True or False Pope?

Often, traditional Catholics focus so strongly on the errors besetting the progressive and conservative Catholics that we may overlook or underestimate the dangers of the sedevacantist threat. Although most of us would rather not discuss it, sedevacantism is an ever-increasing danger to Catholics, not only to traditionals, but also to the awakening mass of conservatives. Up until now, I have dodged discussions over sedevacantism and simply urged others to avoid it like the plague it is. I’m aware of my limitations and when pushed for more information, usually refer inquirers to Dr. Robert Siscoe, John Vennari or John Salza, i.e., someone who can assist them.

That is why I was happy to see that John Salza and Robert Siscoe have written a solid, thoroughly documented refutation of sedevacantism. At 700 pages, it is not exactly a quick read. And for me, will require a lot of work and a great deal of time to get through it. I will not be able to purchase it until after the first of the year, but for now, will share with you some excerpts from a recent interview by Catholic Family News which demonstrates the value of the book, and shows us the scope of the threat posed by sedevacantism. For a full interview and more information on the book, please see:  “TRUE OR FALSE POPE? Refuting Sedevacantism and other Modern Errors”.

A few quotes:

“Siscoe/Salza: The book was originally intended to be a refutation of Sedevacantism alone, but it developed into much more. It addresses and answers virtually all of the difficult questions that are on the minds of Traditional Catholics, and even the conservative Catholics, today. Something else worth noting is that as the book developed systematically, it logically led to the refutation of other errors that depart from Tradition to the Right. In the post-Vatican II era, Traditional Catholics have been fighting against the errors of Modernism and Liberalism that have infected the Church. But, as usually happens, the reaction to these errors of the Left has caused some to overreact in the opposite direction. With the human condition as it is, such a pendulum swing is entirely to be expected. We address a number of these overreactions to the Right, which can be just as dangerous as the errors to the Left – especially for Traditional Catholics, since the errors on the Right appear to be nothing but a refutation of a Liberal error on the Left. The result is that the Traditional Catholics’ sensus fidelium, which is flashing with lights and sirens in response to the errors on the Left, is less likely to alert them to the errors of excess on the Right. The solution to the errors in either direction is a firm adherence to Tradition, which, as St. Vincent of Lerins said, “can never be led astray by any lying novelty” – that is, by a lying novelty on the Right or on the Left.”

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NOTE: Dr. Roberto de Mattei has correctly explained this situation and I have copied his explanation in the post One Popefrom September 16, 2014. There is also an updated post on May 25, 2016 which includes a later explanation from Dr. de Mattei, “The Fog of War”

Although I have kept this old post online for reference sake, Dr. de Mattei’s explanations in the above 2 posts is the best explanation of a totally unacceptable situation brought on by two modernists, Ratzinger and Bergoglio, both of whom have harmed the Church greatly.

As time goes on, more and more knowledgeable writers are concluding that there are serious problems with the “diarchy” resulting from having not one, but two “bishops in white” in residence at the Vatican. Robert Siscoe’s excellent article for The Remnant expresses it perfectly and is here presented in its entirety. (The bolded portion is added) If you don’t already subscribe to The Remnant, please consider it. Together with Catholic Family News, they are indispensable to keep informed. Here goes:

The two popes ?
Two Popes?

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