The Message of Our Lady of Knock


Since we posted Mr. Dulston’s essay on the apparition of the Blessed Virgin at Knock, Ireland, several readers have requested more information on the apparition. Although I am unable to provide a good post on Knock at this time, I would like to recommend to you a very good series of articles on Our Lady of Knock posted at Tradition in Action. Mr. Guimaraes’ site has a series on Knock by Gregory Johnson which is very well done. Here is the link: The Message of Our Lady of Knock, The Silence Veils a Secret.

Mr. Johnson’s articles consider Knock within the context of La Salette, Lourdes and Fatima and we can expect at least 2 or possibly 4 more articles in the series, and then, I hope, Mr. Guimaraes will release the series as a book. The few quotes from Mr. Johnson’s series I offer below are not meant to take the place of his articles, but rather to draw you to read them.

Here is a brief but important quote from Mr. Johnson’s first article:

“One closing note: I do not agree with those who say that the silence itself is the message. The message of Our Lady of Knock is not to promote silence.

Those who try to present this silence as the main message that Our Lady wished to convey are promoting a passivity that pressures the faithful to remain inactive and just pray in face of the grave crises in the Church and society we face today. To keep silent before the onslaughts of an evil world and a corrupt Hierarchy is to suppress the Catholic militant spirit.

As will be shown in future articles, I believe that the message of Knock is the opposite of a lifestyle of “peace” where “all my cares and troubles cease,” a phrase from the chorus of the popular Lady of Knock song that has effectively become the modern day theme song of Our Lady of Knock.”

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