Jesus had to ask for forgiveness?

That Jesus Christ our Saviour is perfectly sinless is the bedrock of our faith. It is unthinkable that this ever be questioned by a Catholic, much less the person who occupies the See of Peter. And yet….

Most of you have seen Father Harrison’s article in the Remnant online, Fr. Harrison reports that the Pontiff, in a homily for the 27th December, on the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple, stated that Jesus, by remaining in the Temple instead of returning with His parents, “provoked great suffering” in Mary and Joseph and that “Jesus probably had to ask for forgiveness”.

In the first Epistle of St. John, Chapter 3, verse 5:  “And you know that He appeared to take away our sins, and in Him there is no sin.” Also in Hebrews, 4, 15 and in 2 Cor., 5, 21, similarly. That Jesus Christ is God and thus is sinless, is a fundamental doctrine of the Catholic faith. Yet, in sly words, and always slathered over with talk of “mercy”, the Humble Pope® imputes sin to Our Saviour. We do have an apostate Pope who utters blasphemy against our Lord Jesus Christ. No matter how many times disgruntled readers complain to me about my scurrilous attacks on our “Holy Father Francis”, there is simply no way to defend Francis without offending the true head of the Church, Jesus Christ.

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