Cardinal Manning on Bergoglio’s Reformation

Update: Since we posted this, there has been a really nice response. I know it is a long post, but thank you for reading- it is necessary to review this in order to  understand the importance of what is occurring now. Never before in Church history has the declared and accepted Vicar of Christ promoted such destructive policies against our Lord Jesus Christ. As in St. John Bosco’s vision of the Two Pillars, the Barque of Peter has become unmoored and has entered into dangerous waters. Since posting this earlier today, please note that new material has been added. Please take some time to prayerfully consider:

Long before Cardinals Danneels, Marx and Kasper got their man, Bergoglio in the See of Peter, a holy Cardinal in England, a convert actually, foretold much of what we are now seeing. Cardinal Henry Edward Manning in “The Present Crisis in the Holy See”,  warned of a grave crisis facing the Church. The book’s four chapters, “The Progress of the Mystery of Iniquity, the Antichrist, What Holds Back the Antichrist  and The Apostasy of Rome“, are a solemn warning to the Church for these times.

"The Church of God will ... lie bleeding at the feet of the powers of this world."
“The Church of God will … lie bleeding at the feet of the powers of this world.”

Early in his book, Cardinal Manning states that the three notes of the Apostasy are schism, heresy and denial of the Incarnation, and concludes that all the heresies from the beginning are but the continuous development and expansion of the one “mystery of iniquity” which from the beginning wars against the mystery of the faith.

Likening the heresies which have afflicted the Church to diseases, he remarks:

“To name no more than these,— Gnosticism, Arianism, and, above all, Protestantism, have generated each a multitude of subordinate and affiliated heresies. But  it is Protestantism which, above all others, bears the three notes of the inspired writers in the greatest breadth and evidence. Other heresies have opposed parts and details of the Christian faith and Church; but Protestantism, taken in its historical complex, as we now are able, with the retrospect of three hundred years, to measure it, reaching from the religion of Luther, Calvin, and Cranmer at the one end, to the Rationalism and Pantheism of England and Germany at the other, is of all the most formal, detailed and commensurate antagonist of Christianity.

“I do not mean that it has as yet attained its full development, for we shall see reasons to believe that it (protestant heresy) is still pregnant with a darker future; but even as “the mystery of iniquity” has already worked, no other antagonist (than Protestantism) has as yet gone so deep in undermining the faith of the Christian world.”

Cardinal Manning thus foresaw that even in 1861, the protestant heresy was  “still pregnant with a darker future”. And so it was. We have seen that after the Second Vatican Council, the heresy of modernism (in which protestantism subsists) advanced even into the highest echelons of the Catholic Church. Cardinal Manning then observed two consequences of the heretical movements of the mystery of iniquity. The first of these is the rise of nationalism and the second is the deification of man, which has become rampant since Vatican II. And now has seemingly triumphed under the destructive reign of Luther’s own Pope Francis.

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Fatima, Vatican II and the Chastisement

This is the introduction to a planned series of posts in which we hope to place the Message of Fatima, the Chastisement and the Apocalypse in context. Our Lady of Fatima’s message is a heaven-sent offer to restore faith in the Church and peace in our world. Even in 1917, it was clear that heresy, apostasy and schism were endangering the faith. To correct the growing secular humanism, Our Lady came, requesting prayer and penance, and offering the Pope and hierarchy a simple way to reaffirm their obedience to God. However, the hierarchy of the Church, while giving lip service to the Message of Fatima, in fact refused to comply. By the disobedience of the Popes, God withdrew His grace more and more, until the year 1960.  Pope John XXIII’s  final act of disobedience set the Church adrift.

The only means left is devotion to Mary and the Blessed Sacrament.
The only means left is devotion to Mary and the Blessed Sacrament.

To understand the concept of “the Church adrift”, it is helpful to recall St. John Bosco’s vision. In May, 1862, Don Bosco told of a dream he had of the Church as a stately ship in stormy waters, being besieged by many lesser ships. The ship’s commander, the Pope, was attempting to bring the ship between two pillars to which he would moor it. After the Commander Pope was killed, another Pope took over and successfully moored the ship between the two columns. Don Bosco identified the smaller of the two pillars as Mary, Help of Christians and the larger one as the Most Blessed Sacrament, Salvation of Believers. Note, that in St. John Bosco’s dream, the ship of the Church was struggling to fight off attackers and return to safe harbor between the two pillars of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Eucharist. Thus, the Church was attempting to return to those devotions, implying that the Church had become unmoored from them. This was a vision of our post-conciliar church. 

The signs of this unmooring from the faith are everywhere and there will be no relief until God’s command is heeded. Remember always that Our Blessed Mother only delivered the message, she only ever serves God, and never seeks her own glory. Make no mistake, it God Himself who is being mocked by perfidious churchmen.

On 13 June, 1929, the Blessed Virgin appeared to Sister Lucia, as she had promised 12 years before. The Vision itself speaks volumes but we shall not attempt to cover it here. Instead, here are Our Lady’s words, to Sister Lucia and to us all:

“The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father to make, and to order that in union with Him and at the same time, all the Bishops of the world make the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, promising to convert it because of this day of prayer and worldwide reparation.”

Notice that the Blessed Virgin does not make this request in her name, but states clearly, “God asks the Holy Father to…” The message was reinforced with the most striking apparition in which the Persons of the Holy Trinity all appeared.

Never at any time was this request honored, not in 1929 nor in any subsequent year. By disobeying God’s command, the Pontiffs, one after another, slipped into a spiritual blindness that eventually brought us to Vatican II. Just as many Catholics mistakenly believe that the Consecration was done as requested, many also, especially traditional Catholics, believe that the Church’s errors began with Vatican II. Not at all.

Those who think Vatican II was the “root of the rot” ignore a great deal of Church history. In the sidebar is a link to Papal Encyclicals Online. Brave and good Popes waged tireless war against freemasonry and modernism in the 19th century. Both Pope Leo XIII and St. Pius X had visions of the evil threatening the Church. They were well aware of the satanic forces even then working to undermine the Church.

The Queen of Heaven offered us, and our Church leaders, a way to avert the coming Chastisement. Her generous offer was spurned, with predictable results. It was all foretold in Chapters 8 – 13 of St. John’s Apocalypse.

In future posts we will look at Chapters 8-13 of the Apocalypse and at the words and actions of the Popes of the Council in the light of Fatima. We shall perhaps begin to understand why the message of Fatima is more important than ever. It may be too late to avert the Chastisement, but it is never too late to repent, at least while life remains. As Our Lord assured Sister Lucia, “It will never be too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.”

Pray the Rosary to convert the Pope and avert Kasper’s Agenda!