Pope Francis’ Endgame

With all this heresy coming fast and furious, we have to wonder what our Pontiff’s endgame is. Read on for some possibilities…

Michael Matt at the Remnant has written an excellent, heart-felt analysis: “The Synod on the Family” and the Fate of the Church.  Matt included a lengthy quote from the Vatican about Pope Francis’ homily for October 15 in which the Pontiff spoke on that old Lutheran favorite, Romans Chapter 3, Verses 27-30 (NB: Verse 31, which says that the law of works is not overthrown by faith, but upheld by it, was omitted [by Francis] ).

Then Matt remarked,

In this homily Francis reveals a new theology, one in which “the key of knowledge” is his theory of mercy, a theory which does not seek repentance and penance from sinners. …

"Let us not be fooled by the experts who put limits on this love."
“Let us not be fooled by the experts who put limits on this love.”

Moreover, in this new theology, all are saved regardless of their observation or refusal to observe the Commandments. Thieves, adulterers, murderers, those who pray to false gods— the number of the “saved” knows no limits. Strikingly, all are saved, except those who disagree with this new theology, such as those who point to Jesus’s depictions of Hell in the Bible, and the explicit words of Saint Paul himself on reception of the Eucharist. In this theology Jesus and the Saints themselves are among the few in Hell. How incredible.

At this point, and in retrospect, we must now look back and ask ourselves in all seriousness, “What has happened to the Church?” “What is the ‘Synod on the Family’ really about?” “Can the laity really tolerate this new Franciscan theology, which will most certainly eventually bring homosexual ‘married’ and/or homosexual sexually active priests to the Church?” Add to that list unapologetic adulterers, murderers, thieves and even those who pray to false gods. What a free-for-all religion that would be! One thing is for certain, and that is if this theology of “salvation for all” is allowed to enter the Catholic Church, the laity will flow out from it like blood and water from Christ’s side.  …

The only people who can determine what can be done at this point are the Pope and the bishops, and it does not look as if they agree with each other. …

Matt concludes that the faithful may need to turn to the SSPX for spiritual nourishment,

“especially now that their sacraments have been recognized as valid and licit for the Year of Mercy. Moreover, maybe it has come to pass that even after the Year of Mercy ‘irregular canonical status’ is preferable to open heresy.”

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The Implementation of Kasper’s Agenda

The goal of Pope Bergoglio’s Third Way:  It is already  being done in Germany: communion for the divorced and remarried, tolerance for second marriages, approval of homosexual unions.

Recently, we reported that the revolutionaries who have control of the Church have been using Hegelian dialectics to move the Church irrevocably towards a man made church of the world. They have done this by first, discovering a hitherto unknown “problem”, proposing a radical solution which alarms the mainstream, thus creating a conflict, then instituting (imposing) a “solution” which supposedly “resolves” the conflict. This thesis, antithesis and synthesis is simply standard modus operandi for the anti-Christian governments today and it is not at all surprising the the revolutionary modernists controlling the Church use the same tactics. After all, they serve the same master.

Sandro Magister’s blog, Chiesa has an article exhibiting the result of this whole process, which is evident for all to see in the Church in Germany. Cardinals Kasper and Marx have been industriously working to achieve the fullness of Vatican II ecclesiology in Germany for many years now. Here are a few quotes from Magister’s article. The full article can be found here.

Cardinal Marx stated in February this year, “We are not a subsidiary of Rome. Every episcopal conference is responsible for pastoral care in its own cultural context, and must preach the Gospel in its own original way. We cannot wait for a synod to tell us how we must shape the pastoral care of marriage and the family.”  Marx’s position here is exactly what Hans Kung intended for the modern, post-concilar church, using collegiality to fracture the unity of the Church.

Magister continues:

But now it is Germany’s episcopal conference itself that has set this same concept down in black and white, in its official response – after consulting the “people of God” – to the preparatory questionnaire sent out from Rome in view of the next session of the synod.

When it comes to the question on “how to promote the determination of pastoral guidelines on the level of particular Churches,” the German bishops in fact write:

“Referring to social and cultural differences, some of the responses favour regional agreements on pastoral guidelines at local church level. The basis could also be formed by diocesan discussion processes on the topic of marriage and the family the outcome of which would be discussed with other local churches. This would be conditional on all concerned being willing to engage in a dialogue.”

The formulation is a bit contorted, but the facts speak for themselves. In almost all the dioceses of Germany, sacramental absolution and Eucharistic communion are given to the divorced and remarried, as already made clear by a previous document from the German episcopal conference, approved on June 24, 2014 and proudly exhibited in Rome at last October’s session of the synod on the family:…”

At this point, Magister has the link to the document prepared by the German Bishops’ Conference prior to last October’s Synod: Theologically responsible, pastorally appropriate ways of assisting remarried divorceesAnd to the one they have prepared for the final Synod in October: The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and Contemporary World. Response by the German Bishops’ Conference. Before reading these tedious documents, though, pray to the Holy Ghost for fortitude and wisdom; they are that toxic!

Magister notes, “Not only do the German bishops approve of giving absolution and communion to the divorced and remarried, but they also express the hope that civil second marriages be blessed in church, that Eucharistic communion also be given to non-Catholic spouses, that the goodness of homosexual relationships and same-sex unions be recognized.”

So, this is where the Church is headed. The method for this is the Third Way, or some version thereof, which will be offered, then imposed by our merciful Pontiff in order to reconcile the “crisis” presented by the various episcopal conferences deciding on their own, to jump the gun as the German Bishops have done. We can’t have a schism, therefore we must all jump in and join them in the schism. What a fine example of modernist logic! It is the culmination and fulfillment of Vatican II’s opening to the world. No longer preaching the Gospel, no longer beckoning men to repent and follow Christ. Simply offering sinners a wealth of worldly platitudes (Live and let live, Who am I to judge?) and endless dialogue.

We have a brief window of opportunity between now and the final Synod to pray and fast for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. To her has been given the task of once again crushing the serpent’s head, once again defeating heresy in the Church. Remember her promise:

‘In time, one faith, one baptism, one Church, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic. In eternity, Heaven!’

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of the most holy rosary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death!


  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us, have mercy on the Holy Father! Thy Kingdom come!

  Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us, pray for our priests!

  St. Joseph, protect our families!

  Remember, Pray the Rosary and confound the devil!

~ by evensong for love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary