Stealth Euthanasia

“Each human life reflects uniquely the meaning of the universe.” (John Senior, in The Death of Christian Culture”). Of course, Senior wrote from a thoroughly Catholic perspective, a view that is now under attack from modernists within the church. In recent months, Belgium has extended its euthanasia to children and Canada has legalized euthanasia (see here).

The Death of St. Joseph with Jesus and Mary
The Death of St. Joseph with Jesus and Mary

For quite some time, any Catholic with a functioning intellect has been aware that the church hierarchy, while paying faint lip service to the right to life, actually in practical terms supports quite the opposite. This is clear from the Bishops’ allowing prominent pro-abortion politicians to receive Holy Communion and with the lavish Catholic funerals for pro-abortion politicians such as Cuomo and Kennedy.

The Church hierarchy’s support of euthanasia is less well known, but nevertheless driving the issue relentlessly. Just recently we have seen huge gains for the pro-euthanasia side, in Belgium and Canada and now in France. Noteworthy is the Pope’s own newspaper, the quasi-official L’Osservatore Romano, which applauded France’s new stealth euthanasia law as “balanced”. The law establishes a “right” to “deep sedation until death”, according to Hilary White, Lifesite News. L’Osservatore commented that those opposing the law were causing controversy and that this is, “decidedly counterproductive and often superficial”.

In contrast with the Vatican’s pro-euthanasia stance, just a few years ago, under Pope Benedict XVI, in May, 2012, an article in L’Osservatore Romano by Lucetta Scaraffia declared, “Contempt for imperfect human life, over estimation of the abilities of science” are “still firmly present in our time,” …  and this shows that “eugenics is still alive and has not been wiped out together with the Nazi past.”

But even under Benedict, the culture of death was infiltrating the Faith. In 2009, L’Osservatore published an article by no less than the head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Archbishop Rino Fisichella defending the abortion of twin babies of a young rape victim. In fact, not only did L’Osservatore publish Fisichelli’s scandalous statements, they also refused the Bishop of Recife, Brasil the courtesy of publishing his op-ed defending the excommunication of the abortionists. (See Hilary White, above).

On the other end of the spectrum from abortion, euthanasia is advancing by a technique termed the “third path”, which presents palliative care as the enlightened and compassionate approach to end of life care. The original euthanasia/eugenics forces such as Hemlock Society and Death With Dignity reinvented themselves and repackaged their program with funding from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and George Soros, with several initiatives, Partnership for Caring, Supportive Care Coalition and Center to Advance Palliative Care among them.

For a good timeline on the Euthanasia initiative, Dr. Elizabeth Wickham’s site, has a timeline showing the major steps in the mainstreaming of euthanasia into the American culture. In a recent interview with us, Dr. Wickham stated that Catholic healthcare has been colluding with euthanasia at least since the formation of the Supportive Care Coalition which “began in 1994 when three members received $50,000 seed money from George Soros.” If you follow that link, you’ll see that members include most of the huge Catholic healthcare Systems, such as Ascension, Bon Secours, Mercy, Sisters of Charity and St. Joseph Health.

The Coalition to Advance Palliative Care notes that , “Palliative care prevalence in U.S. hospitals has increased 164% over the past 12 years, to 61% of hospitals with 50 or more beds.”

Dr. Wickham states,

“The population considered appropriate for palliative care is expanding from patients who are dying to patients with chronic conditions, life-limiting injuries from accidents, and those who are seriously ill.

The “third path” movement is now working through palliative care and hospice groups, particularly the 5-member umbrella group Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition — the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO), the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM), the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA), the National Palliative Care Research Center (NPRC) and the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC). Funding from RWJ Foundation and Soros continues.”

Abortion denies the infant access to the saving graces of baptism, while euthanasia deprives the person of the ability to work through the final stages of their life in a coherent Catholic manner, repenting their sins and reconciling themselves with God for a holy and peaceful death. With the “deep sedation” method, the patient is too drugged to swallow their own secretions and so is denied food and water. Thus, he crosses the threshold to eternity, snockered into oblivion like Jimi Hendrix and other stoned icons of the pop culture. In what way is that merciful? Perhaps Pope Francis can explain it.

It may seem that with this discussion of euthanasia, we have ventured away from our purpose of applying the message of Fatima to the events of our times, but actually, our culture’s willingness to embrace the twin evils of abortion and euthanasia illustrates how deeply in the grip of satan we have fallen. By the Church’s defiance of the Blessed Virgin of Fatima, the hierarchy has become disoriented and no longer is able to follow God’s law.  Indeed, the shepherds have been struck and the sheep are scattered.

We have about 28 weeks until the synod begins; let’s not waste a moment in offering our daily sacrifices and our rosaries, Masses and Communions for our Church leaders that they may repent, seek God’s will and return to the faith again, becoming what they were ordained to be, sacred priests and true shepherds.

Pray the Rosary and confound the devil!

Our Lady of fatima, Queen of the Rosary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death!