual murder, that quintessentially islamic event. To slit the throat of a fragile, elderly priest in the midst of offering worship presents a powerful symbol of the strength and determination of their religion doesn’t it? You can easily see the logic in their actions, once you descend to their level. 

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The Face of Martyrs

During the liturgical year, we are first presented with Jesus, working His first miracle while still hidden in Mary’s immaculate womb. And then we meet Him helpless, wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger. And now, in Lent, we approach Him as He strides towards His Passion and death. Always, we seek His face, we seek to gaze into His eyes and try to understand this God-Man Who has loved us even unto death, and loves us still in this, the Passion of His Mystical Body.

And now, during the Passion and yes, I will say it! The death of His Mystical Body, for this is a death to all appearances, a death from which the Church will rise victorious, but nevertheless a death. Now during these days, we seek His face all the more, confused as we are, distracted and disheartened by our unfaithful leaders. Where is the face of Jesus today?

The Passion and Death of the Mystical Body of Christ
The Passion and Death of the Mystical Body of Christ

Once again, the incomparable blog, Rorate shows us with this post from Antonio Socci.

by Antonio Socci
February 18, 2015


We need to look at those 21 young Christians in the face. Rather than deny Christ they underwent martyrdom in Libya and before having their throat cut by ISIS – in reading their lips (which was done) – they were continuously pronouncing the name of Jesus. Like the martyrs of old.


Their Bishop says: “That name whispered at the last instant was akin to the sealing of their martyrdom.” Coptic Christians are strong people, tempered by 1400 centuries of Islamic persecutions. They are heirs to that St. Athanasius of Alessandria, who saved the true Catholic Faith from the Arian heresy, held by most of the bishops [at that time]. They are tough Christians, not like the spineless, tepid-Catholics we are here in the West.

Here’s what real strength is: it’s not what hates and kills the defenseless (even children) and crucifies those who have a different faith, rapes the women – waving a black flag, faces hidden.

The real strength is the one of the defenseless who accept even martyrdom rather than deny their own dignity – that is to say, their faith – giving witness to the wonders of “ the Beautiful Love” as an ancient definition of the Son of God names Him.

The Face of Jesus in the Face of Martyrs
The Face of Jesus in the Face of Martyrs

A wonderful testimony. These are the true martyrs: the Christians. Not those who go around slaughtering defenseless innocents.

This is the glory of Christians: to follow a God who saved the world by having Himself killed, not by killing others, like all the leaders, ringleaders and ideologues (or revolutionaries) of this world [have done] and that are so exalted in history books.


This is a great lesson to the West drunk with being “politically correct”, like the disastrous Obama who does his best not to mention even the word “Islam” and “Muslims” when speaking about the massacres In North Iraq, Paris and Libya over these past months. A nihilistic West which is ashamed of its Christian roots and never misses a chance to show contempt for them.

It’s a painful lesson, ultimately, and most of all, for the Church: for a Church that is no longer a witness to the ardent fire of the Faith.

It’s a painful lesson for the Church of Bergoglio, who defines the Christian proclamation and proselytism as “solemn nonsense” – while men and women are giving their lives for Christ; for the Church of Bergoglio , who makes an act of adoration in a Mosque – while Christians are being persecuted and massacred in the entire Muslim world, and who follows the dominant ideology of Obama, by carefully avoiding the pronunciation of the word “Islam” except in laudatory terms. (On the other hand, his spokesman in Buenos Aires attacked Benedict XVI for his discourse on Islam at Regensburg).

Furthermore and most of all, a Pope Bergoglio, who says that the great emergency at present for the Church is not the Faith, but the environment; then, the acceptance of the new (type) of couple and Communion for the divorced and remarried.

It’s all a bit like Benigni’s film where they say that the real, big problem in Palermo [center of the Mafia] – “is the traffic.”

The situation is such, that soon we will have the Bergoglian encyclical on ecology and the merits of differentiated rubbish, in place of a loving cry to God in this world with no faith and hope. We will have an appeal against pollution instead of a condemnation of the anti-Christian hatred now spread all over the entire planet. (In any case, even at his installation Mass, he spoke about the environment and also in his speech to the Expo 2015 in Milan – instead of speaking about Christ).

Pope Francis Giving Support to Christian Martyrs
Pope Francis Giving Support to Christian Martyrs

It ‘s Pope Bergoglio who receives and addresses the Social Centers of the Leoncavallo type, but not the Christians who are heroically and peacefully fighting as witnesses of salvation, suffering the contempt and accusations of the world.

It’s Pope Bergoglio who chooses new cardinals on the basis of his own ideology (and shows that if he wants to he can even decide to make a cardinal – like the Bishop of Ancona, for example) instead of giving the red hat– a sign of martyrdom – to those Bishops in these precise days, who are concretely and heroically living with their threatened communities and truly risking their lives with them.


This is the situation of the Bishop of Tripoli, Father Martinelli, the Bishop, (practically the only one at the time, but with the support of Benedict XVI) who protested every day against the war in 2011, explaining that Pandora’s Box would be opened, which then unfailingly happened. A tragedy for which we must thank the “Nobel Peace Prize” – of Obama and Sarkozy.

Further – while today, in Italy and abroad, those who applaud that war feign ignorance (an example -Maurizio Belpietro and “Libero” yesterday), while today Libya risks becoming a base for ISIS, Bishop Martinelli has decided to stay there, exposing himself to death: “I saw the decapitated heads – he relates – and thought to myself that I could end up like that. And if God wills that I end up having my head cut off, then so be it […] Being able to give witness is a precious thing. I thank Our Lord for allowing me to do it, even with martyrdom. I don’t know where this road will take me. If it brings me death, I will say that God has chosen this for me…I will not budge from here. And I’m not afraid.”

He doesn’t want to abandon his small community made up of around three hundred Philippine workers who are understandably terrified. The Bishop is the only Italian left in Tripoli, with some non-Italian nuns and religious.

Up until yesterday evening, no telephone call had arrived from Pope Bergoglio, usually so lavish in his phone calls (he even called [Radical Party leader Marco] Pannella, as well as his friend [Repubblica founder Eugenio] Scalfari, several times). Perhaps, seeing the pressure of the media, he’ll call him before long.

Still, facts are needed more than words.

I’d like to propose something to the Pope. With the help of the Italian government, the Vatican could ask for a humanitarian bridge, a lightening rescue operation for the Christians left there with their Bishop. There are only three hundred of them and they’re risking their lives for their faith. The Vatican could give hospitality to them and then they’ll decide whether to return to the Philippines.

This is something possible. Why not do it?

This is my plea to Pope Bergoglio – to save an entire Christian community and their pastor from being slaughtered. This would really be something worthy of the Holy See. Not that climate of witch hunts and purges that have been circulating in the Vatican establishment for some time now against those “great cardinals” (Ratzinger) who, in fidelity to the Church, dared oppose Kasper in the Synod last October. It would indeed, be incredible if the Vatican devoted itself to purges while Christians are being martyred all over the world.

[Rorate translation by Contributor Francesca Romana]

The emphasis above was my doing. Mea culpa, but so important! Please share Rorate’s post and let’s hope the Pope will respond. Yes, I can see him heroically rushing to their aid, can’t you?

Pray the Rosary and confound the devil.

Mary, help of Christians, pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

~ evensong ~